Year Of The Dragon: 2024 Is The Year Of The Wood Dragon

Enter the Dragon! All about the Year of the Dragon, themes and challenges to expect in 2024.

We celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 10, 2024, welcoming the Wood Dragon, the Chinese zodiac 2024 celestial guide. Its mystical influence reigns until January 29, 2025.

This article is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2024 Horoscope. The annual book provides a detailed forecast for The Year of the Dragon. See also this article about Year of the Dragon Themes, Horoscopes and Pro Tips!

The Year of the Dragon: 2024 Chinese Zodiac

The highly revered Dragon is the only mythological creature in the Eastern zodiac, rather than an actual animal. And when it commands the calendar once every 12 years, we can access all of Puff’s legendary magic and then some.

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The Dragon summons your competitive spirit (thanks, Aries and Mars!)

The Dragon is associated with trailblazing Aries, the very first sign in the Western zodiac. Undoubtedly, 2024 will be a year for starting fresh and taking chances.

With feisty, courageous Mars as the ruling planet of both Aries and the Dragon, no one will back down from a challenge. All the world’s a stage, a talent show and a Roman Colosseum.

The Year of the Dragon’s Element Is Wood

What to expect in 2024 with the Wood Dragon

2024 is governed by the expansive wood element, which amplifies the Dragon’s go-get-‘em influence.

Wood years—which are all years that end in a 4 or a 5—mark periods of accelerated growth. Need a visual? Picture a sapling pushing through the soil and rising toward the sky to become a towering tree. Spring is the season associated with wood, which makes 2024 a time for renewal, change and rebirth.

Themes for The Year of the Dragon

Here are some of the themes we can expect to rise up during the 2024 year of the Chinese zodiac Wood Dragon (the last was in 1964!)

Power and authority. The powerful and authoritative Wood Dragon can incite shifts in leadership, both on a global scale and within our micro-communities.

Innovation. The forward-thinking Wood Dragon embraces change, pursuing new ideas that push past the boundaries of convention.

Drama and dynamism. What’s more dramatic—and dynamic—than a fire-breathing dragon? Life can imitate a Broadway theater production this year.

Risk and reward. The daredevil energy of Aries shows up during a Dragon year with an atmosphere of risk-taking.

Ambition. Type A people thrive in the Year of the Wood Dragon as does anyone who has a passion.

Transformation and renewal. 2024 is a year when complete renewal is possible. We may burn away old habits and transform every aspect of our lives down to the ground level. 

Birth rate boom. Dragon Years are known to be bountiful times for babies!

Global movements. Dragon years can be marked by significant global events, movements or shifts in geopolitical dynamics. These years may see major advancements in international relations, trade and diplomacy.

Celebration. Dragon years are festive times that remind us to live for the moment and soak up new experiences while we still can. Joy is the great unifier in 2024—and we could all use a dose of this uplifting energy after the heavy pandemic years. 

Challenges for The Year of the Dragon

The themes of The Year of the Wood Dragon don’t come without their fair set of challenges. As you work toward your own goals, keep in mind these issues can come up (you’ll recognize them as pitfalls of the influences of Aries and Mars!):

• anger
• drama and intensity
• inflexibility
• abuse of power
• impulsivity
• burnout

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