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Efficiency is the name of the game if you want to reach your lofty goals, Leo. Your 2020 horoscope encourages you to organize everything from your closet to calendar, scale back care-taking and get creative. What will it take to pull that off? Read on…

No green juice toast to your health, Leo! (And a round of blue spirulina tonics for all your friends.) The new decade is off to a salubrious start for your 2020 horoscope, as vital Jupiter cannonballs into Capricorn and joins powerhouses Saturn and Pluto in your sixth house of wellness and work. These three planets haven’t synced up like this since 1285 C.E. so this is major news! Some long-overdue restructuring is order, as you hack away habits that drain your life force and replace them with processes that support your radiance.

Whether you’re in decent shape or dealing with some health challenges, this cosmic trio raises the bar. Are you tending to mind, body and spirit? In 2020, you could become a meditation maven, a plant-based practitioner or a guru of all things green, clean and serene.

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Bottom line: 2020 could be a major year for vibrant health and money, but you’ll have to make a few life changes. Want to know how? Get our 2020 Horoscope book, bundled in a special Leo 2020 Power Pack with 3 bonus gifts to keep you aligned all year. Get your Leo 2020 Bundle now >

Leo 2020 Horoscope: Career and Money

Get honest: Where are you “leaking” energy, Leo? With two final eclipses hitting Cancer and your boundary-challenged twelfth house on January 10 and June 21, and one more in Capricorn and your systematic sixth on July 5, you’ll need to draw sharper lines with people in your world. If you don’t, your magnanimous nature could infect you with resentment—never a good look for a sunny Leo!

Thankfully, a socially supportive starmap is also ahead in 2020. From April 3 to August 7, convivial Venus embarks on an extended tour through Gemini and your eleventh house of community, technology and activism. Get out and circulate, even if your Instagram and Facebook friend lists runneth over. The zodiac’s jungle ruler can never have too many acquaintances…as long as they can match your generosity! While Venus is retrograde from May 13 to June 25 (an every-other-year event), you may have to banish a few energy vampires from your realm. 

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Leo 2020 Horoscope: Love and Relationships

With love goddess Venus logged into your tech-savvy eleventh house, April through August could bring some lucky swipes on the dating apps. (And maybe the Return of the Disappearing Tinder Date during the May 13 to June 25 retrograde. Proceed with cautious optimism!) Coupled Lions should circulate more as a power couple, knitting together your friend groups and organizing dinner parties, weekend trips and other fun for the people you both adore.

But you may feel like getting, ahem, un-Hinged, starting June 27, when lusty Mars moves into Aries for an extended tour through your worldly, independent ninth house that lasts until January 6, 2021! The red planet will also pivot retrograde in 2020, from September 9 to November 13. During that time, even happily partnered Leos will have to navigate some fiery emotions. Pro tip: Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Waiting for your partner to join you on an adventure could mean missing out on a life-changing opportunity. Don’t limit your own expansion, Leo. Do your thing, and you can share all the magic with your mate when you return to the lair. 

Relationships will take a turn for the serious from March 21 to July 1 when enduring Saturn settles into Aquarius and your seventh house of committed coupling. Lighthearted love affairs could hit a “will we or won’t we” turning point, and you won’t be content to play the field. On December 17, the ringed planet will park in Aquarius for a longer spell (until March 7, 2023), putting partnerships through some endurance tests. Thankfully, jovial Jupiter will keep the spirit of romance alive, joining Saturn in Aquarius from December 19, 2020, until December 29, 2021. 

A new series of eclipses begins this year on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which will illuminate the balance between being a team player and stepping forward as the star. You’re an ace at both when you want to be, but no need to pull the modesty card. The two Sagittarius eclipses, on June 5 and December 14, stir things up in your fifth house of fame, passion and romance. You’re quite the head-turner on the average day, Leo, but your star qualities will be in rare form under these two lunar lifts. You could end the year with a powerful mistletoe moment, or with something fabulous to debut to your ever-growing fanbase!

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