Teresa Giudice Let Us Read Her Horoscope. Here’s What Happened.

In January 2014, we filmed an episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The stars gave us precise insight about Teresa Giudice, a Taurus, who is reunited with her family this week after a yearlong prison sentence.

Astrology is an uncanny tool for timing, and as astrologers, we never know what we’ll see in a chart until we take a good look. In the case of Teresa Giudice, her astrological chart revealed to us nearly the exact dates of her federal prison sentence, which ends December 23, 2015. (Welcome back, Teresa.) And we had to tell her this spookily accurate prediction almost two years ago, with the Bravo TV cameras rolling.


Here’s how it all happened: In January 2014, our good friend Dina Manzo invited us to join her on an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The cast was in a breakdown after a recent Vegas trip that ended in an epic brawl (Venus was retrograde, foiling interpersonal dynamics). Dina hoped that giving everyone a little star-powered insight would ease the stress and help them get along better.

In the case of Teresa Giudice, her astrological chart revealed to us nearly the exact dates of her jail sentence.

We convened with the RHONJ cast at Chakra lounge in New Jersey for cocktails and cosmic conversation. The producers had gathered everyone’s time, date and place of birth a few days before so we could map out their birth charts and see what their horoscopes forecast. Tali and I arrived early, armed with notes and marked-up printouts.

The women were friendly, talkative (no surprise) and eager to hear what the stars had to say. They greeted us warmly, New Jersey style.


A set of identical twins, Nicole and Teresa Napolitano, had joined the cast, so we had a twin bonding moment, too. In fact, the twins were first to volunteer for a chart reading!


Teresa was the last to arrive (which is typical of Taurus women—they can’t be rushed when grooming!), so by the time she got there, cocktails were being served. At the time of filming, Teresa and her husband Joe were awaiting word on their legal cases, as they were facing widely-publicized charges and likely jail sentences. Dina told us Teresa was “really open” to hearing what we had to say. Still, we were nervous. Teresa was a mother of four children, and it was devastating to think of these girls being separated from their mom for a year. The rest of the cast was tense, too, as they leaned in to listen—including Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and her cousin, Rosie.


Teresa Giudice’s chart reading was one of the most uncomfortable sessions we’ve ever done. Who wants to be tasked with telling someone bad news? But it was also powerful. Teresa is a Taurus with a Leo moon and a Gemini rising, and while she was not exactly happy to hear our predictions, her chart gave her the strength to take it all in. She is definitely an unbreakable person with a LOT of willpower.

Teresa Giudice’s chart reading was one of the most uncomfortable sessions we’ve ever done. But it was also powerful.

We realize that Teresa is not exactly someone who’s in the public favor, and she’s been judged and scorned aplenty. But our job as astrologers is to suspend our personal opinions and tune into the person’s energy. We’re not being holier-than-thou here, believe us. Off the clock, we can be as snarky and judgmental as the next human. But when we’re on the job, it’s like being a detective on a case—just the facts (and the astrological placements), ma’am.

Hardships and mistakes can be mapped in a chart. We all have the potential to be our highest vibration or to make errors from a place of scarcity, fear and greed…or whatever primal human motivation might seize the wheel. But we can also grow from these lessons. As a Taurus with a Capricorn north node, Teresa has a strong earth-sign nature, which helped her face her sentence as a realist once it was confirmed. She was kind and friendly to us, and we talked to her more once the cameras stopped rolling, giving her extra reassurance that she could handle whatever came her way.

With Sonja at the RHONY premiere party she threw with Ramona.Pin

We were first connected to the Housewives back in 2011, through our fellow Sagittarius Sonja Morgan of the Real Housewives of New York City, who is a huge astrology fan—and knows a LOT about reading charts! Sonja and Ophi connected on social media, and shortly thereafter, Ophi spent a few hours at Sonja’s Upper East Side townhouse, talking about her astrology chart, numerology and so much more. (Read about Ophi and Sonja’s epic astro-date here!)

What’s ahead for the Giudice family?

From an astrological point of view, Teresa will have strict Saturn in her solar eighth house of finances and legal affairs. She will have to slowly but steadily rebuild her reputation and bank account. A move is also possible. However, lucky Jupiter is in her fifth house of fame and glamour. Her products, especially related to hair and beauty, could do quite well. She will be welcomed back to television, but she will have to remain humble and grounded. Jupiter in the fifth house can stir up MAJOR drama, and Teresa will have to be careful not to get hooked into ego-driven battles with family.

Joe Giudice, a Gemini, will have a longer road ahead—as we told Teresa. His solar chart has Saturn in his legal and relationship houses until 2020, and his 41-month sentence could fit in that four-year timeframe. He will manage to remain close to his family and daughters next year, with Jupiter in his fourth house of family and women.

Interestingly, both Teresa and Joe’s prison sentences both match up with long-distance travel planet Jupiter in their fourth house of home. Jupiter visits this sector every 12 years, a time when people move or relocate, perhaps to a temporary or transitional home.

Other highlights from our Real Housewives of New Jersey experience:


The RHONJ twins, Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea, were the first in line to get their readings done. As Virgos with Gemini rising, they are curious and eager for information—and very chatty!


Amber Marchese, a triple Leo, came armed with Holy Water and a cross because she believed that the Catholic religion was against astrology. After hearing us read for the other women, she jumped in and got her chart read…and loved it. She told the cameras afterward, “I see a beautiful aura around them—they have a really good positive energy.” Talk about a testimonial!


And our girl Dina Manzo knows she can call us for a reading anytime. In fact, she’s since attended two of our astrology retreats and can read a bit of her own chart now…along with some new new spiritual superpowers she’s developed on her own!


The AstroTwins

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