The World Tarot Card Meaning (Card 21)

Tarot, like astrology, has long been one of our favorite divination systems. Interpreting either takes practice. As you learn, we wanted to help you to quickly connect to the cards and use them in ways that are actionable and practical in every area of life. xoxo, Tali & Ophira

Co-authored by James Kerti

What does The World tarot card mean?

As the final major arcana card, The World marks a momentous completion.

Something major in your life: a long project, a relationship, a career, has reached a point of success and closure.

This card brings a profound feeling of fulfillment. You may even experience a coming together of your inner and outer worlds into a deeply spiritual sense of harmony. Rather than jumping straight into the next thing, enjoy where you are and what you’ve done! This feeling is meant to propel you into whatever new chapter is coming next.

As you’re feeling into how you and the world around you are connected, let this divine flow guide you into whatever opportunities await.

What is The World zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of The World is (there isn’t one)

The World Tarot Guide

Keywords for The World: Completion, harmony, achievement, success, wholeness

Yes or No: Yes

Planet of The World: Saturn

Element of The World: Earth

What does The World card mean in a love reading?

The World is a card of wish fulfillment in a love reading. If you’re in a relationship, you may soon achieve a rewarding milestone or take the “next step” with your partner.

No matter your romantic status, The World signifies the completion of a cycle or desire that will help you achieve a sense of fulfilling satisfaction.

For single people, The World in a love reading can speak to an internal state of feeling at peace and whole in your life, which is an excellent place from which to attract a relationship.

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What does The World tarot card mean for career, money and finance?

In a career reading, The World can represent a feeling of having “made it.” This is a big achievement card. If you’ve reached the top of the mountain, make sure to celebrate your arrival! Are you still on your journey? Take time to focus on gratitude for all that you’ve achieved and the lessons you’ve learned that have brought you to this point.

This major arcana card can also have a connection to literal travel. Do you have the opportunity to take a big trip for work? The World encourages you to make the most of this chance to learn and grow.

From a financial point of view, this card also represents accomplishment. If you’ve recently achieved a big financial milestone, such as paying off a big debt or purchasing a house, let yourself enjoy it before moving on to the next thing to do.

What does The World tarot card mean for health?

The World is a good sign for your health. If you’ve been getting over an illness, this card usually signals that you’ll be back to peak health before you know it.

It can also have spiritual implications. This card sometimes makes an appearance when someone is finally coming into their life purpose and learning major karmic lessons after a long journey. If that may apply to you, take the time to reflect and celebrate this new place of wholeness and completion.

What to do with this information

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The World Tarot Card in Reverse Meaning

When pulled in reverse, The World bodes a time of incompleteness. You may be feeling like you haven’t accomplished everything you hoped. It may seem like you’re running out of time to do so.

That feeling of falling short may pertain to an external situation, such as a milestone in your career or relationships, or an inner sensation of lacking closure. Whatever the case may be, you feel like you just didn’t quite get there, and it’s leaving you feeling empty.

What can you do? Look to the rest of your spread for specific guidance is a good idea. The World card could be telling you to keep pushing forward a little while longer, or that you need to let go and move on.

Is The World tarot card a yes or no?

The World and its message of wholeness represent a resounding yes.

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