Spread Your Generosity with Our Leo Full Moon Ritual

woman sorting through her clothing to give to others for her Leo full moon ritual article by the astrotwins

January’s full moon lands in big-hearted, benevolent Leo. Here’s your chance to open up your treasure chest and spread some generosity with our Leo Full Moon ritual.

By The AstroTwins

Leo is the sign that rules abundance. In its highest expression, regal Leo loves to share its gifts.

In our consumer culture, it’s easy to keep on craving more, more, more. While there’s nothing wrong with collecting beautiful treasures, it’s easy to be so focused on amassing that we forget to acknowledge our trove.

Our Leo full moon ritual ideas help you feel good about letting go of stuff!

Ritual: Noble Gifting

During a Leo full moon, sift through your closet, jewelry collection, cupboard and storage spaces. Pull out objects that you just aren’t (and probably won’t be) using, and place them in a pile. Then separate out the really nice pieces like say, that designer dress you bought before the pandemic that still has its tags. Ask yourself: Is there anyone in my life who could benefit from these items? Rather than hoarding for the day that hasn’t come (may never come?) consider giving them to someone else. You could chose a loved one or donate to a charity, even an auction if they hold great value.

Letting go sends a powerful message to the universe, one that might even be your mantra for the Leo full moon: I have faith that I can attract abundance in the ways that are right for me.

Is there someone in your life who has been a champion for you lately? If your budget allows, buy them something new as a token of your appreciation. This doesn’t have to break the bank; give what you can and make sure it’s something that they will appreciate, even if it isn’t necessarily your taste. 

The treasure trove you open up could simply be your heart. How could you be more emotionally generous with the people in your world? This doesn’t have to drain you! Validate their feelings instead of offering advice and coaching when they come to you feeling hurt. Go out of your way to notice and verbally acknowledge their progress or talents. One genuine compliment could change someone’s world.

Other ideas for a Leo Full Moon ritual: 

  • Book an appointment with a talented stylist and give your “lion’s mane” an update.
  • Set up a photo shoot or snap selfies and post. Leo energy loves to show off on the virtual catwalk—and this full moon could bring that winning profile pic.
  • Leo is the sign of romance and this bold full moon buoys our courage: plan a surprise evening for your S.O.
  • Romance yourself with a bouquet of flowers or something new for your wardrobe that makes you feel like your fiercest self.
  • Focus on your back or heart area, parts of the body which are ruled by Leo.

Photo credit: Daniel Vevsky via Stocksy