Rare, Second New Moon in Cancer: 7 Check-Ins

Sheltering in a new space? On July 20, the second (in a rare, consecutive pair) of new moons in Cancer, follows up on initiatives that began during the June 21 solar eclipse. In the zodiac’s sign of home, family and nurturing, it’s time to repair fractured bonds and refresh your nest.

by The AstroTwins

There’s no disputing that 2020 has been an emotionally charged year. And ever since Cancer season kicked off with the solar (new moon) eclipse on June 20-21, feelings have been flowing in every direction. The second new moon in Cancer in 2020 occurs on Monday, July 20 at 1:32 PM EDT giving us a chance to check in on those feelings.

Some feelings were as intense as a rapidly rushing river, while others spilled out from cracks we didn’t even realize that we had in our armor. It didn’t help matters that Mercury was retrograde—also in watery Cancer—from June 18 to July 12, forcing us to sit down and process whatever was churning within. But, what WAS it…exactly?

You’ll get another chance to name and claim your feelings with the second new moon in Cancer. As the sequel to the solar eclipse energizes the skies, be open to a fresh perspective on a situation that was fuzzy or outright frustrating!

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Here are 7 new ways to make the most of the sensitive Crab’s emotive nature (AGAIN!)

And and to revisit our security-building tips from last month’s Cancer new moon/solar eclipse.

1. Reconnect to your roost.

At the June new moon in Cancer, we advised you to get back in touch with your relatives, even reviving a tradition that’s been passed through your lineage. But let’s be honest, for many of us, the most triggering people are the ones who are closest to us. If your attempts to organize a “nice family Zoom” were met with resistance—or retrograde Mercury screwed up the already irritating technology—try, try again. But this time, how about enlisting others in helping to make it happen, from the scheduling to the invites? And maybe don’t feel obligated to include every difficult person who shares your DNA. Try a smaller group or set up one-on-ones.

Have you been waiting for Mercury to turn direct before going on that decorating spree? After staring at the same artwork through quarantine hell, you might be “so over” the vintage lithograph you curated from a Brooklyn flea market or the printed duvet cover that once made your Anthro dreams come true. Switch it up! You don’t have to donate anything to Goodwill that you know you’ll treasure again one day. Just move it out of your sight line for a while. Even living with bare or pared down walls for a little while can refresh your creativity. But with Leo season right around the corner, we doubt anyone’s going to be a minimalist for long.

2. Rework your security plan.

Financial security is top of mind for most of us in these uncertain economic times—and as we mentioned a month ago, it’s of utmost importance when any planet is in a vulnerable water sign. Did you drum up some ideas for a home-based business or talk to family about ways to share expenses? These subjects could be back on the (kitchen) table again near July 20. Plans to buy or sell real estate could also get back in motion, but not so fast. According to statistics reported by Curbed, housing prices have not changed much, despite the pandemic. Hanging on to your housing might be the wisest economic move, but if you need to save up, maybe it’s time to rent out the basement or get creative about sharing office space.

Should you take that deferred interest loan…or will it just leave in a deep hole? This second new moon in Cancer is your prompt to read the fine print and make some decisions. Now that Mercury is back in direct motion, there’s cosmic clearance to sign contracts—if you feel they are right for you—without getting caught up by a hidden clause.

3. Revitalize with H2O at the second new moon in Cancer.

Chug, chug, chug. Did you drink your eight glasses a day since last month’s eclipse? We’re talking about fresh H2O here, not bottomless coffee refills or glasses of chilled rosé. Get back on the water wagon and start hydrating again. You might even put an app on your phone to remind you when it’s time to sip. Not exactly the drinking game most of us had in mind for the summer, but this one is guaranteed to NOT give you a hangover.
If you have a tub to soak in, lucky you! If not, find a friend who will let you borrow theirs and try a spiritual bathing ritual to honor this second new moon in Cancer. We adore this Mayan Floral and Herbal Bath recommended by Dr. Gabrielle Francis. This recipe is especially powerful for cleansing the effects of negativity and trauma, which many people have endured since 2020 began.

4. Nourish your sensitive underbelly.

Cancer rules the digestive system, so if you didn’t try these tummy-soothing tricks, give them a go again. Infuse your drinking water with herbs that are known to aid digestion and promote a healthy gut: fresh mint, lemon, even a few leaves of basil. Experiment with the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto whose studies reveal that words and thoughts can change the shape of water molecules. Print an inspiring phrase or mantra onto a sticker and affix it to your refillable water bottle. You might just lift your spirits with every swig.

5. Feel all the feels.

After all the Cancerian vibes of the past month, you need no reminder to feel your feelings. They’ve been spontaneously “combusting” whether you wanted them to show up or not. But what WAS the deeper message your intuition was sending when you burst out in tears or threw your phone across the room in frustration. This second new moon in Cancer brings another moment to reconnect to your gut.

Put your hands on your belly—the area ruled by Cancer—close your eyes, and breathe. It won’t take long before your emotional truth rises to the surface. When they do, capture them somehow. Make an audio memo or write in your journal. Has a particular person been triggering you non-stop? You might get clarity around the ways you’ve been pushing each other’s buttons. And once you realize it’s a two-way street, you have an opening for resolution….the kind that doesn’t involve blaming or shaming anyone.

6. Honor thy mother figure.

Cancer rules motherhood and motherly figures, and just like a month ago, the July 20 second new moon in Cancer brings the perfect window for reconnecting with the powerful women in your life. Keep on exploring your ancestral lineage. Are there emotional blocks and traumas among your relatives that seem to keep repeating themselves? If you haven’t looked into “Family Constellation Therapy,” do! This healing modality helps break generations-long family patterns…in a downright fascinating way. You might check out the book Health, Happiness and the Family Constellation: How Ancestors, Family Systems, and Hidden Loyalties Shape Your Life—And What YOU Can Do About It.

7. Have a cleansing cry or a good emotional release.

We know you’re ready to pack away the hankies already…but save yourself ONE, please? This second new moon in Cancer gives you a hall pass to have a serious ugly cry if you need to. May we remind you that tears also have surprising medical benefits. They release toxins—namely, the chemicals that raise cortisol, the stress hormone. When you’re done with that power sob, you can read about more of the helpful effects of crying it out here. Besides, there’s relief in feeling your grief. Let it out and pave the way for a joyful Leo season later this week!


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