Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot, like astrology, has long been one of our favorite divination systems. Interpreting either takes practice. As you learn, we wanted to help you to quickly connect to the cards and use them in ways that are actionable and practical in every area of life. xoxo, Tali & Ophira

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What does the Seven of Swords tarot card mean?

The Seven of Swords is associated with deception and dishonesty. When it appears in a reading, something about the situation isn’t “on the up and up.”

If you’re the one who’s employing trickery or manipulation, the Seven of Swords is a call to reconsider your behavior. While this minor arcana card has a little bit of nuance in recognizing that occasionally there are times we need to go rogue, the Seven of Swords generally represents being underhanded. Those shortcuts can come back to bite you.

When this card isn’t referring to you, it’s a warning to be on high alert for shady behavior. Be on the lookout for people doing things behind your back or trying to take advantage of you.

What is the Seven of Swords zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of the Seven of Swords is Aquarius

Seven of Swords Tarot Guide

Keywords for the Seven of Swords: Deception, trickery, lies, deceit, manipulation, betrayal, cheating, scheming, dishonesty

Yes or No: No

Planet of the Seven of Swords: Uranus

Element of the Seven of Swords: Air

What does the Seven of Swords card mean in a love reading?

The Seven of Swords isn’t usually a card you want to see in a love reading. In this context, it often denotes dishonesty, betrayal, and even cheating.

Be careful not to jump to conclusions, however, especially if you’re in a committed relationship where your partner hasn’t given you any reasons to distrust them.

The Seven of Swords can represent things that are not being expressed, like shameful secrets from one’s past or difficult feelings that might provoke a disagreement. You may feel embarrassed by something that happened and afraid of what your partner might say or think. But what’s the point of having a relationship if you can’t be intimate in moments like these? Now might be the time for creating a safe space to have vulnerable conversations.

For singles, this card can indicate deceit or manipulation in the dating stages of a new connection. It can be tricky to communicate early on. How much do you share? And when? Be considerate of whether you’re truly representing yourself accurately as you’re getting to know people. While you don’t want to trot out your skeletons on every first date, you also don’t want to present a false positive about who you actually are. And yes, be on the lookout for people who might not be being honest with you in return!

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What does the Seven of Swords tarot card mean for career, money and finance?

The Seven of Swords might indicate that there’s an atmosphere of deceit in your workplace. If your office environment is characterized by gossip and people scheming to get ahead, you might be nodding your head right now. If so, the Seven of Swords urges you to be cautious with your trust, especially at this time. Even if that isn’t standard fare in your workplace, be on the lookout for manipulative behavior and lies.

This minor arcana card can also have a slightly more positive meaning in representing the need for better strategy and tactics to get things done. For instance, if negotiation or sales are part of your job, you might have to be fluid in how you communicate sometimes. Still, the Seven of Swords brings to light the need for greater honesty and integrity.

From a financial standpoint, the Seven of Swords can be a warning to keep close tabs on your finances, particularly as it relates to the people you trust with your money. Also, take a look at the security measures you employ. This card can sometimes represent theft or burglary.

What does the Seven of Swords tarot card mean for health?

In a health reading, the Seven of Swords often represents the need for further testing to understand an ongoing health issue.

This card can sometimes come up in a health reading when you feel like a doctor or other medical professional isn’t taking your concerns seriously. If a light bulb goes off over your head as you read that last sentence, the Seven of Swords indicates it would be wise to seek another professional opinion.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card in Reverse Meaning

The Seven of Swords in a reversed position can indicate finally coming clean after engaging in deceptive behavior.

If you’re the one who’s been deceptive, this card in reverse is a warning that you need to stop what you’ve been doing and own up to it. If you don’t, you might be put in a position in which you have to face the consequences in a much harsher way.

It’s only through turning over a new leaf that you (or another person who is manipulating) will have a chance at a fresh start.

Do you suspect someone has been taking advantage of you? With the Seven of Swords in reverse, the truth will come to light one way or another.

Is the Seven of Swords tarot card a yes or no?

With its meaning of lies and deception, the Seven of Swords is a no when it appears in a yes or no reading.

What does the Suit of Swords mean?

Swords are associated with air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), which get things moving, acting as the winds of change. Air energy is communicative, and people with air signs like to connect and share ideas.

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