How to Make a Pisces Woman Happy

Is a Pisces woman right for you? How do you make a Pisces woman happy?

If you follow astrology, you may hear some misleading match-up advice. Maybe you’ve heard that you should “never” date a Pisces. The truth is you can make it work with any zodiac sign. Your so-called imperfect match could become your life partner if you take a chance.

Astrology is a helpful tool for “decoding” people. No matter what you believe, it’s always helpful to have another tool in your romantic arsenal.

So if you’re interested in a Pisces, how do you make a Pisces woman happy—and find yourself happy with a Pisces woman?

The Pisces woman

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. A part of her is always trying to “swim away” or escape reality. The other part is so intuitive that she gets swept up in everything going on. Her imagination is the perfect hideout when she wants to escape, since Pisces is so creative.

The Pisces woman loves to dance (Pisces rules the feet), movies, poetry, and music. Her moods are mysterious and her dreams are intense. She typically has a journal by her bedside or an open file on her phone to jot thoughts since some of her best ideas come in her dreams.

The best way for Pisces to experience her own strength is to help people in need. She has great compassion and incredible healing powers. Because she can easily feel a guilt trip, Pisces women learn to watch out for friends who use them, or make them doubt themselves.

Many women born under this zodiac sign have a “tortured soul” quality. Finding a tranquil spiritual outlet, or spending time alone, helps her get centered and keeps the Pisces woman happy.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which begins its cycle at the end of winter during Pisces season—which falls around February 19-March 20.

Is the Pisces woman your “dream girl?”

Ruled by fantasy planet Neptune, Pisces is the sign of illusions, darting in and out of the shadows. Is it real…or just a mirage? Celestial sleight of hand is the Pisces woman’s forte.

Much like a siren, Pisces energy lures you into its depths—but it can also leave you drowning in the emotion ocean. Compassionate Pisces is empathic, absorbing and reflecting the feelings of everyone it contacts. This is the “old soul” of the zodiac: As the final sign Pisces is said to have experienced the energy of every other sign before it. Soulfully deep, Pisces energy never just skims the surface. This sign rules the subconscious and governs our dreams, imaginations and unhealed wounds.

The essence of Pisces energy is romantic, helpful, wise, comforting and artistic. Negative Pisces energy can be gullible, self-pitying, out of touch with reality, addictive, self-destructive, clingy and masochistic. During a Pisces planetary transit, we need to set boundaries and avoid playing the martyr, codependence, and rescuing troubled souls.

Pisces women are sensitive and intuitive, and can become easily overloaded by crowds or overstimulating environments. It’s often hard to pin these down a Pisces woman because she’s so keen on swimming away to a place where she can experience some downtime. To keep a Pisces woman happy, she needs her time away and it generally has nothing to do with you!

Pisces women can gain a reputation as flaky because of the way they swim in and out of your life. When they do surface, they make charming and magical friends, especially because they view life through rose-colored glasses. These fantasy-fueled women have a harder time keeping at least one fin on solid ground.

How to spot a Pisces woman

At her best, the Pisces woman is attentive and inspiring.

You can find her artfully composing a photo, listening to music or guided meditations in her Zen dens, people-watching in the shadows of an underground club, or holding hands under the table at a romantic restaurant with a sunset view.

The “natural habitat” for a Pisces woman

Listening to music, at an underground bar or at a concert, watching films, getting moved (even to tears) by the beatify of art or nature, escaping into her own fantasy world, reading, drawing, snuggling on the couch with her pets, on a beach, surfing, swimming, boating, overindulging in food or drink, taking care of someone in need, walking the streets after dark, playing sports that require footwork (Pisces rules the feet) like hockey or soccer or skateboard, at the theater or opera, drowning in self pity or having out with a bunch of female friends, shoe shopping, cooking or martyring herself to some family member or employer.

What a Pisces woman does for a living

The Pisces woman is imaginative and creative. She has deep compassion and empathy and can become emotionally attached to her coworkers. She has an adaptable nature—you can throw pretty much any curve ball and a Pisces will catch it. She works well independently or on a team. She is guided by her powerful intuition.

Some career and employment choices common for Pisces woman include filmmaker, production editor, graphic designer, artist, photographer, behavioral psychiatrist, clinical counselor, mental health professional, physical therapist, or human resources coordinator.

You might also find a Pisces woman working as a musician, actor, massage therapist, marine biologist, critic, nutritionist, nurse, doctor, hospital executive, coach, or a stylist.

What a Pisces woman wants in a partner

The Pisces woman is a hopeless romantic who’s always chasing fantasy. She craves true love depicted in her favorite movies or novels, where the sensitive misfit gets the guy.

A complicated creature, the Pisces woman has layers. It is said that the zodiac sign Pisces embodies every single zodiac sign. Creative and highly attuned to the arts, she wants a soulmate who can also enjoy art, music, nature and movement (dance and other activity).

It’s difficult to pin down one exact thing that attracts a Pisces woman to a partner, it could be a single thing, but you won’t know what it is. She may think she has a checklist of likes but she may surprise herself if you present with none of those.

A Pisces woman likes to mother but not be your mother. She takes care of a lot of people in her life, so she doesn’t want a partner to be too needy. She also needs her space and hopes you do, too.

Flirting with a Pisces woman, “romantic stuff”

The Pisces woman can play cold fish if you turn up the heat too high too quickly. This isn’t the woman you approach with a neon sign. Cast some small bait and and she may nibble and eventually latch on.

But it’s not otherwise hard to flirt with a Pisces, she loves the art of seduction. It’s where she feels most free! Flirting is her chance to say the most outrageous things and not have to be accountable for them. It’s all just a game, with everything in heightened state, just like she likes it.

Flirting & dating and your first date

You can volley easily with a Pisces woman by bantering with her, creating some tension, making a nurturing gesture (help with her coat), or talk all night about music.

Some good first date ideas include romantic picnics in an uncrowded park or off-the-beaten path spot, opera tickets, a long scenic walk or hike, a low-key club playing live music, or an afternoon in a museum. Cultural events give you something to talk about and break the ice.

You could bring a Pisces woman fresh flowers as an opening gesture and send flowers to her office once you get to know her better. Write her a note or make her a Spotify playlist.

Sex with a Pisces woman

Light the candles and spread the rose petals to make a Pisces woman happy in the bedroom! The Pisces woman loves sweet, sensual love making. Mood music gets you extra bonus points and maybe a sexy outfit you picked out for her.

The Pisces woman specializes in sex that includes tender embraces, gentle caressing, massage oil, and staring into each other’s eyes. But there’s another side of her that might like exploring kink. She’ll either repress that urge or with the right partner, feel safe to explore it. Pisces are drawn to the taboo side of sex that’s all about power and control and may fantasize about it but not want to act on it. The bait of danger is tempting to bite, but often not.

A Pisces woman’s turn-ons and turn-offs

If you want to know how to make a Pisces woman happy, it is helpful to know here turn-ons and turn-offs!

Pisces woman turn-ons: being a powerhouse who’s a little intimidating, handling the details she hates, give her solitude when she needs it, affection at other times, indulging in romance, being the envy of her friends, being neat and organized, being nurtured (just enough), being edgy or artistic (part of an underground scene), having excellent taste in footwear

Pisces woman turn-offs: having no life or pursuits of your own, expecting her to be the only provider, having bad taste (shoes, art, music), being too similar to her, having an overwrought temper, playing victim, accusing her of something she didn’t do, shooting down her romantic gestures, being too emotional and emotionally unavailable, bringing too much reality to her world

Dating a Pisces long-term

The Pisces woman always reserves a piece of her soul for herself and herself alone. You may date long-term and even get to the altar to exchange tearful vows, but you may feel her resisting you, a subtle energy like two magnets pushing away from each other. Her actions will always speak louder than her words, though. You have to look at the sum total of her deeds over a length of time.

So how do you make a Pisces woman happy? You’ll know if she likes being around you. She will want to be around you. And she gets sappy and romantic with you (that is not shared with just anyone!). Boundaries are important to the Pisces woman but if she lets you in on her terms (let’s be honest!), you’ll know you’re in good standing.

If she…

Gets quiet, it means she’s got some passive-aggressive resentment brewing. She’s mad but don’t want to say so. Confront her to ask and find out what’s bothering her, otherwise she may never tell you.

Doesn’t call, it means she’s seeing (or fantasizing about seeing) someone else. Move on, as she’s not likely ready to commit.

Calls a lot, it means she enjoys making witty, flirty banter with you. It’s not a sign of commitment though, so roll with it. You could easily slip into the friend zone here.

Doesn’t make a move after a couple of dates, it means she is a little intimidated by you. She may see you as BFF material. Make a move or give a signal to her that it’s safe to take a step. Or, just move on.

Doesn’t make a move after a few weeks, it means she may not be able to explain why but something about your connection isn’t there. Move on.

Moves fast, it means she feels safe around you. Proceed, but with caution. She can sweep you up, freak out and then disappear. Or you hit some fantasy jackpot of hers. Enjoy the fling or proceed with caution if you want to go the distance with her.

Buys you gifts, it means she’s making a romantic gesture. Soak up the attention and enjoy, just don’t assume she’s not doing it for someone else!

Introduces you to her family and/or friends, it means she’s gauging their opinion of you. Hope they tell her how lucky she is or hopefully she’s secure enough to know what she wants without their approval (it’s not a deal-breaker).

Compatibility with a Pisces woman, by zodiac sign

How to make a Pisces woman happy by zodiac sign.

If you’re an… your common language is:

Aries: being hypersensitive and overdramatic, spending money

Taurus: music, art, food, wine, socializing and snobbish tastes

Gemini: kinky sex, books, secret lives (figuring each other out)

Cancer: marriage, children, family, security, emotional eating and binge drinking

Leo: romance, fantasy, playing master and servant, spoiling yourselves and others

Virgo: love of luxury, books, wine, healing the planet, being martyrs and intimate dinners

Libra: being hopeful romantics, daydreaming, living in a fantasy world, poetry, music, chocolate, blowing all your money

Scorpio: sex, secretiveness, mystery, candlelit dinners, marriage, children, values, love of water, a need for privacy and intimacy

Sagittarius: gossip, analyzing people, trading books or article links, love of freedom, fear of commitment, indulging beyond limits

Capricorn: wine, upscale tastes, labels

Aquarius: humanitarian principles, compassion, New Age pursuits, partying in seedy clubs, attracting tortured souls

Pisces: romance, nurturing, sensitivity, films, movies, codependent enabling

Famous Pisces women and female celebrities

Rihanna, Camila Cabello, Madison Beer, Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Kesha, Eva Longoria, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, Rashida Jones, Rebel Wilson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Biel, Ellen Page, Queen Latifa, Elizabeth Taylor, Millie Bobby Brown, Dakota Fanning, Sophie Turner, Emily Blunt, Savannah LaBrant, Victoria Justice, Christina Grimmie, Lauren Graham, Lily Collins, Cierra Ramirez, Olivia Wilde, Jenna Fischer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Weisz, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Liza Minnelli, Ruby Rose, Gloria Vanderbilt, Harriet Tubman, Téa Leoni, Sharon Stone, Chelsea Peretti, Rue McClanahan, Karen Carpenter, Glen Close, Cindy Crawford, Simone Biles, Holly Hunter, Bernadette Peters, Chelsea Clinton, Emily Osment, Jean Harlow, Kristin Davis, Sutton Foster, Juliette Binoche, Kat Von D, Wanda Sykes, Dinah Shore, Randi Zuckerberg, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Nina Simone

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