The Tower Tarot Card Meaning (Card 16)

Tarot, like astrology, has long been one of our favorite divination systems. Interpreting either takes practice. As you learn, we wanted to help you to quickly connect to the cards and use them in ways that are actionable and practical in every area of life. xoxo, Tali & Ophira

Co-authored by James Kerti

What does The Tower tarot card mean?

The Tower card lets you know that a massive change is ahead and you will need to pivot to greet it. Life can be chaotic, and The Tower carries a message to “expect the unexpected.” 

This major arcana card signifies upheaval and a toppling over of what previously existed.

While the change The Tower card predicts may indeed feel negative and traumatic, that won’t necessarily be the case. Sometimes upheaval can come from a positive change, such as an exciting move or starting a dream job in a new industry. The surrounding cards in your spread can give you a better idea of what that change may be.

Whether or not you want this change, you can brace yourself for it. Will it rock you to your core? Force you to let go of things that have been central parts of your life or identity? That’s possible…initially. But humans are fundamentally adaptable. When one thing ends, there is space for something new to emerge. The Tower encourages you to accept that change has come and now you must face the new reality that will soon take shape. Trying to resist will only make things harder!

What is The Tower zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of The Tower is Aries

The Tower Tarot Guide

Keywords for The Tower: Chaos, destruction, intense change, tragedy, upheaval, trauma

Yes or No: No

Planet of The Tower: Mars

Element of The Tower: Fire

What does The Tower card mean in a love reading?

The Tower usually brings difficult news in a love reading because it commonly bodes either a crisis or the end of an important relationship.

If you’re in a relationship that’s been feeling rocky of late, The Tower may well predict that it’s about to come crashing down, and not in a clean, calm way.

This card encourages you, as hard as it may be, to accept that ending, rather than fight it. While it can be so emotionally difficult to let go, change is necessary.

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What does The Tower tarot card mean for career, money and finance?

The Tower’s message of upheaval often comes to a career or money reading in the form of a job loss, a suddenly chaotic work environment or a financial emergency.

Whatever is coming, The Tower lets you know that it’s going to hit hard. Are you already seeing early warning signs? Do what you can to brace yourself or prepare a backup plan, like getting your resume together, calling a recruiter or taking out an insurance policy.

This isn’t the time for risk taking, especially with money. Look to your support systems for help when you need it.

What does The Tower tarot card mean for health?

The Tower typically appears right before (or around) the arrival of unfortunate health news. While the health situation itself may not be permanent and lasting, the emotional turmoil it brings can be traumatic. Grief and depression frequently come in tandem with something else here.

If you’re engaging in any risky behavior, stopping as soon as you see this card is encouraged.

The Tower Tarot Card in Reverse Meaning

While The Tower card still brings a message of dramatic change when in a reversed position, this time it usually relates to a disruption that is more under your control.

Instead of feeling like the change is happening to you, here you find yourself knowing that the change needs to happen. And you have the opportunity to initiate it yourself.

The Tower in reverse carries with it an opportunity to surrender and let go of something that is no longer serving you. While it can feel so hard to do that, here you can trust that it is for the best.

Letting go and making your way through the turmoil that follows will bring you to a future that is more in alignment with the life you want to live.

Is The Tower tarot card a yes or no?

The Tower is typically a no, especially if you’re asking about something that you hope will go smoothly. Its message of chaos still applies here.

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