Kate Middleton Birth Chart – Capricorn Zodiac Sign Horoscope & Birthday

Kate Middleton’s chart, interpreted by The AstroTwins

The following analysis by celebrity astrologers Tali & Ophi Edut, aka The AstroTwins, highlights the most interesting astrological features of Kate Middleton’s birth chart for all level astrology readers to understand.

Kate Middleton birth chart

When Is Kate Middleton’s Birthday?

Kate Middleton’s birthday is January 9.

Kate Middleton’s Sun Sign Is In Traditional Capricorn

•The Sun represents the essence of your personalityyour main character energy•

Kate Middleton’s astrological sign is Capricorn. She was born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, UK.

Capricorns are known for being cool and composed, reserved and traditional. This could be said of Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge!

Capricorn people know how to “play by the rules” and also how to aim high. They can handle a public role and want to be known for a position of status and prestige, which certainly fits Kate Middleton, who became Princess of Wales upon Queen Elizabeth’s death in 2022.

Kate Middleton’s Capricorn Sun sign is in the fifth house, which is the house of royalty (hello!), glamour and leadership. She can go along with the pomp & circumstance and the traditions of being a Royal. She’s so comfortable with it and well suited for it, it’s like she was born for it (even though her upbringing was more modest).

Kate Middleton’s Rising Sign is Royal Leo

•Your rising sign, or ascendant, is the first impression you make. Like a filter, it “tints” your Sun sign•

Kate Middleton’s natal chart rising sign is also the zodiac sign of royalty: Leo!

A rising sign in Leo makes her a natural leader. She’s viewed a fierce mama lion type (the lion, of course, the symbol for the Leo zodiac sign). Like a lion, she’s protective of her family, which is probably why she didn’t take kindly to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, airing the Royal family’s dirty laundry to Oprah.

Leo risings also can be seen as fashion and style icons, and they don’t mind being photographed regularly. Bring on the fascinators!

Kate Middleton’s Private Cancer Moon Sign

•Your moon sign governs the “inner you” and influences your emotions•

Kate Middleton’s birth chart shows the moon in Cancer, the sign of family, loyalty, privacy and closeness. This is another chart placement that illustrates how she’s not a fan of having her family secrets being revealed.

Cancer moons can come across cold, especially if they feel threatened or misunderstood, or like their feelings are trampled.

She can seem a bit hesitant at times, the “quiet caretaker,” that isn’t always appreciated. This can cause feelings of resentment. She may need affirmations to know that her feelings are respected. If she doesn’t communicate this, though, she may expect people to read her mind and then become passive aggressive about signaling what she wants.

Kate Middleton’s destiny-driven nodes are in Capricorn and Cancer

•Astrologers use the nodes of the moon (found opposite each other in your birth chart) to determine where your destiny lies (North node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South node).

Kate Middleton’s North and South Nodes are in the same signs as her Sun and moon: Capricorn and Cancer.

The South Node represents her past life energy. This placement reveals what she came into this lifetime bearing, and for her it’s in Capricorn.

Her North Node is opposite, in Cancer, and that placement in her birth chart that shows where she’s meant to stretch and grow in this lifetime. Cancer here represents a composed, reserved energy, even athletic. (She may even have been a man in her past life.)

Cancer is the sign of the mother and the nurturer. People with Cancer North Nodes often have challenges around pregnancies; they can resist birth or getting pregnant, not because they don’t want to become mothers, but because pregnancy requires giving up complete control of the body (which is also part of the Capricorn South Node, feeling incredibly uncomfortable). Kate Middleton has been outspoken about the severe morning sickness she endured with all three of her pregnancies and the remedies that worked for her, like hypnobirthing, which led her to “enjoy labor,” as she’s been quoted.

Despite her challenges becoming a mom, being a mom is one of her greatest growth points for her soul’s evolution. She’s earned praise for her hands-on approach to motherhood, being involved in her children’s day-to-day activities, and advocating for mental health awareness (both parent and child).

Love Astrology of Kate Middleton

•Venus and Mars are the love planets in astrology. In your birth chart, Venus represents seduction and romance while Mars represents lust, motivation and erotic instincts.

Kate Middleton’s natal chart shows both Mars and Venus in air signs. Her Mars is in Libra and her Venus is in Aquarius. This combo can make romance a little crisp and cool. It can earn someone a reputation as more of an intellectual partner who shows love by being a best friend and a confidant or pal. Not only does Kate Middleton have Venus in Aquarius, but Mercury, the planet of communication, in this sign as well.

Venus is not always comfortable in Aquarius. This placement can mean a person struggles to let go and express desire through the body, therefore being a little “robotic.” How this translates: she may not be the warmest when it comes to seduction, and she’s certainly not comfortable with PDA! This may also be why Meghan Markle, a Leo, who loves to show affection in public, seems to make Kate Middleton a tad uncomfortable.

Fortunately, her Mars, which is the planet of lust, is in Libra, a much more sensual, pleasure-seeking sign. So while she may not be prone to PDA, she will swoon for romance–so long as she has privacy and a space where she knows that she won’t be judged by any onlookers!

Kate Middleton’s Chart Ruler Is Also Leo

•Your chart ruler is the planet that rules over your rising sign•

Kate Middleton’s chart ruler is Leo, just like her Leo rising sign.

Because her Sun in her natal chart is in the fifth house, this echos Leo energy (the fifth house has a lot of energy similar to Leo, the fifth zodiac sign). This energy underscores everything in her chart that explains: Princess! Royal! One day: Queen!

This identity suits her well. And because she’s a Capricorn Sun, she is able to carry herself in a modest, humble, down-to-earth way, while also holding a great position of power. Composure is truly one of her strengths, as evidenced by her birth chart.

Kate Middleton Has A Stellium in Libra

•A stellium is when three or more planets are in the same zodiac sign or house in a birth chart•

Kate Middleton was meant to marry well. Libra, the sign of marriage, is in Kate Middleton’s third house, which rules customs and your local zone. Her stellium includes Mars (drive and motivation), Saturn (structure and discipline), and Pluto (power).

Some believe it was an ambition of hers to marry William. She probably worked harder to for it than anyone on the surface could see! Although from what we could see: she delayed school for a year, switched subjects and schools to be where William was going. Soon after they became friends, roommates, and then romantic partners. Despite a brief breaking up, their courtship culminated in a royal wedding. The planet power in her chart definitely can be seen as a roadmap to the altar!

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