8 Year of the Dragon Themes, Plus Horoscopes and Pro Tips For Every Zodiac Sign To ‘Join The Thunder’

Enter the Dragon! The ethereal Water Rabbit yields to the bold Wood Dragon on February 10, 2024 until January 29, 2025. Here are the key Year of the Dragon themes, your horoscope and action items to get the most out of this 12-month lunar year cycle.

The Wood Dragon’s centering energy keeps us focused on solutions, even when we feel like spinning out. In The Year of the Dragon, you’ll want to harness this cosmic energy to plant deep roots, but know that it could take time to find fertile soil. Think of this cycle as building a proper runway to get your big ideas in flight. Once you do, you can spread your dragon wings and soar!

Chinese New Year 2024: The Year of the Dragon

The Chinese New Year (also called the Lunar New Year) begins in full swing on Saturday, February 10, 2024, following Lunar NYE on Friday, February 9 (at 5:59 PM EST).

Lunar New Year’s Eve is always celebrated during the annual Aquarius new moon. The Aquarius new moon arrives on a different day each year, but always between January 19 and February 19, while the Sun is in Aquarius (Aquarius Season). The 2024 Aquarius new moon is also a supermoon!

What to expect in The Year of the Dragon

We embrace the fierce but structured Wood Dragon cycle for 12 months. The Dragon is unique in that it’s the only non-animal in the Chinese zodiac. Similarly, Aquarius is the “unicorn” of the zodiac signs that dares to be different.

With this double dose of originality kicking up, take a sharp departure from the tried-and-true and let your eclectic ideas roam free.

But be sure to also respect other people’s rights to their opinions and beliefs. With the Aquarius new moon at a tense 90-degree square to disruptive Uranus at the turn of the Chinese New Year, everything from political debates to clashing agendas could flare up if you don’t. And since it’s an election year, consider yourself warned!

For a deep dive into The Year of the Dragon, see our article here, excerpted from our annual astrology guide, The AstroTwins’ 2024 Horoscope planner.

Your Year of the Dragon Horoscope

As mentioned above, the Aquarius new moon also marks the start of The Year of the Dragon!

The Aquarius new moon always dovetails with Lunar New Year’s Eve, the moment when our astrological animals post a change of guard. Head over to our article about the Aquarius new moon for your zodiac sign’s horoscope!

Year of the Dragon Themes And Action Ideas

What does The Year of the Dragon bring? What is the Year of the Dragon good for? Turns out, a lot!

Below we share key Year of the Dragon themes and questions you are supported to explore this year. Plus, how you can take action, based on your zodiac sign (or Chinese animal!) to get results.

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Are you ready for Big Dragon Energy?

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1. What area of my life could use an infusion of Dragon power?

Dragon years are about empowering yourself and finding the courage to step out and shine.

Action: Step into your power! This could be a leadership role or a personal quest. It can be public or something internal that makes you feel powerful in the way you move through your day-to-day life.

Each sign can tap into their “Big Dragon Energy” by being the…

Aries: Catalyst
Taurus: Illuminator
Gemini: Ringleader
Cancer: Expert
Leo: Adventurer
Virgo: Curator
Libra: Diplomat
Scorpio: Strategist
Sagittarius: Ringmaster
Capricorn: Guardian
Aquarius: Ambassador
Pisces: Sensualist

2. Who are the people who should be in your Dragon squad?

While dragons are highly independent creatures, they still team up and soar through the skies together. (Fun fact: A group of dragons is called a “thunder!”)

Action: Fly high with a soul squad. While dragons are independent, mythical creatures, they still team up to soar through the skies together. What kind of people do you want to attract during the Year of the Dragon?

Lunar New Year’s Eve corresponds with the annual new moon in Aquarius, the sign of teamwork and collaborations. It’s the best time to assemble your Thunder!

If this is your Sun or Rising sign, seek out people who are:

Aries: Innovative
Taurus: Experienced
Gemini: Worldly
Cancer: Curious
Leo: Generous
Virgo: Organized
Libra: Creative
Scorpio: Nurturing
Sagittarius: Energetic
Capricorn: Devoted
Aquarius: Self-sufficient
Pisces: Spiritual

3. Where do you feel motivated to take action in 2024?

The Dragon is ruled by the planet Mars, which is passionate, fierce and motivated to take action.

Action: Cultivate your passions. Where would you like to have more motivation?

Fire up your motivation using your natal Mars sign (if you don’t know your Mars sign, use the calculator below).

How to motivate yourself based on your Mars sign:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) need movement: Explore, travel, exercise, go on activity dates, spend time with people who are doing big things.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) need structure: Map strategies, budgets, set up discovery calls, get into nature.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) need communication: Network, brainstorm, discuss ideas, seek out thought leaders, walk around cities.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): need connection: Bond with people who share your passion, spend time near water, form a mastermind.

4. What dream do you need to protect in 2024?

The Dragon is a fearless and impulsive creature. During these years, we tend to act upon our animal instincts. We may leap before we look, breathing too much fire and burning ourselves (and others) out.

Action: Protect your dreams from harm. This could be a project, a relationship or an idea that is still in a vulnerable or developing stage. Trust the process!

Use your Eastern zodiac animal as a protector for yourself. Don’t know your animal sign? Use the calculator below!


Learn more about your Chinese zodiac animal here.

Protect your dreams by:

Rat: Asking specific or shrewd questions
Ox: Taking things one step at a time.
Tiger: Observing before acting.
Rabbit: Waiting and meditating on it.
Dragon: Finding the key decision maker.
Snake: Establishing trust first.
Horse: Comparing multiple options.
Sheep: Tuning into the emotional energy.
Monkey: Making sure it’s fun for you.
Rooster: Doing your research.
Dog: Sniffing out the opportunity.
Pig/Boar: Confirming the return on investment.

5. What magic would you like to share with the world in 2024?

Dragon years are prime time to “puff it up” and be fearless about letting others see what we’re made of. The lunisolar calendar is timed by larger-than-life Jupiter, the planet of abundance! During Dragon Years, Jupiter tours both Taurus (until May 25) and Gemini (after May 25).

Action: Promote yourself. Be loud and proud! 

While Jupiter is in Taurus, puff up the magic by: adding beauty, polishing the details, creating a finished product, investing money into growth.

While Jupiter is in Gemini, puff up the magic by: participating in community groups, posting regularly on social media, writing a manifesto or mission statement, pairing up with a “soul twin.”

6. Where do I need to set better boundaries? Where could I grow more resilient?

Because we’re so fearless and excitable during the Year of the Dragon, we can drain ourselves and overshoot the mark. It’s important to set boundaries while also working to become more resilient.

Action: Set boundaries, build resilience.

Use your element to balance. The 5 elements of Eastern astrology are:

Metal: The Organizer (birth years ending in 0 or 1)
Water: The Empathizers (birth years ending in 2 or 3)
Wood: The Providers (birth years ending in 4 or 5)
Fire: The Energizers (birth years ending in 6 or 7)
Earth: The Stabilizers (birth years ending in 8 or 9)

How each element can create resilience for you in 2024:

Metal: Stay aware. Check  your judgments, being flexible and open.
Water: Rest and practice self care. Fill your tanks to avoid getting drained.
Wood: Stay aware. Flow freely but don’t burn through resources.
Fire: Relax and receive: Enjoy a year of feeling supported.
Earth: Build support systems. Create safe spaces with loving people.

7. Do I have enough alone time?

Caves are natural habitats for mythical dragons, a quiet place to go inward and recharge.

Action: Honor your sacred alone time. How can I make my alone time more sacred and meaningful?

Try these mantras:
• I enjoy my own sacred company!
• I give myself permission to be alone and say no to activities that don’t nourish, excite or interest me.

8. Visualize your highest potential.

Dragons also live up high in the clouds, a place to rise above and tap into creative visualization.

Action: Where do I feel more inspired? Give yourself permission to soar.

Ask yourself to answer: Where I visualize my highest potential in 2024, this is what I see…


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About the Chinese Zodiac Calendar and Finding Your Sign

The Eastern calendar follows the moon, which is why Lunar New Year dates shift annually on the Western calendar. The timing is based on the moon-based lunisolar calendar, not the Gregorian calendar.

There are 12 months in most years of the lunisolar calendar; leap years have 13 months, and 2024 is a leap year.

Unlike Western Sun signs, which are based on month-long periods, your Chinese zodiac sign corresponds with years. Your Chinese zodiac sign is not related to constellations. But it is related to the moon’s monthly cycles.

Astro fact: The word “zodiac” means “little circle of animals.”

The lunar zodiac assigns an animal and its traits to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. The 12-year cycle is an approximation to the 11.85-year orbital period of Jupiter.

Visit our Chinese astrology section to explore more.

Was I born in the Year of the Dragon?

People born in these years are (or will be!) Dragons in the Chinese Zodiac:
1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

But! There is an exception. If you are a Capricorn born in January, you may be reading the wrong animal sign, and that’s because the Lunar New Year coincides with the Aquarius new moon, during Aquarius season (so not the year but the date matters for you in discovering your animal sign; use the calculator below to be sure!)

Calculate your Chinese/Lunar zodiac sign below


Learn more about your Chinese zodiac animal here.

The Chinese zodiac

The Chinese or Lunar zodiac is divided into five key elements of nature, or Wu Xing: Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth. Each lunar year is governed by a different element.

Years ending in:
0-1 are Metal
2-3 are Water
4-5 are Wood
6-7 are Fire
8-9 are Earth

A year ending in 4 or 5 is ruled by the Wood element, such as 2024’s Year of the Wood Dragon and 2025’s Year of the Wood Snake.

Check out our 2024 article hub on Astrostyle.com for more about the year’s major astrology.

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