The 2022 Sagittarius Full Moon Can Shift Your Mindset in 8 Ways

What else is out there? The 2022 Sagittarius full moon (on June 14 at 7:51AM EDT) is a supermoon, expanding our horizons beyond what’s comfortable. Shift to a global mindset as you seek adventure and truth.

Have your hope, faith and optimism dwindled? After another year of unexpected curveballs, you’re certainly not alone. But the June 2022 Sagittarius full moon flips the lens to a more optimistic perspective.

Although circumstances continue to test everyone’s emotional resilience and empathy, this philosophical full moon asks: What lessons are we learning from this?

Head’s up: The answers are unlikely to come from the usual sources.

The 2022 Sagittarius full moon is also a “Strawberry Moon”

June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon, according to Old Farmer’s Almanac. Each year at this time, flowers turn to fruits and berries burst from the bushes. The 2022 Sagittarius full moon is the manifestation of the Sagittarius NEW moon, which took place on December 4, 2021—and was a potent solar eclipse. As the fruits of your labor ripen into form, take a moment to celebrate your crop, even the unexpected parts of the harvest. Then, plot out what seeds to plant next.

What does a full moon in Sagittarius mean?

Eight ways to harness the high-minded beams:

1. Tell the truth, to others and to yourself

Truth is one of humanity’s highest virtues. Yet, why do we spend so much time avoiding it, or spinning it into some kind of a warped dubstep remix? Like a spoonful of cough syrup, honesty can indeed be brutal (and bitter) when we get our first taste. But, if we’re brave enough, it can also set us free! That’s the theme of this keeping-it-real, tell-it-like-it-is full moon. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s most brutally honest sign and full moons always bring with it a big reveal.

Confessing is always better than having someone else expose your story. Social media is lit with testimonials from every angle. While it can be painful to read these accounts, this authentic level of reflection and sharing is what the Sagittarius full moon calls for.

2. But ditch the denial

While denial may seem like a delay tactic, the reality is that it zaps a ton of life-force energy. The 2022 Sagittarius full moon could expose the full panoramic view of something you’ve avoided or covered up.

If you’ve been unable to pinpoint the source of any suffering, la luna could expose a blind spot or two. While seeing yourself this objectively may be jarring, it will also be enlightening. In the words of Dr. Cornel West, “It takes courage to look in the mirror and see past your reflection to who you really are when you take off the mask, when you’re not performing the same old routines and social roles. It takes courage to ask — ‘How did I become so well-adjusted to injustice?’”

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Sagittarius is the global nomad, cueing us to break out our suitcases and safely sojourn to new terrain. How about renting a rig or RV on a site like and taking #VanLife for a trial run? No matter your coordinates, cross-cultural connections get a powerful boost. Time to work together instead of sharpening the lines that divide us. If you’re not able to hop an intercontinental flight, practice a language on a translation app like DuoLingo. Cook an Indonesian meal (do the words “gado gado” mean anything to you?) Or take a class in the meantime.

4. Indulge in healthy hedonism

At the full moon in Sagittarius, enjoy your physicality in an empowered and conscious way instead of hitting the mute button. Some will find you to be “too much,” but don’t let that stop you from being your authentic, full-bodied self. Take a long walk to process the pain of the world and the emotions that are being aroused. You might not be able to dance it away, but there is power in a playlist that helps you move stuck pain through (and out of) your body.

Sagittarius is ruled by abundant Jupiter, mythic god of the feast. But you don’t have to jeopardize your health, to indulge. Grab a new cookbook and find ways to combine plant-based AND pleasurable in a single, believable sentence. 

6. Commune with Mother Nature—and your higher self

Globe-trotting Sagittarius always feels most expansive in a wide-open space. If it’s possible to get out into nature to soak up these moonbeams, do. Freeing your mind also broadens your horizons. Sign up for an online seminar, invest in coaching sessions, read that metaphysical book your enlightened friend insists has changed her life.

Because freedom-loving Sagittarius energy inspires us to learn but hates to sit still, you might try one of these books in audio format, or even listen to a podcast by one of your favorite idealists, so you can take it all in while you partake in an all-day hike. 

7. Join the conversation

The injustices of our times are a global responsibility. As the past few years have proven in skywriting, racism, sexism and other -isms are alive and well—whether they show up in headline-grabbing violations or as overt attacks of micro-aggressions. Sociological Sagittarius encourages us to increase our awareness around privilege, social inequality and intergroup relation. Self-educating is also a big Sagittarius pursuit. Before you go spouting off what you THINK is true, make sure you’ve got the knowledge to back it up.

We all need to learn how to be more sensitive. To be aware of each other’s worlds in this era of cultural appropriation and divisiveness. But many people shut down by fear of saying the wrong thing. That stops them from even beginning the learning process. We’re fans of the book by Sagittarius Francesca Ramsey Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist

8. Gather your motley crew

On a one-to-one level, Sagittarius is all about rolling with your “soul family,” too. A motley crew united by shared values, interests and philosophies. At this 2022 Sagittarius full moon, rally your kindred spirits. Find spaces online and in your community where you can unite with people who share your vision and values. Go out of your way to welcome people from backgrounds different than your own.

As Mother Teresa said: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” Global ambassador Sagittarius helps us connect across boundaries.

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