Milken Global Conference Explores “A Perfect Match, Finding Love” In Panel With The AstroTwins

Ophira Edut, of The AstroTwins, shares with a Milken Institute Global Conference audience how astrology is used to navigate dating and maintaining relationships (or not!), on a panel that includes other relationship thought leaders.

The Milken Institute’s annual Global Conference is like a live think tank for thousands of attendees exploring modern topics. Ophira was part of a panel, “A Perfect Match: Finding Love in a Modern World” moderated by TV personality Monique Kelley (a Leo!)

“I think of astrology as a spiritual technology, or actually an ancient technology that is still relevant,” Ophira said in her opening remarks about using astrology as a powerful tool for dating and relationships.

“When you’re dating someone, or meeting someone, you don’t want to tell them everything about yourself. But if they don’t know your quirks and the things that make you unique, then how do you connect? Astrology gives you permission to show your uniqueness without giving away your address or telling them TMI.”

How astrology can help your relationship through every phase

“At the beginning of a relationship I call [astrology] a little bit of dating insurance,” Ophira says. For example, if you are seeing a Scorpio, and you’re familiar with Scorpio traits, don’t believe all of it; give everyone a chance.

You can use astrology throughout a relationship, she continues. For example, you can take your zodiac sign and another person’s zodiac sign and blend them using an astrology relationship technique to create your combined zodiac sign (like an “average”). This allows you to see where you click and clash, and how to navigate those differences. Learn more about composite charts (combined) or synastry charts (comparison), and about both in The AstroTwins book, Supercouple.

The 2024 Global Conference featuring The AstroTwins

The 2024 Milken Institute Global Conference gathered thousands of attendees and speakers who are executives of Fortune 500 companies, global leaders and experts in the areas of health, finance, technology, philanthropy, sports and media. Speakers included Elon Musk, David Beckham and even former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The 2024 Global Conference focused on “Shaping a Shared Future,” exploring critical issues, challenge and opportunities, “from geopolitical hotspots and the ongoing climate crisis to the complexities of artificial intelligence, examining both its potential and impact on global workers, firms, and markets.” The event, in its 27th year, took place at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, from May 5-8, 2024.

Ophira, founder of The AstroTwins, was joined by the Global Conference panel’s other speakers:
Stephanie Danzi, head of global marketing for Tinder
Yung Pueblo, founder of Ready
Amy Nobile, founder of Love, Amy
DeVon Franklin, president and CEO of Franklin Entertainment

Learn more about the Milken Institute’s 2024 Global Conference and watch the entire panel discussion, A Perfect Match: Finding Love in a Modern World,” featuring Ophira. The Global Conference says “this discussion is crucial for understanding the modern landscape of relationships and for devising ways to combat the growing sense of isolation in our tech-centric world.” 

Astrology authenticity in the face of skepticism, and “playing hard to get”

During the panel Monqiue asks Ophira how she responds to skeptics who think using astrology in relationships could be “manipulation.”

“You can have your opinion, that’s cool, but have you tried it?” Ophira quips. “But I understand, because astrology is poorly marketed and misused widely.”

Ophira explains that a lot of people use astrology to protect themselves rather than understand themselves, and another person. “So if you use it properly, it’s not that. If you misuse it, it is.”

Monique also asks Ophira for her take on “playing hard to get” and if it’s beneficial, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.

We’re all looking for strategies in love, Ophira says. When she’s working with people on dating, she looks to two things: timing and beliefs.

“What belief is underneath that question, that you think you need to play hard to get?” People believe they’re going to get hurt, she explains.

And when it comes to timing, Ophira believes there are many “right times that the universe could deliver the perfect match for you.” You may have “fruitful” times to be more authentic.

“We all long to be more authentic but we’re scared that if we do, something bad will happen,” Ophira tells the Global Conference audience. “We need validation. When you’re seen and heard, it causes the brain to release dopamine, and that give us confidence to take action. And when you have that validation and confidence, and take action, it creates a snowball effect.”

You don’t have to play hard to get, you can just play, Ophira reminds the audience; there are many ways to play! See our Love Astrology section of Astrostyle to learn more about how to properly use astrology for love and relationships.


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