William (Cancer) & Kate (Capricorn): Are They Compatible?

Is the new royal couple meant to be? In many ways, they’re a perfect match. William is a Cancer, the sign of the mother, and Kate is a Capricorn, the sign of the father. Interesting astro gender-bender, but this opposite-sign combo definitely attracts! As an Earth sign, a practical Capricorn like Kate is a grounding force for Will’s watery, emotional Cancer.

But there’s more to the chart than just Sun signs. Will and Kate both have their Moon in Cancer. The Moon is an even greater indicator of love and emotional compatibility than the Sun, and sharing a Moon sign can make two people feel like soul mates. With their Cancer Moons, Will and Kate are both family-oriented and connected to their mothers in particular.

Venus, the planet of love, is a little less well-paired between them. Will has Venus in earthy Taurus, while Kate’s is in airy Aquarius. Venus in Taurus is more traditional about love, while Venus in Aquarius needs to marry a best friend. Of course, the two met as roommates and were pals before their platonic relationship turned into something more. Taurus energy is more about planning for the long term, which is perhaps why the couple took a break before getting together for good.

Mars, the sign of passion and drive, is in Libra for both William and Kate. With their Mars signs a degree apart (and in partnership-oriented Libra), they share a sexy chemistry and are energized by being around each other. Since Libra rules marriage, they shouldn’t have trouble keeping the spark alive. They also get excited and inspired by similar things, which will give them common values and social interests. Libra also rules justice and social causes. Unlike Charles and Diana, who lived separate lives, Will and Kate will make a “power couple” to be reckoned with, and should team up for as many humanitarian projects as they can.

It’s said that communication is what truly keeps a relationship solid. In this case, the new royal couple should get along swimmingly, too. Mercury, ruler of communication, is in a harmonious trine between them. They both have Mercury in intellectual Air signs: Will’s is in Gemini, and Kate’s is in Aquarius. Conversation should never be dull, and these two will be lifelong learners who share many interests. All this Air in their charts helps break up the potential stodginess of their Cancer and Capricorn Sun signs — and keeps their attitudes modern and hip. That will bring a refreshing revolution to the royal heritage!

Unfortunately, Kate’s time of birth isn’t on record, so her complete chart can’t be cast until that data surfaces. (We’re sure it will soon … at least, we hope so!) Interestingly, Will is a Cancer with a Sagittarius rising, just like his mother Diana. However, she had an Aquarius Moon, which is quite different from his Cancer Moon. Still, the rising sign affects the appearance, and he certainly bears a resemblance to his mum, in both his looks and his dreamy, philosophical expression.

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