The 2020 Full Snow Moon in Leo’s 7 Spotlights

The 2020 Full Snow Moon in Leo (on Sunday, February 9, 2020, at 2:33AM EST) makes us all feel like royals.

by The AstroTwins

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s the fiercest of them all? The competition heats up this Sunday as the 2020 Full Snow Moon in Leo struts across the night skies.

Under this annual, lunar light, we’ll all feel like putting our best (rhinestone-studded, clear-heeled) foot forward. Or, just settle down with your drink of choice for an epic people-watching weekend.

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Why is this full moon a “Snow Moon?”

February’s full moon is called the Snow Moon in the Old Farmer’s Almanac for obvious reasons, since there’s likely to be powder on the ground in the northern hemisphere at this time of year. But chilly outdoor air can’t tamp down the blazing heat of this fire sign. The zodiac’s lion is passionate, playful and theatrical. With the Leo full moon turning everyone into scene-stealers and spotlight hounds, the drama could amplify. Whether this plays out in on a red carpet or in your own living room is your call. But no matter your GPS coordinates, try to be aware of your “audience.” Are they receptive to the show you’re putting on…or not? While it’s fine to be over-the-top, it’s important to know when that verges on “too much” or “too soon.”

So no, this might NOT be the best night to try to open a deep dialogue about the trouble spots in a relationship. In an attempt to solve problems, you may just cause more! That said, an attraction that’s been bubbling may be ready to break through the surface. Make your move! Meow! Awooo! 

Here are seven more ways you can harness the potency of the 2020 Full Snow Moon in Leo


1. Do something courageous.

Brave Leo is the zodiac’s hero, always willing to take a chance or speak up when nobody else dares. Summon your courage, even if that means acting in the face of your fear because you know it’s the right thing to do. This is the noble leadership that Leo illustrates when expressing its highest vibration. Leo is the galactic guardian of creativity, glamour, romance and fertility.  Shifting your attention inward, you can also use the energy of this event to do some self-reflection and fast-track some personal growth. Take an inventory of the places in your life where you could step up and take responsibility. Perhaps go a stride further and imagine how you can use your influence to create a greater connection to the world around you.

2. Be your own PR agent.

Under the potent 2020 full snow moon in Leo, you could see your efforts come to light in a bold and attention-grabbing way.  We all have something worthy of shouting from the rooftops, and this moon gives us permission to intentionally self-promote. Tooting your own horn isn’t an act of narcissism. Owning your gifts publicly can put you in touch with the wonder of your unique and divine talents. It helps to create a sense of deep gratitude for the life you get to live! The trick is to focus outward instead of just trolling for applause and validation. How will your offerings benefit other people? What’s in it for them, and are you acting in a spirit of service rather than servicing your own ego?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with reveling solely in your own superpowers too. While you’re gazing at the full moon, do a round of fist-bumps with your inner circle, with each of you taking a few minutes to boast about your latest accomplishments while the others cheer wildly for your amazingness! (Check out ideas for full moon rituals here.) Have you been hiding your light at work? Turn it up to stadium beam level in the two weeks that follow this full moon! This is the perfect time to start a buzz on social media or to set up a pitch meeting with a client you want to woo. Be sure to include all the ways that YOU are the best at what you do.

3. Just dance.

Full-bodied self-expression is what this Leo lunar event is all about, so bailamos, people! Need a visual? Just picture Leo Jennifer Lopez werking it at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show. This full moon was meant to be spent on the dance floor or even doing a more spiritual form of movement like 5 Rhythms or a ritual dance. Get lost in the beat…but don’t stop there. Let the dance revolution enter your life as an ongoing tradition. Events like Daybreaker are popping up in cities everywhere, a sober dance party that begins with a fitness class such as yoga and then erupts into a free-form morning soiree. This is the perfect time to scout out studios with dance-based classes. Since Leo rules the heart, there’s no time like the present to get yours pumping at a cardio-approved BPM.

4. Start a family or “birth” a project.

Leo is the sign of fertility, and this moment is ripe for creation! If you’ve been struck by baby fever, take decisive action. Maybe that means cutting ties to the “will they, won’t they” time vampires so you can manifest a partner who shares your desire to build a family, be it through natural birth or adoption. Set up a doctor’s appointment if IVF treatments are something you are wanting to explore, or just get to babymakin’ the natural way. Figuratively speaking, you may feel a strong urge to “birth” a creative project that’s been hovering in the embryonic stage of development. Book studio time for your band, write the outline for your genre-busting novel or get the production line set up for your Etsy store wares. Whatever the case, take a lion-hearted leap in a proactive direction. Since Leo is the sign that rules fame, this divine timing might help draw some public acclaim when your masterpiece is ready for its big reveal.

5. Shine bright like a (conflict-free) diamond. 

Glamazon Leo is the sign that rules pleasure, indulgence and full-bodied self-expression. Break out the sequins, bold patterns and glittery everything. Rather than fade into the masses, wear something that might be more appropriate for a red-carpet sashay than a slushy, snowy day. Be it a statement necklace or a graphic animal print, clothes that are conversation pieces are ready for their big reveal. Under the light of the vivacious 2020 Full Snow Moon in Leo, talking (and flirting) with strangers could get you everywhere! Just watch out for the scene-stealing crazymakers—and try not to start any needless drama, just to keep things “interesting.”

6. Visualize your soulmate

Romance falls under passionate Leo’s domain: that delicious moment when a spark of attraction becomes a burning flame of desire. You may feel extra lusty near this full moon—and in the sign of passionate, playful Leo, you could be surprised by WHO turns your head. Keep your heart and mind open! Taking a chance on someone who is not your usual type could turn out to be one of the most exciting decisions you’ve made in a long time.

Not sure what or who you’re looking for? Get into the imaginative spirit of Leo and make a vision board for your love life. Sit down with a stack of magazines, scissors and glue and pull together a collage of inspiring images. No judgment! Though the pictures that call to you might only make sense to your subconscious mind, their meaning will reveal itself over time.

7. Have a Valentine’s Day prequel celebration

If you’re already coupled, enjoy some extra romance late Saturday night. Champagne by moonlight? Yes, please. While you’re gazing up, get started on planning a memorable February 14—and pump up the glamour and decadence. How about a pair of orchestra level theater tickets or a beachy “baecation?” Our love & compatibility matcher horoscopes can provide some clues about the best bonding experiences for you and your true love!


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