A Full Moon Ritual for the Leo Lunar Eclipse to Attract Abundance

Eclipse season kicks off in 2017 with a full Snow Moon in fiery Leo on Friday, February 10th. It’s the first eclipse in a series that falls on the Leo-Aquarius axis until January 2019. You can harness the potent energy of the Leo eclipse with an alchemical full moon ritual.

Eclipses can often spark sudden changes or transitions, speeding up our manifestation powers. You could suddenly receive illuminating insight from out of the blue that serves as the missing piece to a long-standing puzzle.

Since eclipses can also signify endings, you might even release yourself from a situation you’ve outgrown. Leo is the star sign of theatrics and passion, while Aquarius errs on the cool and collected—focusing on collaborations over individuality. Towing the line between these two opposing cosmic forces will be a challenge for all of us in for the next two years. So fasten your seatbelt—and embrace the necessary cha-cha-changes headed your way.

Here is a full moon ritual to harness the power of the Leo eclipse.


Ritual: “Noble Gifting”

Leo rules glamour and fame, yet this eclipse connects to humanitarian Uranus and reminds us to pause and reflect on the blessings we already have. Be that wonderful friends, a successful career, or a closet full of designer clothes, it’s likely that you are already richer in your life than you may realize. But today’s consumer culture operates on the assumption that we are always wanting more. Try to do your best to not obsess over keeping up with the Joneses. Less is indeed more during this potent full moon.


Work with the energy of  the eclipse to shed some of your excess belongings. Take a look at those boxes in your basement and the back of your cupboard shelves. Do you really need all five of those sweaters? That extra setting of china you inherited from Aunt Susie? Pull out objects you know deep down you won’t use (and don’t need) and set them aside. Next, separate some of your more glittering pieces. Think of some friends that could use that purple faux fur coat, or that pair of metallic moon boots you never used in the snow. After that, dump off some boxes to your nearest donation site and call up a few lucky friends!

Decluttering and letting go sends out a potent message to the universe. By releasing, you make space for the new to arrive. You can even make this your mantra during this full moon:

“I have faith that I can attract abundance in the ways that are right for me.”

After you’ve finished purging, think about balancing your karmic books, too. Is there someone in your life who has truly supported you, or been your champion? If your budget allows, go ahead and buy them a small token that demonstrates your gratitude and appreciation. What you get needn’t be expensive, either. It’s truly the thought that counts.


More ideas for harnessing the power of the Leo lunar eclipse:

  • Leo is the sign of romance. This brazen eclipse will buoy your courage. Go ahead and put yourself out there. Surprise a special someone with a dinner invite over and plan a surprise or two for the evening.
  • Give back to number one. Gift yourself with a romantic bouquet of flowers, or a piece of signature jewelry.
  • Leo loves the spotlight. Set up a photo shoot with friends (or a professional). Get done up and strut yourself on a DIY catwalk. This eclipse could bring your winning new profile pic!
  • What proper Lion/Lioness doesn’t tend to their mane? Book an appointment with a trendy stylist and give your tresses a complete makeover. A wild up-do or color job could be in store, thanks to this eclipse’s trine with radical Uranus.

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