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2024 Astrology Forecast: The Year of Transcendent Leadership

The following 2024 Astrology forecast is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2024 Horoscope. The annual book details a thorough astrology forecast for the year and guidance for every zodiac sign.

What’s in the stars for all of us in 2024?

Get ready for a power year in every sense! In 2024, themes of authority and leadership dominate the cosmic forecast. Erase all prior notions of what it means to be in charge. The rising stars of 2024 won’t arrive wearing crowns or flexing their generational wealth.

But they could emerge from “out of nowhere,” with a simple, unifying message that strikes a resonant chord across all divisions. A little bit Ted Lasso, a pinch of Taylor Swift, and an unwavering commitment to living in truth.

Enter: The Year of Transcendent Leadership

Could you be among 2024’s luminaries?

Well, why not? Nepo baby privilege is not required to get ahead this year. Taurus jazz queen and civil rights activist Ella Fitzgerald said it best, “It isn’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.”

So…where are we going?

Existentially, humans are facing a crisis. As UAPs (formerly known as “UFOs”) buzz our skies, can our species survive accelerated climate change, disease, radicalized ideologies, global wars, gun violence and widespread abuse? Fear has torn communities apart, right when we need each other the most. We are grappling with the weight of history and it’s time to reinvent the wheel.

The 2024 astrology forecast has familiar major transits

Fortunately, 2024’s starry lineup is primed to help us do that! What’s also quite nice—and, if we’re being honest, a huge relief—is that most of 2024’s planetary alignments are a continuation of transits that began in 2023:
• The lunar nodes remain in Aries and Libra
Saturn keeps on paddling through Pisces, and
Pluto do-si-do’s between Capricorn and Aquarius.

“We are grappling with the weight of history and it’s time to reinvent the wheel. Fortunately, 2024’s starry lineup is primed to help us do just that!”

Tali & Ophi Edut, The AstroTwins

More 2024 astrology shaping The Year of Transcendent Leadership

The other transits shaping your 2024 astrology forecast

Until Jupiter leaves Taurus and moves into Gemini on May 25, there’s nothing technically “new” going on with the trend-shaping outer planets. That means we already have a baseline of familiarity with the energies of this year.

And after a decade fraught with so much change and instability, what a relief it will be to not have to recalibrate our bearings all over again.

Where we will feel a palpable shift is with 2024’s numerology and Eastern zodiac

After an introspective 7 Universal Year in the sensitive, spiritual Water Rabbit’s care, we move into an ambition- and action-oriented 8 Universal Year, powered by the dynamic, growth-obsessed Wood Dragon. Last year’s internal focus becomes this year’s external thrust toward progress.

Fittingly, we chose the ouroboros for our 2024 horoscope book cover, an icon that has traveled through ancient Egypt and India, Gnostic alchemy and Jungian psychology. Depicted as a dragon eating its own tail, it represents the eternal cycle of renewal from life to death to rebirth.

Amsterdam-based illustrator Bodil Jane spun our 2024 ouroboros into an infinity symbol, a nod to the year’s 8 numerological energy—and an important reminder that even in this time of rapid change, the truth of our souls remains the same.

No more chasing your tail!

It’s a time for wholeness and to tap into the omnipresent power of your light and love.

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