Capricorn Home Decor Horoscope


Traditional Capricorn values possessions and styles that stand the test of time. As a result, antiques, especially family heirlooms, can find their way into your house. If you’re a modern Cap girl, you may go minimalist, using muted colors, steel furniture and sparse decor. Just try not to make your home look like an electronics showroom or an antique roadshow gone awry. Aim for a nice blend of heart and soul, classic and modern, comfortable and utilitarian, pre-fab and handmade, and you’ll strike an attractive balance.

Austere Capricorns will sacrifice comfort for practicality, but don’t forget that your home is a place to relax. Sure, a Japanese Shoji screen and a low futon make your house look like a home décor magazine. But if your back aches in the morning or you feel melancholy, trade them for some homey touches like plush fabrics or a pillowtop mattress.

Capricorn is the “father sign,” and your furniture could have a stately feel. You may be drawn to grandfather clocks, large armoires, leather sofas, or a cherrywood cabinet full of fine china. With your own hardworking nature, you value great craftsmanship and hand-worked touches. When you sense that a person took his time to create something, you want to honor that spirit.

A great work area is vital for you, so invest in a heavy executive–style desk made of solid wood and a supportive leather chair. Add VIP flourishes like a gold pen and inkwell, a monogrammed letter opener, even an engraved nameplate. If you’re a workaholic, hire a decorator or enlist a stylish friend, because it could take forever for you to find basic furniture. Worse, you might buy everything in one shot, regretting half the purchases when they arrive. Remember, decorating is a form of self–expression, not just a practical necessity, so take time to do it right. You need a homey, cozy space to return to after a hard day’s work because you get depressed easily otherwise.

Capricorns like reliable brands—especially all–American labels, and you’ll splurge on a few. In the bedroom, go for Ralph Lauren flannel sheets, and a plaid or corduroy duvet by Tommy Hilfiger in navy, burgundy, forest green or gray. Don’t go overboard on the dark colors, though—add life with fresh flowers or a few bright pieces of art. Capricorns rule the lower legs, so chances are, you have a nice collection of boots and sexy heels. An organized closet is essential to keep your cherished garments looking like new.

You’re nostalgic, so incorporate family pieces, memorabilia and framed photos. As the sign of achievement, you should display awards, trophies or anything that honors your accomplishments. You can be a bit obsessive–compulsive about having things just so, and may not invite guests over as a result. However, if you’re too isolated, your spirits sink. Temper this by creating a cozy living room that serves as a “play area” for your cherished family and friends.

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