Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Card 11)

Tarot, like astrology, has long been one of our favorite divination systems. Interpreting either takes practice. As you learn, we wanted to help you to quickly connect to the cards and use them in ways that are actionable and practical in every area of life. xoxo, Tali & Ophira

What does the Justice tarot card mean?

The Justice tarot card is a message to take stock of your actions and consider any consequences they may have.

This major arcana card carries a message of cause and effect. It’s an opportunity for you to look honestly at your actions and the results they’ve had.

This major arcana card carries a few invitations for you. The Justice tarot card:

  • asks you to consider how your actions have contributed to the situation you’re in now.
  • also references the law, both in a legal sense and a universal one. It could have appeared in connection with an ongoing or upcoming legal case, in which case it speaks to a fair outcome.
  • could also be calling upon universal karmic laws and reminding you that things will come to pass the way they are meant to.

What is the Justice zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of Justice is Libra

Justice Tarot Guide

Keywords for Justice: Justice, fairness, consequences, cause and effect, law, truth, integrity

Yes or No: It depends

Planet of Justice: Venus

Element of Justice: Air

What does the Justice card mean in a love reading?

The Justice card brings a reminder of the importance of truth, integrity and fairness in your relationships.

A relationship’s values are a mirror of the ethics, effort and kindness that each individual brings to the connection. When in sync, they can create a strong foundation for your bond. The appearance of the Justice card may be a signal to pay attention to how your values match up with your partner’s. A misalignment may have consequences for your future if you don’t address the disparity.

If you’re currently single, this major arcana card tells you that efforts you’re making to find a partner will have the effect you’re looking for. If you’re sitting back and waiting, the Justice card encourages you to put yourself out there more, if you’re looking for a relationship.

The Justice card sometimes comes up in reference to a legal situation that has to do with a relationship, such as a marriage certificate, mortgage or a divorce.

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What does the Justice tarot card mean for career, money and finance?

When the Justice card appears in a career or money reading, pay attention to fairness and equality in your professional dealings. Are you being paid what you deserve? Are people involved being ethical and acting with integrity? If so, Justice shows up as a sign that the situation will be working out favorably.

If you’re hustling away without proper financial returns, this major arcana card lets you know that monetary rewards may be forthcoming. However, you may need to take action, such as raising your rates or requesting a salary review.

Justice reminds us that it’s important to put agreements in writing. What one person considers “fair” may be different than another. Negotiations may lie ahead.

If you’ve been acting out of integrity or not making the necessary effort, Justice reminds you that the laws of cause and effect apply. Actions (or lack thereof) have consequences. This is a warning light to take corrective action and avoid legal complications.

What does the Justice tarot card mean for health?

The Justice card’s message about health and wellness focuses on the topic of balance, as well as cause and effect.

The old expression, “you are what you eat” applies broadly here. Justice underscores the importance of taking great care of your body—AKA your soul’s address on Earth. Aches, pains and symptoms may correlate to unhealthy habits or sensitivities to food and substances that are worth getting tested for. The silver lining? Rebalancing with a healthy lifestyle can get you back to feeling great.

If you’ve been having a hard time taking care of yourself, this card gently encourages you to put more attention into your health. While you may not be noticing consequences of the lack of attention and care now, you can’t avoid them forever.

Justice also speaks to maintaining balance in your energy and spirituality. Your mental and emotional health matter, and it’s important to prioritize them as well.

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Justice Tarot Card in Reverse Meaning

When the Justice card appears in a reversed position, it’s usually a sign of an ongoing injustice or lack of fairness.

You might start by asking yourself: Am I in denial about a troubled area of my life or behaving with a lack of integrity? If something comes to mind, this major arcana card presents a warning that those choices have consequences. (Ones you’d be wise to address with the appearance of this reversed card.)

In a more external sense, Justice can signal that you—or someone close to you—is being treated unfairly. When that’s the case, this card reminds you to handle yourself with integrity and fairness, even when you’re not receiving the same consideration in return.

As this card can have a more literal legal meaning, it might come up in a reversed position when there’s a legal situation that might not be resolved as favorably as you hoped.

Is Justice a yes or no?

The Justice card doesn’t translate cleanly to a yes or no reading. It might be helpful to reframe the question.

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