Pisces Home Decor Horoscope


Home is a highly personal retreat for Pisces, a cozy haven where you recharge your emotional batteries. You have a great sense of style, and tastefully decorate every room. Silk meditation pillows, natural fibers and serene sea colors like lilac or celadon green hint at your spiritual side and the dreamy depths you keep hidden.  There’s a sensual vibe throughout your living space, infused with feminine touches like scented candles and room sprays.

Pisces is an artistic sign, and with your fine aesthetic eye you’ll display treasures everywhere. Pisces rules photography, so you could hang independent  film posters and framed photos. A water sign, you might live near water, or infuse water into your decorating scheme with a Zen fountain or an aquarium full of tropical fish. A houseboat or summer on a yacht equals nirvana for you.

Since Pisces have many moods, you could have a different room for each, some decadent, others spare. With your theatrical nature, you may even go for a boudoir feel, dressing your windows in silk or velvet stage curtains fastened with tasseled tiebacks, or lighting rooms with opulent Tiffany lamps and gaudy chandeliers or stylish dreamcatchers. Your home may look like a storefront psychic’s parlor—but why not? You’re in your element with a bold touch of fantasy. Since your sign rules the New Age, spiritual or meditative undertones transform your house into a healing space.

Above all, you prize solitude, and need a wide canvas for your imagination. Home to you is a peaceful place to daydream. Yours should be filled with beautiful music, or else with the deep, resonant “sound of silence.”

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