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Popular TV guests, The AstroTwins have given predictions on major media including Good Morning America, VICE News and Bravo. Contact our office to schedule an interview or appearance.


Ophira accurately predicts the December 2020 vaccine release and 2020 election chaos, and reads an astrological chart for VICE News. (September 2020)


The AstroTwins talk stars, retrogrades and cosmic compatibility with Michael Strahan and Hillary Swank in a featured segment. (October 2018)

Today Extra Sydney

The AstroTwins share about their personal experience reading Beyonce’s chart on Sydney’s top morning news show.

Good Morning America

Tali weighs in on the new trend of parenting kids by zodiac sign and talks about our #1 Amazon bestselling book Momstrology.

Live Reading for Alicia Keys

Aquarius Alicia Keys asks Ophi and Tali her burning astrology questions and shares about her new “Time Machine” single.


The AstroTwins talk about the future of everything, from finances to spirituality to the state of this planet

Fox News Radio

Ophira’s in-depth conversation on Dave Anthony’s “The Rundown” covers everything from why astrology is enjoying wide popularity; a financial prediction of gold, silver and Bitcoin rising, and what the election year holds.

Getting Schooled

Ophi talks to Fox News’ Abby Hornacek about the history of astrology, the myth of the 13th zodiac sign and astrology’s historic clues about the COVID-19 pandemic that go back centuries, plus fascinating facts about Italian astronomer Galileo and his relationship with astrology.


The AstroTwins are featured and quoted widely in top magazines, newspapers and blogs—available now for celestial soundbites and in-depth interviews.

The Cut/NY Magazine: “The AstroTwins on the Transformative Power of Knowing Yourself”

Buzzfeed: “What It’s Actually Like to Have Your Astrological Chart Read”

New York Times Sunday Styles: “A Night Out with The AstroTwins”

Top Predictions from The AstroTwins

We invite you to explore and quote excerpts from our astrological predictions.

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