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What our past participants say about the retreat:

“I joined Ophi and Tali all the way from Australia and had a magical time. The astrology workshop was perfectly pitched and kept us all interested, and laughing. Some people knew more than others but it didn’t matter. The setting on the beach at Tulum was really special. It has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. The food was great, really clean, beautiful and fresh, and my fellow students were all really good fun.” —Louisa

“The retreat far exceeded my expectation. I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to know you fantastic ladies and join you. It was a very special experience.” —Cindy

“The bonding experience and the self esteem boost was an unexpected and definitely unforgettable experience. I love that all the beautiful ladies that attended were able to be so open and honest with one another. I felt like I can be myself, share my fears and celebrate my existing and beauty in a non-judgmental atmosphere.” —Thach

“I’ve never taken the plunge and signed on for a week-long retreat in my entire life.  I follow the Astro Twins and adore their work and so when their “Become Your Own Astrologer” Retreat in Tulum, Mexico popped into my inbox, I decided to take the leap.  This experience was profound in a way that truly defies description.  Tali and Ophira are so nurturing, so hilarious, so sage and knowledgeable and are super-passionate about astrology.  The destination is beautiful.  The retreat is set up both as an education in understanding astrology and also as your special and individual time to relax, rejuvenate, and take time to connect with other amazing women. I can’t say enough about the bonding we experienced as a group, the belly-laughs, the amazing food, and did I mention the beach right outside your door?  I give the entire experience 50 stars out of 10.  I know I speak for all of us who attended when I say we didn’t want to leave!  This was an unforgettable experience.” —Felicia

A video experience by Gala Darling—watch below!

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Raves for the Become Your Own Astrologer workshop:

“This is the best class ever on self -very and feeling grounded! On a very deep level I understand myself better and am more confident about my life purpose and choices I have made. Thanks beauties!” —Sophie

“I’m so happy to have taken this course with Ophi and Tali. I learned so much about myself and astrology. I found it inspiring, insightful, and know I will continue to use what I’ve learned for the rest of my life. Thank you Astro Twins!!” —Amy

“Ophira and Tali are not only gifted astrologers, they’re exceptional teachers and communicators. Patient and passionate, they deliver these fascinating lessons in a clear and understandable manner.” —Anne

“I was so utterly impressed with this class! I did not know what to expect going in, but I did not expect as much as I received. There was an abundance of knowledge offered in a very accessible, fun way. I look forward to going back through the class again at my own pace to gain further insight, and I look very forward to taking any classes that that Astrotwins offer in the future. I’m a student for life!” —Kerri

“I recommend the Become Your Own Astrologer class to astrologers at ANY level. Ophira & Tali have a way of taking a complicated subject and explaining it in such an easy to understand, fun way.   I learned so much about myself through what’s written in the stars, and had so much fun doing it! Thank you for such a great experience!” —Jackie

“I’ve always been very interested in astrology and all things that could give me a greater understanding of myself and others at a deeper level. So when, from the very first class, I learned so many interesting things I’d never known before, and I was very pleasantly surprised. By the 3rd or 4th lesson I felt like I was becoming more proficient at reading charts, and by the 5th lesson I really felt like I was becoming my own astrologer, as the course title promises. Tali and Ophi’s focus on encouraging students to do their own interpretations and to use their creativity and intuition in figuring out the pieces of the puzzle that each chart presents are key to this course. I am even more intrigued by what I am discovering in looking “behind the scenes” and taking a deeper dive into astrology.” —Nadine

“I have been a huge fan of the AstroTwins for quite a while and love their clever and insightful astrology so I jumped at the chance to learn astrology from them. They did not disappoint. In the first class alone I learned way more than I ever had by independent study and by the end of the course I felt fluent in many areas of astrology. Plus, they make it fun and I looked forward to classes every week. Thanks, ladies!” —Christina

“On a scale of 1-10, the Astro Twins raised my astrological knowledge and awareness from probably a 3 to a 6 or 7, which I’m confident will become an 8 or 9 once I actually have time to go back and review all the enormously thorough and helpful information they disseminated during the 5-week course. They are easy to listen to and excellent at elaborating on key points.” — David