Full Moon Tarot Spread: Manifestation in 6 Cards

Full moons are peak manifestation time. We have a full moon Tarot spread for that!

Two weeks after the dark night sky of the new moon, the heavens are illuminated by a glowing full moon. These are moments when, metaphorically, you’re brimming with inspiration. Your cup is full and you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What better time than this to do a Tarot spread to celebrate your victories and figure out how best to “sort the crops” as you move ahead?

The timing of full moons and the zodiac seasons

Full moons mark the halfway point of monthlong lunar cycles. These are harvest times, when you reap the results of the seeds you planted six months earlier under a corresponding new moon.

In other words, full moons complete a six-month cycle that began with the corresponding new moon in the same zodiac sign. For example, the Aquarius new moon occurs while the Sun is in Aquarius (between January 20-February 18 most years). Six months later, the full moon in Aquarius arrives, when the Sun is in Leo (the sign opposite Aquarius, between July 22 and August 22 most years).

Full moon calendar by zodiac season

  • Capricorn season (December 22-January 19): Cancer full moon
  • Aquarius season (January 20-February 18): Leo full moon
  • Pisces season (February 19-March 20): Virgo full moon
  • Aries season (March 21-April 19): Libra full moon
  • Taurus season (April 20-May 20): Scorpio full moon
  • Gemini season (May 21-June 20): Sagittarius full moon
  • Cancer season (June 21 – July 22): Capricorn full moon
  • Leo season (July 23-August 22): Aquarius full moon
  • Virgo season (August 23-September 22): Pisces full moon
  • Libra season (September 23-October 22): Aries full moon
  • Scorpio season (October 23-November 21): Taurus full moon
  • Sagittarius season (November 22-December 21): Gemini full moon

Note that the zodiac seasons may end one day earlier or later than above dates, depending on the Sun’s position each year.

Why you feel like you do during a full moon. How Tarot helps!

Don’t be surprised if you feel stretched in opposite directions during a full moon!

The Sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth during a full moon. That means they are also sitting at the exact opposite zodiac sign and degree in the sky. That explains why life can feel super intense during full moons! You are literally being stretched in opposite directions, with a tug-o-war between your ego (the Sun) and your emotions (the moon). It’s no wonder these days each month can feel so charged.

In some cases, your cup may runneth over during a full moon. It’s time to either build a bigger “cup” or figure out what you need to let go of to enjoy what you’ve manifested. This process isn’t always easy; it can feel like an internal struggle. And that makes sense for many reasons.

Our full moon Tarot spread is like a gratitude ritual and a decluttering mission in one. Use the Tarot cards in this reading to help you figure out what should stay and what should go. During a new moon, try our New Moon Tarot spread!

The cards in a full moon Tarot spread

How to read a full moon Tarot spread, in six cards, as shown in the image below.

Find the meanings for all Tarot card here.

full moon tarot spread diagramPin

Card 1: What I have created since the new moon

Break out the gratitude journal! The first card in the full moon Tarot spread clues you in on the subtle and not-so-subtle growth you’ve had since the corresponding new moon six months earlier. What big changes have you made? How about the small shifts? Give thanks to the universe and celebrate the wins as you ask yourself: How far have I come since the new moon?

Even if the lessons were hard on your spirit, take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come. Internal shifts deserve to be celebrated. You’re stronger, wiser and the better person for this.

Not sure where to begin looking? The first card in this full moon Tarot spread can offer clues for little things you might notice, so that you can find comfort in knowing you’re heading in the right direction.

Card 2. Where I am now

Knowing where you find yourself at the moment of the full moon can help you understand where you are in the process of manifesting your intention or dream.

This card may offer valuable advice or perspective on a the path that’s opening to you now, with a nudge on how you may be able to keep moving forward. If there’s a lesson for you to learn right now, the second card in this full moon Tarot spread may illuminate it.

Card 3. What I am becoming aware of

The third card in this full moon Tarot spread points to changes you may start noticing in your awareness. Have you been overlooking the obvious? Sometimes, manifestation is staring us in the face, but we are so busy peering “out there” into the future that we miss it!

They may not yet show up in your external reality energetic shifts (like a change in your attitude and a willingness to drop a limiting belief about yourself), but they are worth noting during a full moon. They can be signs of “pre-manifestation,” the internal changes that become noticeable before your lived experience lines up accordingly.

Card 4. What it’s time for me to surrender

The full moon is as much a time of closure as it is a celebration of what you’ve cultivated for the past six months. The bottom row of your full moon Tarot spread is here to highlight the energy of endings.

The fourth card in this spread offers a clue as to what it’s time for you to let go of. This release is a portal to manifesting more of what you want.

Card 5. How I can let go of what is no longer for me

If the fourth card in your full moon Tarot spread is the What, the fifth card provides the How.

Letting go can feel incredibly hard sometimes. We get it! But in many cases, once you make the decision to step into the wild unknown, a joyful sense of freedom follows.

This fifth card provides direction about how to best support yourself through any full moon transitions.

Card 6. What resources are supportive to me as I release

Finally, the sixth card in your full moon Tarot spread can open your eyes to support and resources that can further you along your manifestation path. The journey doesn’t end with a full moon victory. What will you do with the crop you harvest? This card is rich with ideas. Follow its wisdom as you continue forward!

This card can be one of synchronicity. After pulling this card, you may soon notice little signs popping up in your world that line up with its message. When that happens, take advantage of this valuable source of support!

Does each full moon bring a new theme to my Tarot spread?

It definitely can! You may notice that your Tarot cards align with the energy of the zodiac sign that the full moon arrives in. Here are some possible themes for each of the annual full moons:

  • Aries: Leadership, initiation, solo pursuits, conflict
  • Taurus: Financial security, luxury, body care, personal values
  • Gemini: Communication, social life, friendship, transportation
  • Cancer: Home life, family, nest egg, self-nurturing and food
  • Leo: Personal brand and style, romance, creative expression, playfulness
  • Virgo: Wellness, routine, daily work, service, resourcefulness
  • Libra: Partnerships, fashion and beauty, justice, personal harmony and balance
  • Scorpio: Intimacy, wealth management and investments, sex, power, mystery
  • Sagittarius: Travel and adventure, spiritual wisdom, education, entrepreneurship, media
  • Capricorn: Achievement, success, family legacies and structures, long-range goals
  • Aquarius: Innovation, originality, community, technology, activism
  • Pisces: Surrender, spiritual guides, mentors, transitions, creativity, addictions and vices

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