New Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Series Says: Sensuality Is Back!

By The AstroTwins

Sensuality could replace social media as everyone’s favorite fix as the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series reconnects us with the physical universe.

A Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series begins on Friday, November 19. It brings a new wave of sensual energy that we haven’t felt since 2014! You might just feel your skin tingle, when, at 3:57 AM EST, the full blood moon lunar eclipse in Taurus brings a spectacle in the sky!

The 2021 Taurus lunar eclipse marks the beginning of a new two-year cycle that fires up the Taurus-Scorpio axis until October 2023. Rule of thumb for eclipses? Expect the unexpected. The lunar events literally reveal shadows—the shadow of the Earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse and an apparent darkening of the Sun as the moon crosses in front of it during a solar eclipse.

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series is “fixed”

Metaphorically, eclipses do the very same thing to our psyches. They force us to look at areas of life we’ve neglected or ignored. Their shakeups can be as shocking as a tsunami. And they can be as transformational as the tornados that swept Dorothy Gale and Diana Ross to Oz.

Whatever zodiac sign an eclipse falls in “flavors” its impact. Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs. They are here to help us find structure and a steady rhythm. In doing so, we can relax and enjoy both earthly pleasures and spiritual growth, earned income and long-term investments, sweet sensuality and raw sexuality, plant magic and esoteric wisdom.

Taurus’s energy

Taurus is an earth sign, rooting us in daily routines, connecting us to our physical bodies and shaping our values. Changes in the workplace are bound to continue in the wake of this year’s Great Resignation. This eclipse series could bring fast-moving developments in the area of worker’s rights, such as fair pay and flexible hours.

This sensual energy could lure us away from social media (sorry, Metaverse) and back to the old-fashioned pleasures of enjoying uninterrupted face (and cuddle!) time. Common decency could make a comeback after years of cancel culture, trolls and divisive bullying. Green businesses could develop rapidly, with new carbon capture technology breaking through.

Scorpio’s energy

Since Scorpio is a water sign, these accompanying eclipses will bring fluidity to counter Taurean rigidity. As the sign that rules sexuality, reproductive issues and rights will dominate headlines and awaken activism for the coming two years. And yes, on a personal level, Scorpio eclipses bring sexy back in an unscripted way. Get ready for some huge surprises! Find out how to tap that “Megan Fox meets Machine Gun Kelly” vibe in our article, It’s Time to Start Having Sex Again, According to November’s Lunar Eclipse.

A light shines on your finances

Both Taurus and Scorpio are associated with the financial realm. Taurus governs our earnings and Scorpio our long-term investments and shared resources. There’s no turning back on the blockchain now! But brace for continued volatility in the world of banking and cryptocurrency as these eclipses help us write a new, decentralized (or not?) script.

The more grounded and stable you can be near these eclipses, the better. No, you don’t have to hide out in a bunker…but do keep your wits about you. And get ready to pivot at a moment’s notice! Out of the blue, you may have to shift into practical, resourceful mode to resolve curveballs hurled your way. Whether a minor tremor or a seismic shift, there’s no more ignoring the changes that must be made.

The Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Series Dates

November 19, 2021 (3:57 PM ET): Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

April 30, 2022 (4:27 PM ET): Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

May 16, 2022 (12:14 AM ET): Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 25, 2022 (6:48 AM ET): Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

November 8, 2022 (6:02 AM ET): Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

May 5, 2023 (12:24 PM ET) Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 28, 2023 (3:15 ET) Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

What it means for your sign when the November 19 full moon eclipse in Taurus sets in motion a two-year series of eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis


Bold money moves are in the stars November 19, when the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Taurus initiates the fresh, two-year Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series. The rulers of your solar second and eighth houses (the “financial districts” of the zodiac wheel), these signs catapult your earning powers into rare form. But how you make income and invest could go through big changes. These eclipses reveal unseen opportunities, as well as hidden roadblocks.

Taurus governs your second house of steady paychecks. So November’s manifesting lunar eclipse could boost your org-chart status and, for business owners, rev up revenue. Recruiters might ping you with a job offer. Even if the circumstances aren’t totally ideal, this may be too enticing to pass up. Fast action is required to capitalize on the brief, but karmic, window of possibility these eclipses open up. Have faith, Aries! Stuck energy is moving, which may be the most important win of all.


Circle November 19 in neon pink ink for the annual full moon in your sign, which is also a game-changing lunar eclipse in your trailblazing, self-directed first house! This is the first eclipse to hit the Taurus/Scorpio axis since 2012-14, igniting the game-changing series that spans until October 28, 2023.

Lunar eclipses are eye-openers. When they arrive in your sign, they force you to look at your own buried desires. There’s a treasure trove waiting to be discovered within you, even if it feels “scary” or uncomfortable to do that inner work. This eclipse could herald a total identity shift, especially if you’ve gone as far as you want to with a certain job, relationship or way of life. True, you may shock the people who know you best when you announce that you’re relocating south of the border or quitting your glamorous corporate job to open a Labradoodle rescue.

But this eclipse series has a dual purpose. First, to get you intimately acquainted with your needs—and to remind you that you are a badass! Second, when the Scorpio eclipses begin in 2022, you’ll “true up” your relationships. Or you’ll upgrade to pairings that are in alignment with your authentic self.


On November 19, a new eclipse series begins with the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Taurus. For the two years to follow, the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series activates your twelfth house of spiritual illumination and your sixth house of healthy routines. The mind-body-soul connection will be undeniable, so check your thoughts and begin shifting your mindset.

How often do you tell yourself “I can’t!” or “That’s not possible for someone like me.” Those limiting beliefs might evaporate before your eyes near November 19 as you’re called to support the people you love most. But don’t do it at the expense of your sanity and self-care. Learning to “be there” and still have boundaries? It’s not only possible, Gemini, it’s high time!


The new eclipse series that blows in on November 19, starting with the Taurus full moon, activates your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. It’s the first in a grouping of eclipses that will generate sparks across the Taurus/Scorpio axis between now and October 2023. How well do you play with others? Can you pivot between collaborating with an ensemble cast and playing the lead role? Situations will arise over the next two years that force you to negotiate the “we” (Taurus) and the “me” (Scorpio).

Near November 19, there could be casting changes to the Crab Crew. You may also haves an urgent need to update your digital equipment and workflow processes. Inspect your tech! Are you still using that phone with the cracked screen or outdated versions of apps? What analog processes that are slowing you down? This could be your cue to modernize, futurize or inform Santa of your wishes for that schmancy gadget!

Conversely, has an addiction to social media left you feeling more disconnected than ever? This eclipse could be your cue to unplug, Cancer. Less screen time and more literal face time can do wonders to reduce anxiety. Of course, many of us don’t have the luxury of living close to our people. Or we’re limited by pandemic-related restrictions. Be more conscious about your virtual activities. Set your status to Away and scheduling Zooms with colleagues and family instead of keeping your windows open 24/7.


On November 19, the new group of eclipses rolls in, with a Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse. Until October 28, 2023, these moonbeams deliver a master class in balancing your professional aspirations (Taurus) against the needs of your domestic life (Scorpio).

In our experience, the inaugural eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series, can be the most potent. It’s the first one to illuminate a “shadowed” area of life, one where you haven’t necessarily wanted to dig below the surface. Since this year’s Saturn-Uranus squares have already directed your compass toward career goals. November 19 may herald a huge moment for success. If you’re ready for a big reveal—and by “ready” we mean not just mentally prepared but also with all your presentation materials up to sophisticated Taurean snuff—this full moon could be a great debut!

There could be a change of guard at work. Maybe one that leaves a vacuum in leadership that you’re tempted to step into. Or, you could get a surge of motivation to start your own biz. Some Leos may get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that requires you to leap.

Should you take that position overseas even if it means relocating your entire family? Say yes to the promotion that will require some extensive 14-hour days as you get acclimated? Think hard, if not long, Leo, because the window for capitalizing on an eclipse’s offering is brief!


If 2021 has been a bit too predictable for your liking, just wait until the lunar (full moon) eclipse on November 19. Falling in Taurus and your nomadic, expansive ninth house, out of nowhere, your adventurous spirit comes rushing back. So, where to next? These moonbeams may lead you to a decadent destination. It could be one that satisfies your earth sign’s desire to revel in the beauty of nature. (Food and wine country, anyone?)

As one of the zodiac’s four mutable signs, you get restless when sitting still for too long. Virgo, you’ll be happy to hear that this eclipse is the first in a two-year series kicking things up across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. While Taurus rules your worldly and expansive ninth house, Scorpio governs your third house of short trips and area adventures. Whether you’re boarding a plane or planning a road trip, keep those WhatsApp notifications on. Just in time for the holidays, you could score an invitation to visit friends on another coast or continent!

The ninth house rules higher education. Some Virgos might be lured back to the ivory tower. Maybe apply for a winter semester course load or a virtual training. If you’ve always wanted to work with a spiritual teacher, this fortuitous eclipse could bring the opening you’ve been waiting for—perhaps including a soulful sojourn. Have guru, will travel!


On November 19, the new Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series charges up your sex appeal and earning power for two whole years. This one is a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Taurus, the ruler of your seductive, magnetic eighth house. Manifesting mojo will be high, but be careful what you wish for, Libra! What (and who) you attract isn’t bound to go away quickly. Chemistry that’s been simmering could heat to exothermic levels near November 19. That’s great if it fits with your 2021 life plans, but eclipses can also disrupt the status quo. This impossible-to-ignore attraction might be with someone outside your current relationship—and resisting temptation will require extreme willpower.

For some Libras, surrendering to passion will be the right choice. Just make sure there’s equal amounts of trust to accompany the lust. This erotically charged eclipse is not for the faint of heart because it demands loyalty and long-term allegiance. If those ingredients aren’t available with the object of your affections, you could get swept into a derailing obsession. (So not worth it, Libra!) By the same token, this eclipse could illuminate a soulmate—possibly one who’s been hiding in plain sight for months…or years!

Financial partnerships will get a strong gust from these eclipses, since Taurus/ Scorpio is your money axis. Money may flow in from unexpected sources during this two-year circuit. Other revenue streams may dry up, forcing an overdue career pivot. Eclipses are sometimes “cruel to be kind,” eliminating outmoded activities that we are clutching onto out of sheer habit.


Highlight November 19 in neon yellow: the new Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series energizes your seventh house committed partnerships and your first house of fearless self-expression. Until October 28, 2022, these game-changing moonbeams usher in exhilarating developments for your relationships and your personal passions.

Is it time to make it official…or call the whole thing off? A partnership could hit a milestone moment on November 19, as the Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse expedites developments with your love interest or a business partner. You and the LOYL could sign a lease together, get engaged or decide to move ahead with babymaking plans. Single Scorpios might meet a soulmate. Or you may have a major sexual awakening, as a combustible attraction blazes up out of the blue. This won’t be a no-strings hookup though. With a karmic eclipse guiding the process, it could feel more like a past-life reunion. Let the dust settle before you decide that this is “meant to be.” Even if you have a strong soul connection, everything has to add up in the material world, too.

Ready to bolt from a toxic relationship? November 19 could evoke a swift and sudden split. For some Scorpios, this eclipse may also bring a breakup or dissolution of a work partnership, as lunar eclipses push us off the fence into a firm decision. If you’re the one left stunned by a departure, trust that the universe has something much better coming your way. Eclipses blow in and clear out anything that no longer serves us. Time will reveal the hidden gift.


Ready to make some money moves? The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series ignites on November 19 as a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Taurus lunges into your sixth house of work and wellness. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, you could soon be snuffing out that stressful routine. An exhausting client or job may be “eclipsed” out of your life. This can pave the way for a more fulfilling (and better paying) opportunity.

Archers who have been hustling toward a goal could hit an important milestone. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden opportunities and, when it comes to collaborators, diamonds in the rough. You may finally get the resolve you need to slay an unhealthy habit, like a raging sugar addiction. Getting your blood levels checked near this date could reveal deficiencies that can be cleared up with natural supplements, refilling your energy stores in a matter of weeks (if not days).

This is the first in a two-year eclipse series shaking up the Taurus/Scorpio axis until October 28, 2023. The connection between mind, body and soul will be underscored by these moonbeams. This could push your life in a more “woo” or holistic direction. Where can you simplify and where can you add more specialized touches? Let the inquiry begin!


On November 19, the new two-year eclipse series ignites with the Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse. Until October 28, 2023, these lunations send frissons across the Taurus/Scorpio axis, which rules your fifth house of romance and fame (Taurus) and your eleventh house of teamwork, tech and activism (Scorpio). Forget about hiding out under that blanket coat, Capricorn—and even if you do, the spotlight will still find you. November 19 is a prime moment for posting new photos, celebrating the launch of a project or starting a buzz for one of your passion projects.

Speaking of passion, chemistry that’s been bubbling since mid-May of 2021 could go from lukewarm to exothermic! An attractive romantic prospect could blow in like a surprise nor’easter, shaking up the current status of your love life. Single and free? This will add warmth and excitement to your holiday season. But if you’re otherwise engaged, this soul connection could send you into a bit of a tailspin. Should you acknowledge the feelings or wait for them to pass? Pure romanticism may cloud your judgment—or compromise your ethical stance on “commitment.” But if you truly feel like this is a once in a lifetime connection, you may have no choice but to pursue.

Happily coupled Capricorns could have a big announcement to make near this eclipse. This could be an engagement, pregnancy or other big step you’ll be taking together. Whichever way you leap, make sure you’re having fun, because this Taurus full moon is as playful as it is practical!


On November 19, the new eclipse series ignites along the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Until October 28, 2023, you’ll be juggling to balance Taurus-ruled domestic duties with the Scorpio-governed demands of your career. Chateau Aquarius could get the first hit of energy under the Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse this November 19. Conflicts that have been brewing for nearly six months may boil over. This could force you to negotiate house rules with the other people living under your roof.

Aquarians in the market for a move might radar in on the perfect listing, perhaps a primary residence, rental property or a piece of land that you’ll cultivate for a visionary purpose. (Retreat center? Farm-to-table resto?) Buckle up! You could be living at a new address faster than expected. Love where you live? Plans could get underway for renovating, reconfiguring rooms or building an ADU that you can rent out as an Airbnb.


On November 19, the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series begins with the Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse. Every six months until October 28, 2023, these momentous moonbeams will activate the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Taurus rules your third house of local activity, cooperation and communication. Scorpio is the delegate for your ninth house of worldly affairs and independence. This eclipse series will push you to balance your desire for companionship against your need for autonomy.

The first eclipse in a series is often the most intense shakeup, as it places emphasis on a new area of life and demands change! This November 19, your social circle could go through a huge shift. You may decide to “rebrand” yourself, revealing a totally new face to the world. Sure, you always knew that you could leap from physical therapist to world famous DJ without missing a beat. Or maybe you’ll start dating people from a totally different gender. Or you’ll decide to leave your posh downtown apartment to give homesteading a go.

Remember, most people aren’t as nimble as you are, Pisces. You’re not required to explain your choices to anyone! Just “do you.” Before long, you’ll hear stories about how you inspired others to make a radical change in their own lives.

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