Cancer Home Decor Horoscope


Cancer, home is definitely where your heart is. Creative and romantic, you want a cozy, soothing haven that reflects your innermost self, and honors your nostalgic streak. Because you have such a deep need for security, you’ll surround yourself with sentimental objects such as souvenirs, family albums and hand–me–downs. You may eventually accumulate too much, as Cancers tend to cling to cherished possessions.

Cancer is the sign of family, so you’ll have lots of framed photos of relatives and friends, many of which you’ve probably snapped yourself. Since you love food and home entertaining, a large, rustic farm table that seats twenty would be perfect in your kitchen. A thrifty sign, you believe one person’s junk is another’s treasure. You’re not above “dumpster diving,” scouring local curbs on trash day for a castoff couch or abandoned bedframe. You’ll quickly restore it to better than new condition, creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece.

A true homebody, you find it incredibly hard to leave the house once you’re there. With all your artistic flourishes and warmly decorated rooms that reflect your moods, you may have to motivate yourself to leave or else risk isolation. Hosting dinner parties is an excellent antidote, so people come into your shell to experience your amazing hospitality.

One warning: don’t overdo it on the grandma touches. Too much lace and ruffle could leave the guy in your life gagging. Use the ultra-femme touches sparingly as a cozy accent to classier pieces. You have a great eye for antiques, especially the clean-lined furniture of the 1940s. Turn the home decorating experience into a treasure hunt. Splurge on custom wallpaper. Silver, pale blue and white give you a peaceful “by the water’s edge” feel.

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