How Your Zodiac Sign Should Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021

With the moon and Mars in Sagittarius on December 31, astrology predicts a fiery New Year’s Eve. Here’s how your zodiac sign should celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021.

This New Year’s Eve is all about adventure as the moon greets go-getter Mars in Sagittarius. Spice up ho-hum plans by tapping into the wide-eyed-wonder of this zodiac sign. Could you slip off to a new destination? Diversify your guest list? Any activity that broadens your horizon will elevate the celebration.

Some zodiac signs will be feeling introspective, making this a perfect NYE for candlelight yoga, vision boarding—or a fire circle, which taps right into the fire element of Sagittarius! Here’s how every sign can maximize the moon-Mars conjunction this December 31 and celebrate the New Year according to astrology.

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Aries New Year’s Eve Forecast

With your wild side at the wheel, this is the NYE for Aries to travel or venture to a brand new venue for a night of dancing and mingling

Aries New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

This NYE is going to be one for the history books, Aries. With your ruler, restless Mars, winking at the moon in your adventurous ninth house, you’ll have endless opportunities for wild fun. If you happen to be traveling, lucky you! But blow off the tourist scene in your hotel or the four walls of your Airbnb. Ask around and find out where the locals celebrate. If you are close to home, pick a venue or accept a party invite that promises an eclectic crowd of creative originals. Metaphysical musings and killer DJ sets will keep you wide awake way past midnight. With this jovial energy afoot, take extra care to rotate in water between drinks and keep your mask on in crowded spaces.

With your wild side at the wheel, this is the NYE for Aries to travel or venture to a brand new venue for a night of dancing and mingling.

Taurus New Year’s Eve Forecast

You’ll be feeling introspective this NYE, Taurus, so start things off with some one-on-one bonding, the go raise a toast with your close-knit crew.

Taurus New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

Regardless of whether your NYE plans call for a big blowout with a formidable cast of characters, you’ll be happiest getting the party started on a quiet, intimate note. With seductive Mars aligned with the moon in your cozily erotic eighth house, focus all your attention a special someone in your life. A private drink, perhaps with some gushy declarations (or sexy acrobatics) will get your hearts racing for any number of reasons. If you can un-Velcro yourselves, glam up and hit the parties. But no one will blame you if you have a change of heart and just stay in, slow-jamming to your own playlist. Single Bulls may enjoy a similarly cozy celebration with a tight knit group of friends and some vintage bubbly.

Gemini New Year’s Eve Forecast

Twosomes are on the table for NYE—lucky you, Gemini! Ping your favorite “twin,” dress in matching outfits and fete NYE with a glamorous celebration.

Gemini New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

You’ll be in your gracious, convivial element this NYE as passionate Mars parties with the moon in your seventh house of relationships. With so many warm-fuzzy feels flowing, what better way to show how much you care than to host a pre-party party? Put on your holiday finest and set out those trays. Single? Encourage friends to bring their favorite unattached plus-ones. And if a pal confesses more-than-platonic feelings, don’t dismiss them as tipsy revelations. If you’re kinda feeling it too, what better night of the year to explore?

Cancer New Year’s Eve Forecast

Health is wealth this NYE, so before you tip back the bubbly, stretch out with yoga and get started on your vision board.

Cancer New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

This might not be the NYE that sees you dancing on the bar till dawn, but that’s fine by you—isn’t it, Cancer? Thanks to a merger of passionate Mars and the moon in your sixth house of service and self-care, you can leave the crazy-making to the others. You’ll be just as happy (happier, probably) biding adieu to 2021 in a meditation circle, candlelight yoga class or perhaps on some sandy beach. That’s not to say some of you won’t squeeze in a party or three—just don’t let “peer pressure” compel you to do anything you’re not in the mood for. Steer clear of unbridled friends, who might thrust you into caretaker role with their irresponsible partying styles. By the same token, keep friends close who have your back!

Leo New Year’s Eve Forecast

It’s a “big mane, untamed” NYE for Leos, so glam up for selfies, dance all night and flirt like no one’s watching—even though you hope they are!

Leo New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

Glamorous outfit: check. Flamboyant shoes and accessories: Check! Wild hair and makeup: Up to you, Leo, but why not? This NYE gets a turbo-charge from the merger of passionate Mars and the moon in your festive, flamboyant fifth house. Since this area also rules fame, NYE could one big fat photo op for you and your crew. Since the fifth house also rules amour, some Leo may find themselves in a low-key, behind-closed-doors kind of mindset. With your mate or a hot date at your side, cook up a romantic dinner, uncork some vintage bubbly, and cue up the Frank Ocean. Unattached? Stay open to the possibility of a midnight kiss that turns into a lot more in 2022!

Virgo New Year’s Eve Forecast

The warm-fuzzy vibes are flowing, making this the perfect NYE to host or attend an intimate house party.

Virgo New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

How’s this for a perfect NYE game plan: Get yourself suitably dressed up; have everyone stop by just as the bubbly reaches the perfect temperature; cue up your killer playlist; and let the rest unfold spontaneously. With passionate Mars greeting the moon in your domestic quarters, you may relish the thought of staying home and never even putting shoes on. (But then again, you’ve been waiting all year to strap on the Louboutins.) It’s not too late to announce a small but fun potluck at Chez Virgo. If you’ve wanted an excuse to show off your epicurean talent, cook up a feast and ask guests to bring something festive to imbibe. Fancy a change of scenery? See if you can snag a last-minute Airbnb booking or a boutique hotel for an unplanned staycation.

Libra New Year’s Eve Forecast

Dial down the formalities and keep things fun! You’ll love meeting new people or having lively conversations. Pull out the fancy flats because you might be moving around a lot!

Libra New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

You don’t need a VIP party to ring in the New Year in style, Libra! In fact, with passionate Mars synced up with the moon in your super-social third house, you could have a blast hanging out in a local bar! Pocket the cost of those pricey tickets and buy the first round. With this party vibe in the air and you in such playful spirits, you’d just feel constrained or even bored at some stuffy venue. Or make it a moveable fete, rolling from one fun scene to the next with a merry band of cohorts (and perhaps picking up more along the way). If you’re going to have one rule for the night, make it: No limits! Conversations are sure to be lively, and whether you’re single or spoken for, you might work in one memorable midnight kiss.

Scorpio New Year’s Eve Forecast

Indulge yourself with a massage and mani-pedi and stick to events that don’t blow your budget.

Scorpio New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

Don’t fall in with the pack, Scorpio—unless you really truly want to, that is. But TBH, you like to do things your own inimitable way, and with passionate Mars mashed up with the moon in your earthy second house, you can think of a dozen better things to do with your money than blow it on a “VIP” ticket at some noisy, crowded ballroom. Let someone else swing from the chandelier while you splurge on an afternoon at the day spa. Hmm, one bottle of overpriced bubbly—or a hot-stone massage, steam bath, blowout AND paraffin mani-pedi? Think about how you’d like to bid adieu to 2021. A cocktail party with a few friends then an intimate dinner with your favorite plus-one, leading up to your midnight snog and whatever follows? Single? Hang with a group that’s not all couples—and ideally rich with prospects.

Sagittarius New Year’s Eve Forecast

Set your spirit free with a wild celebration. Dance, sing, and soak up all the attention that comes your way.

Sagittarius New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

You’ll be the belle of any ball you grace this NYE, Sagittarius, as seductive Mars cozies up with the moon in your sign. Slip into your slinkiest, sparkliest, sexiest cocktail number and adorn it with your “for special occasions” jewelry. You’ll be in your dazzling and festive element, as this electrifying planetary pairing sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Even if you’re not the fussy type, it would be fun to get your hair done and go bold with your makeup. Allow yourself to feel any deep emotions that arise but be careful not to let your hedonistic tendencies take the wheel. Match each sip of bubbly with at least as much water. You’ll appreciate having your wits about you as admirers line up to share a moment.

Capricorn New Year’s Eve Forecast

You have a lot to release this NYE, so make time to ponder what you’re leaving behind, then set some soulful intentions.

Capricorn New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

Rooftop bash in Miami or fire circle at your friend’s Joshua Tree vacation home? New Year’s Eve could find you in a mood that’s equal parts party-animal and internally focused. As agitator Mars meets the moon in your twelfth house of transitions, you’ll have a lot to ponder this NYE. You can try to balance these discordant energies AND make the most of them by getting in a little meditation before you hit the party scene. Sometime today, do a ritual to usher out the year with gratitude and set some soulful intentions for 2022. Write down the things you want to release and then start setting intentions for what you’d like to manifest. Warning: planets in the twelfth house can induce overindulgence, so be sure to alternate gulps of water with sips of bubbly.

Aquarius New Year’s Eve Forecast

You’re in your outgoing element this NYE, Aquarius, so be spontaneous! Ditch the stuffy cocktail parties and let your hair down with friends new and old.

Aquarius New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

Thinking of a mellow NYE, Aquarius? Guess again! As firebrand Mars links up with the moon in your eleventh house of groups, more will definitely be merrier. Ring out the old with your squad to toast the high points of 2021, especially the memorable moments you shared with each other. Feel free to set a few lofty, wouldn’t-it-be-crazy-if intentions. To make them stick, write them out or turn them into a vision board that will inspire you on a daily basis. THEN hit the party circuit or that elusive venue. Dancing up a good sweat will help you release anything that has to go. One thing you might be focusing on is curating your friend roster. Start tonight by putting your foot down and not including that dubious pal who always gets bombed at events like this and spoils everyone’s fun.

Pisces New Year’s Eve Forecast

Elevate and celebrate! A fancy NYE is just what your fantasy-spinning sign needs to bring the new year in on a dreamy note.

Pisces New Year's Eve HoroscopePin

Don’t settle! This NYE—and the year it ushers in—will be all about upping your game and going for the gold. You’ve got grand plans, and it all starts NOW, Pisces. Thanks to uncompromising Mars teamed up with the moon in your tenth house of status and prestige, you practically owe yourself an upscale celebration. Slip on your cocktail attire, uncork some vintage champagne, score those VIP tickets—and let the end-of-year games begin! (All the better if a portion of your ticket price benefits a worthy cause.) Warning: This career-driven transit WILL get you hyped about your ambitious 2022 plans. Document ideas but don’t forgo celebration. Work will be there on January 1.

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