Love Tarot Spreads: Gain Valuable Insight into Your Relationships by Reading Tarot Cards

Love tarot spreads give you insight into various aspects of your love life and relationships. Whether you have a yes-or-no Tarot question or want to learn the meaning of the cards pulled in a popular love Tarot spread, we have all the tools you need!

What’s love got to do with it? Or rather, what’s Tarot got to do with love? Turns out, a lot!

Tarot can provide insights and guidance on various aspects of your love life and relationships, all types too, not just romantic. Get to the matters of your heart immediately with love Tarot spreads!

What are love Tarot spreads?

Love Tarot spreads are groups of cards that answer a question you have asked the cards to answer. Tarot cards don’t give definitive predictions of the future, despite what you may have seen in movies or on social media. Instead, Tarot cards offer you a perspective on your situation and provide potential outcomes based on the card meanings.

Here are some examples of what Tarot cards can tell you about love and relationships when you do love Tarot spreads:

Your feelings. The cards in your reading can reveal your current emotions, desires, needs, etc. This helps you understand your motivations. Tarot readings encourage self-reflection and prompt you to consider your own role in your love life. Use the cards in a Tarot love spread to identify patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be affecting your relationships.

Your relationship dynamics. Love Tarot spreads can paint a big picture of your relationship’s inner workings. Here you may see in the cards your power struggles, strengths and weaknesses, and challenge areas where you may need to focus some attention and do some work (i.e., communication)! This is particularly true if you’re experiencing a dramatic life change (marriage, divorce, childbirth, relocating, etc.)

Potential lovers. Tarot cards in love Tarot spreads can also offer insight into potential partners, or the qualities you want to look for in a partner, if you’re single! It can help you direct your desires and formulate your intentions.

The paths you could take. The cards in love Tarot spreads can hint at outcomes if you take a certain path. This is helpful if you’re at an impasse, experiencing decision fatigue, or not sure how to move past a fork in the road. Remember that your future isn’t destined and your actions can influence the outcome. In other words, Tarot cards don’t tell you what to do, they empower you to make informed choices!

Self-awareness and self-love! The Tarot cards in your love Tarot spread readings can put an emphasis on the importance of your own self-love/self-care. So often in relationships, particularly romantic ones, we look outward to another person and their behavior toward us. Tarot cards are an iportant tool for remember you come first! They can help you prioritize your well-being and happiness.


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Love Tarot spreads to try

Whether you approach Tarot with an open mind or a dose of skepticism, there is no questioning the possibilities if you try a reading. We like to snap a picture of our cards so we can refer back to them later. Information can come at you fast during a reading, and you don’t have time to absorb each card’s meaning or consider its relationship to you or your quesiton. Refering back to your cards later gives you an opportunity to do that introspective work.

In our extensive Tarot section here on Astrostyle, we have the meaning of every major and minor arcana card that can come up in your love Tarot spread readings.

We also have an in-depth article in our Tarot section that you will want to bookmark if you are doing love Tarot spread readings: Tarot Spreads for Love to Explore Your Relationships and Romantic Compatibility. It contains these love Tarot spread to try:
• single card readings
• 3-card readings
• 5-card readings
• a compatibility spread
• a unique compatibility relationship spread

You can also explore our other Tarot spreads including the popular “yes or no” Tarot reading.

The power of a love Tarot spread reading is that you’ll gain guidance and be encouraged to look inward. But it’s up to you and your own free-will to make choices and take action in your relationships based on what you learn from your Tarot cards. Good luck!


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