The Pluto in Aquarius Transit Will Make Our World Even Weirder

Major moment alert! Mysterious Pluto settles into futuristic Aquarius for the time since 1798, from November 19, 2024 to January 19, 2044! But first, it makes two sneak previews.

You say you want a revolution? The one that’s coming with the Pluto in Aquarius transit may not be televised. Nor will it be a bayonet battle like The American Revolution, which wrapped up during Pluto’s last tour of Aquarius, from 1778 to 1798.

But nearly 250 years later, that revolution could happen in the digital realm. When it comes to AI, the blockchain and the production of microchips, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The Pluto in Aquarius revolution will exist in the coded language of secret societies and Chat GPT and across underground networks that defy restrictive laws. Top Secret! Furtive Pluto makes moves on the DL.

But relax…a little.


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When is Pluto in Aquarius?

Pluto only spent two months in Aquarius in 2023 (from March 23 to June 11), and it spends about nine months there in 2024 (from January 20 to September 1). These dips out of Capricorn, where Pluto has been since 2008, give us a sneak preview of its longer, 20-year journey through Aquarius, which begins without interruption on November 19, 2024.

What does it mean when Pluto is in Aquarius?

What might happen when metamorphic Pluto embarks on its 21-year journey through Aquarius, the sign that rules democracy, community, populism, science, innovation and technology? We wouldn’t exactly call these energies an “easy match.” Not by a long shot. But this will get interesting.

It’s important to remember that Pluto is not simply destructive. It’s also regenerative. As the planet overseeing alchemy, reproduction and hidden resources, its brutal teardowns can reveal buried treasures.

What can we expect from the Pluto in Aquarius transit?

In 2023 and 2024 we get a small taste of the Pluto in Aquarius transit, as the dwarf planet shakes it up in this avant-garde, eccentric air sign. These warm up laps show us how Pluto can dart out of corporate Capricorn and into anarchistic Aquarius.

Since this is the mighty dwarf planet’s first sign swap since 2008, this is a very big deal!

One thing’s for certain: When Pluto changes zodiac signs its impact is as destructive as it is transformational. Our old ways must die in order to pave the road for something new.


Pluto’s past two circuits provide clear evidence of this:
– During its 1995 to 2008 tour through Sagittarius—the sign that rules publishing and global communications—print magazines shuttered and the telecommunications industry was devastated. And then…we got hi-speed Internet, smart phones, print-on-demand, blogging and videoconferencing.
– Capricorn-ruled financial institutes were the first to be felled by Pluto in 2008, but the blockchain emerged, putting power back in the people’s hands with decentralized currency. (See the bottom of this article for more about the Pluto in Capricorn transit and for a deep dive into both Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto in Aquarius transits, check out The AstroTwins’ 2023 Horoscope book)

So WTF is Pluto gonna do next?

In space-age Aquarius, this next chapter could be torn right out of a sci-fi novel. (Farewell capitalism, hello technototalitarianism?)

Whether that creates a utopian or dystopian effect, mad scientists will certainly come out and play with a Pluto in Aquarius transit. These cycles have brought incredible developments from the metric system to the cotton gin, shoelaces, bifocals and the first-ever vaccine. Make this your new mantra as of March 23: Le geek c’est chic!

Freedom fighting is sure to be a theme

The American Revolution was still going on when Pluto moved into Aquarius back in the 18th century. The French Revolution broke out during this cycle from 1789 to 1799, as did the Irish Rebellion against British rule. The United States Constitution was ratified early into that Pluto in Aquarius transit.

Fast forward to 2023 and 2024, Pluto’s first journeys back into Aquarius. That “more perfect union” is so divided that the term “Constitutional crisis” has become a favorite of nightly newscasters on both sides of the aisle. Secessionists talk (and write books) about “Texit,” envisioning the Lone Star state being truly…alone. In the Pacific Northwest, dreams of breaking off into Cascadia are nothing new; in fact, they’ve become a board game!

What if we’re the aliens?

If social media threads tell the story, divisions are so deep that we might as well be aliens to each other. For the record, we’re not ruling out that possibility! With Pluto in otherworldly Aquarius, we may discover that our roots date back to Pleiades and Atlantis or that “lizard people” are…a thing.


Might we all get along, though?

For all their utopian ideals, that’s not something our “founding fathers” put to the test. The first Constitution wasn’t exactly a diversity-and-inclusivity initiative. Seam-ripping Pluto won’t let us stand on ceremony. Far from it. Perhaps we’ll end this cycle with a revised edition, one that includes women and considers every person 100% human, rather than three-fifths—as all those who were “not free” were reduced to in the original Constitution.

Chips shortages could halt technology and intensify tension with China

Semiconductor chips have been in greater demand than supply in recent years, bottlenecking production of everything from PCs to electric vehicles. Because of the pristine requirements for manufacturing, 90% of the world’s most advanced chips are produced in Taiwan. So dire is this that in summer 2022, the U.S. Congress passed the CHIPS Act to provide 280 billion dollars of funding for domestic manufacturing and research of semiconductors. An important start, but this won’t be an overnight process.

With dark overlord Pluto edging into technology-driven Aquarius, it gets more intense. Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, is intent on “reunification” of China and independently governed Taiwan. Xi has openly declared that he will use force if necessary.

Reproductive care goes underground, but may not stay there

Pluto, the planet associated with reproduction, also rules the underground. Given the state of reproductive justice in the U.S., its transit through tech-savvy Aquarius is timely. At time of writing, abortion pills ordered from the Internet are still accessible to people in all 50 states. No surprise, medications like mifepristone are now being targeted by conservative lawmakers who are on a path to criminalize these transactions.


In States where abortion has not been enshrined, reproductive care could find its way to the oh-so-Pluto-in-Aquarius darknet. The anonymity of this “secret Internet” is a double-edged sword. While it may allow some women the ability to find pregnancy blockers or abortion providers, it leaves a dangerous opening for antiabortion extremists to deceive patients and medical care providers alike.

The patriarchy and religious right versus women’s bodies? This is sure to be one of the primary fights in years ahead—and cause for revolution—as Pluto weaves between Capricorn and Aquarius in 2023 and 2024.

Renewable energy developments accelerate

“Renewable energy” is basically another way of saying “Pluto in Aquarius.” As this regenerative planet pulses through the sign represented by two waves of energy, we eagerly await developments in this realm. Aquarius is an air sign, which bodes well for wind and solar—which capture the Sun’s rays from the ether.

Batteries for electric vehicles were getting huge cash infusions, but that’s not all! Battery manufacturing hubs are being built (or refurbished from older plants) all across the United States, bringing production close to home for U.S. automakers like Ford and Chevrolet. Both U.S. and foreign companies are getting involved, funding factories in the States. That’s good news for the supply chain, and also the oceans, which won’t be taxed by more freighters carrying essential cargo overseas. Perhaps this really will be a green initiative.

The shared economy could go “circular”

The concept of a circular economy pairs well with Pluto’s regenerative qualities. In this model, consumers would no longer buy products like refrigerators, air conditioners or washer-dryers. Instead, they would take out a service agreement with a company like GE. When the appliance becomes outdated or breaks down, GE would provide a replacement model. But rather than dumping that old fridge into a landfill, GE would recycle and repurpose the parts for the next generation of appliances, a huge win for the environment.

This is already happening with cell phone companies. Many are buying back old model phones at time of contract renewal, offering customers a discount on their upgrades.

Thought leaders are also exploring new avenues for “cradle to cradle” design, which is a fancy way of saying, “we make products that can be 100% recycled or returned to the earth at the end of their life.”

Space travel is the new weekend getaway

If you need to get away from it all, consider outer space. Virgin Galactic is gearing up to offer commercial space flights. Astronaut fashion is certain to be trending in years to come. Excuse me, is that an Aviator Nation spacesuit you’re wearing?

Can’t handle the g-force? Set up your telescope and be a “space appreciator.” While Pluto toured Aquarius in the late 1700s, Caroline Herschel and her brother William, both musicians turned astronomers and telescope makers, made history. Two years after Pluto entered Aquarius, in 1781, Caroline facilitated her brother’s accidental discovery of the planet Uranus—which became the astrological ruler of Aquarius along with Saturn!


But watch where you swing that telescope

Telescopic technology is now being used for high-res, hyperspectral satellites that unfold when they reach their desired coordinates in space and beam images down to Earth. Although purportedly developed for ag-tech and military defense, this could be Secret Agent Pluto’s Aquarian Age way of spying on us all—or really making it necessary to build those underground bunkers!

Humans might form micro societies

For the Water Bearer, sharing ain’t just caring. It’s more like “owning is dethroning.” Will a cooperative model be embraced? And can humans, with our survival instincts, actually fight the urge to dominate each other and be the kid with the most toys? A possible Pluto in Aquarius transit scenario: Communities may form their own micro societies where each person contributes a unique (but necessary!) skill that benefits everyone. These collectives will hinge upon the high-vibe idealism of Aquarius. Members must uphold their integrity, keeping promises and self-monitoring behavior.

What the Pluto in Capricorn transit (2008 to 2024) showed us and can teach us about the Pluto in Aquarius transit

We can look to the past for some clues about the future and the Pluto in Aquarius transit. To wit, Pluto’s outgoing cycle through Capricorn.

In 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign that rules governments the economy and the patriarchy. And boom! It came in like a wrecking ball. Who can forget the real estate market crash and the bank bailouts? But amidst this devastation came a huge historic moment: the election of Barack Obama, the first Black president of the USA.

Midway through this Pluto cycle was 2016, the year Donald Trump was voted into office; an old guard, patriarchal Pluto in Capricorn figure if ever there were. The resistance to his misogyny was swift. The historic Women’s March gave way to the #MeToo movement. In 2020, Black Lives Matter marches swelled in response to centuries of systemic racism at the hands of law enforcement.

In 2020, Kamala Harris became the first woman—and woman of color—to occupy the White House as a chief officer. A seditious group formed to protest Joe Biden‘s election—the mayhem and devastation of January 6th.

Throughout it all, the economy has been on a perpetual roller coaster. Bitcoin reached its all-time high, then plummeted. NFTs were hot…then not. The pandemic changed the global economy and interest rates dropped to record lows then leaped up again.

And here we are, watching Pluto’s phoenix rise into the ashes and sweep down into them again. Pluto won’t bid Capricorn adieu completely until November 19, 2024. With global superpowers dividing alliances between Ukraine and Russia, the world is on edge.

What does the Pluto in Aquarius transit mean for me?

Check out our Pluto in Aquarius horoscopes, a guide to the transit by zodiac sign, here:

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