The Great Conjunction | Rare Jupiter-Saturn Meetup Inspires Liberation

Limitless Jupiter and structured Saturn meet up for a rare astrological occurrence on December 21, also the winter Solstice, called The Great Conjunction. This alliance occurs every twenty years, and this time they land in Aquarius.

by The AstroTwins

The spirit of progress will be in the air in the final two weeks of 2020 with a rare astrological event called The Great Conjunction.

On December 17, Saturn heads back into Aquarius, followed by boundless Jupiter two days later, on the 19th. The two planets will co-pilot through the Water Bearer’s zone on and off until December 29, 2021, combining their paradoxical powers.

Circle December 21, 2020—also the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. For the first time since May 31, 2000, Jupiter and Saturn will meet up at an exact degree in the sky, at 0°29′ Aquarius. Astrologers call this event The Great Conjunction, an alliance that only happens once every 20 years! The last one was on May 28, 2000, right as the new millennium was unfolding.

Is it a “Christmas Star” and What about Those Mysterious Monoliths?

Since Jupiter and Saturn will be so close that they’ll appear as a single bright star from our vantage point on earth, many are calling this the “Christmas Star.” We’re certain the Great Conjunction will give plenty of fodder to religious and sci-fi enthusiasts alike—and hey, we’re not here to judge!

And then there are the mysterious monoliths appearing all over the world. Is the enigmatic and sudden appearance of obelisks the work of “ancient aliens” or an Internet hoax? We’d be willing to believe either as we approach the Great Conjunction in Aquarius, the sign that rules sci fi and extraterrestrials. As Jupiter and Saturn exit Capricorn, which governs architectural structures, this is a fitting passing of the cosmic torch. Uh, beam us up?

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The Elements and The Great Conjunction

Since 1802, Great Conjunctions have all been in earth signs (with the exception of a trio in Libra in 1981), putting their push-pull focus on material world concerns: land ownership, wealth accumulation and the commodifying of the planet’s natural resources. As oceans fill with plastic and carbon emissions heat the air and melt the ice caps, we are getting clear signs that our planet can no longer sustain the systematic expansion that has occurred under the last 200 years of earth-sign Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions.

Now, the trend is shifting. For the next 150 years, all Great Conjunctions will occur in air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. While we may never cease the human compulsion to create, expand and build, this new wave of energy could blow open the doors of invention. (Fun fact: The New Wave movement in fashion and art began near the 1981 Great Conjunction in Libra, the first to hit an air sign since the 1400s!)

Although they’re as different as night and day, Jupiter and Saturn make quite the dynamic duo. Jupiter is the abundant growth agent, blessing us with the Midas touch and a gambler’s instinct. Saturn is the cautious auditor, calculating risk and making sure we invest wisely. Their meetup on December 21 for the Great Conjunction will get us thinking: What should we hang onto and where can we let go, in order to catapult ourselves into a new league?

Philosophical Jupiter opens our minds and Saturn creates a structure for our thoughts to become tangible actions. And carried on the wings of liberated Aquarius, the winds of revolution are taking flight.

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