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The must-have guide to the year ahead for the cosmically curious.

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Whether you're just starting out with astrology, or can name your whole birth chart — including your houses and alignments — this book is for you. The 2020 Horoscope Guide is your new best friend, vibrational compass and energetic map to help you navigate the cosmic year ahead. 

So what do you say? Let's plan with the planets to create your best year yet!

Cosmic love,

A Note From the AstroTwins:

"The AstroTwins are a walking pair of wisdom adventurers. Amazing!"

Elizabeth Gilbert

"I'm obsessed with the AstroTwins! I rely on their Planetary Planner for guidance. They're my go-to source for astrological insight!"

Emma Roberts

"The AstroTwins are my honorary oracles and spirit sisters. Their advice is always the right blend of compassionate and truthful, intuitive and real." 

Dina Manzo

"Their intuition is off the charts and they've become one of my ‘secret business weapons.’ I cannot recommend them enough!"

Marie Forleo

Praise For the AstroTwins

What's In The Stars For Us All: The 2020 Global Forecast

Love, Relationship & Career Hot Spot Dates

Major Planetary Shifts & Trends to Know

The Year Ahead For All 12 Signs

Chinese Astrology & Numerology Readings

Practical Tools & Intentions To Go Beyond Your Sign

plus so much more!

Meet The AstroTwins: 

Ophi & Tali Edut

O U R  S T O R Y

As Sagittarians born four minutes apart on December 2nd, we never expected to become astrologers. But with a chart like ours (a lot of Scorpio planets!) our destiny is to help people design inspiring lives here on earth, guided by this star-powered system.

Astrology is the ultimate navigation tool for success—from love to happiness to life purpose. We can't wait to share it with you!

Discovering astrology gave us the "owner's manual" to ourselves, and showed how to use the planets to confidently plan and make important decisions—which can be stressful in today's world! Now, we blend our 20 years of success in astrology, coaching and business, helping you create results and move through your days with clarity and confidence. 

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