How Jupiter in Pisces Can Help Us Kiss and Make Up for Thanksgiving 2022

Generous Jupiter ends its retrograde on November 23, just in time for Thanksgiving 2022. As the abundant planet powers ahead through compassionate Pisces (until December 20), bury the hatchet and set healthy boundaries.

We’ve all heard the wisdom that ’tis better to give than receive, but that depends on what you’re serving for Thanksgiving 2022. If it’s “compassion” verging on codependence, may we recommend a different menu?

Jupiter in Pisces and Aries

Here’s why you might be grappling with the whole “I need to set some limits” conversation: Maximizer Jupiter has been spinning through Pisces on and off since May 13, 2021, a big-hearted transit that can also blur lines in unsustainable ways. In a desire to be supportive, you may have started making sacrifices or setting aside your own need for self-care. No bueno!

Not only is this exhausting, but it’s also a recipe for resentment. And we highly recommend you don’t add “sour grapes” to the list of side dishes you’re planning to serve for Thanksgiving 2022. Good news! Pisces is the sign that rules forgiveness. So even if the person you’re easing up on is “me, myself and I,” pledge to be kinder and gentler as the year winds down.

Jupiter has been retrograde in Pisces since October 28 (and was backspinning through Aries since July 28), but good news! Just in time for Thanksgiving 2022, the red-spotted planet corrects course and does its final forward-march through Pisces until December 20.

What does Jupiter in Pisces mean for you?

If you’ve been locking horns with a loved one during the Jupiter transit, wave the white flag—or extend an olive branch—but don’t sweep the issue under the rug. This kumbaya cycle offers a brief window for healing and dealing before Jupiter launches its second offensive in Aries starting December 20.

But to actually clean up the mess, here’s what you want to do: Take responsibility for not setting (or enforcing) clear limits sooner.

It might seem “mean” to say no or “reject” someone’s request, but guess what? Jupiter in Pisces is here to serve lessons in living free from that kind of guilt. Letting people know where your limits lie is actually a lot kinder than seething with rage while you’re smiling on the surface. Authenticity is the name of Jupiter’s game. Let us raise a brandied eggnog toast to the nakedly honest new chapter in your relationships this Thanksgiving 2022.

How long does Jupiter stay in a sign, anyway?

It takes 12-13 years for Jupiter to transit through all 12 zodiac signs, so generally it stays in a single sign for a little over a year. However, Jupiter will occasionally weave back and forth between a pair of signs. That was the case for this current Jupiter in Pisces cycle. In 2021, it split time between Aquarius and Pisces. Jupiter began 2022 in Pisces, then passed the baton to Aries from May 13 to October 28. The beneficent planet is back in Pisces from October 28 to December 20, before resuming five more months in Aries.

Jupiter retrograde in Pisces ends for Thanksgiving 2022

The expansive planet moves direct in charitable Pisces until December 20

Just in time for Thanksgiving 2022 (AKA Black Friday’s Eve), bountiful Jupiter ends its retrograde, on Wednesday, November 23. Whether you’re celebrating, reinventing or boycotting, you’re sure to feel this tide-turning astrological event. As Jupiter powers forward through compassionate, charitable Pisces until December 20, a current of generosity, abundance and optimism sweeps in.

With the galactic globalist reversing through Aries, then Pisces, since July 28, it took some heavy lifting to not fall prey to doom and gloom. If you’ve been fighting the demons of denial, discouragement, and a depressing point of view, hope resumes.

But stay in the healing process. The red-spotted planet submerges in Pisces’ deep waters until December 20. These four weeks are optimal for tackling trauma, metabolizing grief and getting in tune with the full spectrum of feelings.

Jupiter in Pisces shines a light on personal growth

This doesn’t have to rain on your holiday season parade! Philosophical Jupiter in Pisces illuminates life-changing lessons and passes out shiny gold stars to everyone who is willing to do the tough inner work. Since Jupiter is an outer planet, it moves more slowly and its transits have a much longer impact on our lives. Like a ray of sunshine, Jupiter can remind us to keep the faith. It can also cause us to overshoot the mark, so pace yourself!

With Jupiter back in Pisces, ’tis the season for artists, musicians and creatives to flourish. Deck the halls with handmade treasures—and if you tap into Jupiter’s enterprising vibes, who knows? You could soon be taking orders from worldwide customers via Etsy! 

While Jupiter is future-minded, Pisces is nostalgic, Thanksgiving 2022 is the perfect time to blend novel ideas with nostalgic customs. Pull together a playlist of favorite songs from every guest’s era—or maybe project a rotating slide show of photos on the wall.  

While global Jupiter spins through sacrificial Pisces, you may feel a deeper sense of responsibility for the world. Don’t overthink it, just go volunteer. You could drop off meals to families in need, prep cook at a shelter or even pass around hot cocoa to protestors at a rally for indigenous rights.

Shoppers—please chill!

Your Black Friday bundles should be a well-edited curation, so don’t start double-tapping every 60% off deal that flashes on your screen. This selective celestial energy calls for quality over quantity. Think: timeless, elegant, heritage brands. You might even make a charitable donation in a relative’s name or sign them up for helpful services that will be more useful to them than more “stuff.”

Pisces is the eldest of the three water signs, so whenever possible, source sustainably and buy locally to put less stress on our already taxed oceans. How about springing for a non-physical product like an electronic book, online class or membership to a studio?

When is Thanksgiving 2022?

Fun fact: Thanksgiving is observed in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving 2022 is Thursday, November 24. The holiday lands during Sagittarius season, making the Archer essentially the “Thanksgiving zodiac sign.”

Thanksgiving 2022 Horoscopes for the 12 zodiac signs

With philosophical Jupiter moving direct in compassionate Pisces for four weeks, here’s what to expect for your star sign:

Aries: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

​​No need to drape yourself in formal attire for Thanksgiving, Aries. You’re more inclined to embrace pajama dressing, even while Jupiter powers forward in your rejuvenating twelfth house. Start the morning off with some journaling and meditation, even (and especially!) if you have a busy day of hosting and cooking ahead. Create a mantra for yourself like, “I don’t have to fix people’s problems” or “I am only responsible for my own happiness.” You’ll need to lean in to that when the invariable family drama arises. Remember: It’s just a holiday thing!

If you don’t have big plans, rejoice and enjoy the space to flow through your day. Spontaneous invites are likely to flow in—and you could make a cameo or just spend the day catching up on your reading, puttering or whatever your heart desires. This compassionate energy could inform your Black Friday choices. Treat yourself to something sustainably sourced, or if you have enough stuff, saving the cash for a Giving Tuesday donation next week.

Taurus: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

You could find yourself at the center of a buzzing hive of action this Thanksgiving as Jupiter sprinkles pixie dust in your communal, convivial eleventh house. The more is absolutely the merrier—provided the people you’re celebrating with share your world view. If not, you’ll be uncharacteristically assertive, not backing down from your principles. It’s fine to speak your truth, Taurus, but try not to turn a family dinner into a battleground. It might be best to walk away in some cases, and use your sense of humor to get through this.

Volunteering has always been huge for you, so start your day the charitable way, perhaps passing out food to families in need or rounding up coats that you can drop off at a drive next week. You’ll also be in lighthearted spirits so feel free to play entertainment director, perhaps rallying everyone to a dive bar after dinner—or getting the whole family to wake up early to be first in line for a massive sale. Hot coffee and bagels, your treat!

Gemini: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

When people say “traditional,” you’re not exactly the first zodiac sign that comes to mind, Gemini, but Thanksgiving 2022 could bring a rare appearance from your conventional side thanks to Jupiter’s tour of your tenth house. Of course, it’s up to you how to define the word. If it means cranberry sauce and giant drumstick or a movie date and Chinese buffet—totally your call. The point of the exercise is to commune with your favorite people. Chosen family or biological, you could find yourself getting all sentimental as you tick off all the things you’re thankful for since this time last year.

The gratitude buzz will be strong—and while you’re feeling the love, go easy with the offers of reciprocity. You could make a promise that becomes too burdensome to keep. Saying, “Thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart!” is enough to keep everyone’s cup filled!

Black Friday’s bargains could steer you towards an investment piece that is also useful for work. A belted cashmere trench or hand-tooled leather bag has the smell of success that’s in the stars for you right now!

Cancer: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

Whose tradition is this anyway? With Jupiter singing “one love” in your all-inclusive ninth house, you want to put the real issues on the table, Cancer. Talking turkey about unconscious bias, white supremacy, or what actually happened at Plymouth Rock when pilgrims broke bread with the indigenous tribes. Even the more moderate Crabs may find that you have a taste for discussing these charged topics. But is it really the moment for this? If the people in your midst are aligned with the conversation, by all means, turn up the heat. But if there are too many dissenting voices in the room, de-escalate the tension and save it for another time.

Travel deals will top the list of your Black Friday splurges. Wake up early to get the limited seats your go-to airline or to enroll in your Human Design instructor’s retreat. Or spring for a backpack, luggage set or other chic-but-practical jetsetting accessory.

Leo: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

You may feel like flying under the radar this Thanksgiving, Leo, so if it’s not too late, try to keep your plans lowkey. Even if you ARE gathering with family—or hosting—regulate your energy. You don’t have to be the raconteur, entertaining people with your tales while you’re peeling potatoes and basting the bird. If the silence feels uncomfortable, turn on some music or a podcast to fill the void. If the social energy gets too intense, slip off for a walk or go meditate (in your car if that’s the only privacy zone you can find).

Firestarter Jupiter IS stoking the embers in your erotic eighth house. Some Leos may prefer a sultry one-on-one celebration…or afterparty. In a relationship? Check your jealousy at the door or you could wind up making a scene.

When it comes to your Black Friday selects, think soulful and sexy. Experiential indulgences are always your jam. How about seeing your favorite band play live (in London!) or booking a yoga retreat weekend or baecation for you and your sweetie?

Virgo: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

This turkey day is all about twosomes for Virgos, as Jupiter heats things up in your partnership house. Maybe you’ll be playing footsies under the table with a new crush or skipping the #NotMyHoliday to see a movie on the big screen and have drinks at the only dive bar open in town. With your justice sector lit, you could spend part of the day at a protest or raise money for indigenous land rights.

Single Virgos could have an enjoyable evening batting your magnetic lashes at a surprise guest. Already attached? Don’t let family obligations dominate your entire day. Slip off for some sacred alone time with your boo. Feel like bonding with just one or two favorite relatives? Escape where you can, even if you’re just running to pick out a couple extra bottles of vino or going for a walk through the neighborhood while the food is cooking away in the oven. Harness this “two for the price of one” momentum and double down on a Black Friday deal with a BFF who shares your taste in clothes, travel or home goods.

Libra: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

Temptations abound but you’ve got willpower to spare as maximizer Jupiter plows ahead through your disciplined sixth house. But then again, Libra, do you really need to be THAT rigid? (No.) Think of yourself as a “healthy hedonist” for Thanksgiving 2022 and find ways to enjoy a little decadence without diverting from your self-care goals.

Get involved in the menu planning: There’s lots you can do with seasonal ingredients like cranberries, squash, Brussels and yams. Whip up gluten-free spins on the Thanksgiving classics or desserts that use maple syrup instead of sugar. Or, have a “cheat day” and get over it already! You can counter the effects with exercise. Get a morning workout in, take walks with relatives.

And since you’re the zodiac’s entertainment director, how about setting up the living room for a multigenerational dance-off? Let your wellness warrior lead the way with Black Friday selections. Your favorite yoga studio might be offering an early bird special for a retreat or 60% off a 10-class punch card. Splurging on a fancy blender for smoothies and soups might finally be justifiable with a doorbuster discount.

Scorpio: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

Set up the selfie station, pump the danceable playlists. Ringmaster Jupiter appoints you Master of Ceremonies for Thanksgiving 2022, Scorpio, and that means leveling up the glamour factor. Tablescaping? A seating chart and place cards? Passed amuse bouche? It’s never too late to add those formal touches that level up the celebration.

Even if everyone just feels like showing up in their coziest sweaters, make a point of capturing it all for your Stories. Or document your Un-Thanksgiving with classic Scorpionic wit if you’re sitting this one out.

What you probably won’t be sitting out is Black Friday, as Jupiter sings, “Yeah baby I’m worth it” in your decadent fifth house. Feel free to spoil yourself, within reason. Whether you’re up pre-dawn to get in line for a limited-edition sneaker or taking a drive to a maker’s market, turn the day into a treasure hunt.

One thing to watch out for? Power struggles with another leader in the fam. While you’re just having a good time taking charge and entertaining the troops, make sure you aren’t stepping on someone else’s stilettos or throwing a wrench in their obsessively crafted plans.

Sagittarius: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

As bountiful Jupiter—your galactic guardian—zooms forward through your domestic fourth house until December 20, make “home for the holidays” your Thanksgiving 2022 M.O. Even if you’re not technically celebrating, Sagittarius, you’ll want to be surrounded by your closest companions—friends, relatives, chosen family.

Archers are highly principled people, so maybe you’ll be the one showing up with Tofurkey and vegan sides or insisting that the unvarnished story about Thanksgiving is told around the table. You’ll pull it off diplomatically, making it hard for any naysayers or deniers to object.

Good luck getting up for any pre-dawn doorbuster moments. A shoppable Instagram link that you can click from bed? Now that might be hard to resist. Because of this impulse, make a list (and check it twice). You don’t want to get stuck with a non-refundable object that looks totally different than the photo you saw online.

Capricorn: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

With happy-go-lucky Jupiter spinning direct in your social third house, you’re basically the life of the party, Capricorn. Embrace this role, because when you feel like turning on your goddess-given charm, you can light up the entire room (and way beyond those walls). The trick? Staying powerfully present.

With your A-class networking skills, you can tune in to whoever is in the room. Does someone look awkward and alone? Get ‘em chatting. Keep cups filled and food on everyone’s plates. You might even lighten up the vibes with some fun and games. A karaoke sing-off, Cards Against Humanity, even an old-school board game like Monopoly.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving 2022, be prepared to place a couple extra chairs around the table. Your invite list could grow—and the last-minute guests could be the best thing that happened to your soiree. No plans? Be bold and see if you can tag along with a friend to their celebration. Even if the social vibes are lacking on the holiday, you can make up for lost time on Black Friday. Rally friends for a road trip to an artisan craft fair or indoor flea market where you can curate the most original holiday gifts.

Aquarius: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

Feel the gratitude, Aquarius! You may realize just how much you have to be thankful for as Jupiter stations direct in your second house of values. And pssst! This is not ONLY about fixating on the epic, earth-shattering moments of 2022. Stop to feel the flood of appreciation for the quiet supporters who have basically been your rocks during this exciting (but tumultuous) year of growth. You’ll have a staggering number of thank you messages to send off. Take time to personalize as many as you can instead of group-texting. (We know you get wordy, but a couple sentences will do!)

If people made bigger sacrifices to help you ascend, put them on your Black Friday shopping list. Speaking of which, you’ll need a clear-cut budget for shopping this year, as “see it, want it” Jupiter in this belt-tightening sector calls for responsible indulgence. Don’t sacrifice luxury though. Choose quality over quantity, even if you have to whittle down to one or two investment pieces.

Pisces: Thanksgiving 2022 horoscope

With larger-than-life Jupiter waking up from its retrograde—and powering forward through Pisces until December 20—they should host a parade in your honor! Make the most of these maximalist vibes and add some over-the-top flourishes to your celebration, Pisces. (Even if you’re celebrating a Thanksgiving boycott!)

Take photos, shoot videos, capture the hilarious bloopers and style-blogger moments alike. Just don’t let anyone fence you in! You’ll be a restless social butterfly and that means giving yourself space to flit from one conversation to another without getting too heavy or deep. You deserve to let your hair down, relax and celebrate after this intense year!

Steer clear of the energy vampires or cut ‘em off quickly when they start complaining. You don’t have to be rude. Just help them pivot to an attitude of gratitude. With so much active energy afoot, you might feel like skipping the Black Friday madness so you can hit the slopes or take a spontaneous long weekend to visit a friend in warmer climes.

Where will you be lucky in 2023?

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What’s next for Jupiter?

Jupiter moves back into Aries after completing its visit to Pisces on December 20. It will reside in the fire sign until May 16, 2023. We got a taste for this transit when Jupiter traveled through Aries from May 10 to October 28, 2022.

Are you having a Jupiter return?

People born with Jupiter at any degree of Pisces or Aries (0° – 8°03’) have an exact Jupiter Return in 2022—as the red-spotted planet transits back through the same sign (and degree) it was in when you were born.

These year-long phases, which happen every 12-13 years, are marked by abundance, expansion and game-changing growth! Wanderlust may strike, leading you on a peripatetic quest to another corner of the world. Cross-cultural relations may give your life new dimension. Discovering your faith and doing spiritual work can inform an entrepreneurial or media venture. Follow this scholarly planet’s prompting and enroll in schooling or an experiential self-development program. No matter the direction you choose, it’s time to expand!

To find your natal Jupiter sign, cast a free birth chart on Astrostyle or go straight to the “What’s My Jupiter Sign?” calculator to find yours and its meaning.


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