Release the Unicorns! Aquarius Season 2023 Is Here. But Are You *Ready*?

It’s time to get weird—or proudly stay that way. (Join us!) The four weeks of Aquarius season are made for experimentation. But with this communal air sign blowing through town, don’t even think about exploring your wild side alone.

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological sign, no matter what your Sun sign horoscope may be. Here is everything you need to know about Aquarius season.

So, when is Aquarius season?

Aquarius season begins January 20, 2023 and ends February 18, 2023. It arrives right after Capricorn season and before Pisces season.

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Here are the key Aquarius characteristics

Aquarius is the one of the zodiac’s three air signs (along with Gemini and Libra) and part of the “fixed” quality (or triplicity).

Aquarius is an air sign

If you want to get things moving, air signs act as the “winds of change.” These mobile, intellectual signs inspire action, innovation and out-of-the-box ideas.

Aquarius is a “fixed” sign

Fixed signs the zodiac’s stabilizers—the ones who set up a solid goal or foundation, then start building. (The others fixed signs are Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.)

When the Sun is in a fixed sign it means: production is underway!

Tenacious fixed cycles occur at the middle of each calendar season (i.e., winter) and help us move from idea to action. You might feel more like a drone than a queen bee during these times, but that’s okay. Fixed phases are essential for getting the job done. Stay focused, hustle and pay attention to the bottom line as well as the details.

Uranus is Aquarius’s ruling planet; Saturn is its co-ruler

Since it was discovered by telescope in 1781, electrifying, innovative Uranus is the modern planet that governs Aquarius. The only planet that spins on its side, it’s a fitting galactic ruler for this quirky sign! In astrology, Uranus is the planet that oversees science, metaphysics and our higher minds. This futuristic planet can be quite the disruptor, while also making sense of the chaos.

Prior to Uranus being discovered by William Herschel (and some believe, his sister Caroline) in 1781, Saturn was the ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn. The ringed taskmaster planet is now considered the “minor” or secondary ruler for Aquarius. Perhaps that’s why people born under this sign aren’t just eccentric. Like Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle, they bring their groundbreaking ideas to life.

What does it mean when it’s Aquarius season?

When the Sun journeys through the Aquarius part of the sky (from our vantage point on Earth…we know the Sun ain’t really moving!), we say, “Welcome to Aquarius season.” This four-week period begins on January 19-20 and ends on February 18-19, depending on the year.

Assemble your crew of collaborators and get ready to make magic together!

For the four weeks the Sun is in Aquarius, let this community-driven sign guide you through changing roles. Seek out a team that aligns with your values and appreciates your strengths.

It may be time to lean into technology to streamline your search. So fire up LinkedIn and get to networking to help you find your people faster. The perfect left brain to your right brain (or vice versa) could be a click or two away!

Aquarius season is fueled with idealism. Be wary of unrealistic expectations. But don’t let fear of failure or being “too ambitious” stop you from reaching toward your goals!

Focus on community and inclusivity and make it your responsibility to bring out the best in others. After all, doesn’t success feel better when it’s shared?

What will Aquarius season do for my love life?

After four weeks of family-friendly activities and Q1 career demands, we’re all ready to cut loose! While the Water Bearer is known for playing it cool, this rational four-week transit can bring verrrry interesting developments to the game of love. Let your mind (and fantasies) wander beyond their prior scope. Maybe you’re ready to experiment a little—or a lot. In the sign of friendship and universal love, lines could blur between platonic pals and situationship. Couples can enjoy more time socializing as a pair, especially if your date nights come with a wild and edgy flair.

7 ways to embrace the envelope-pushing camaraderie of Aquarius season 2023

1. Summon your soul squad

As mentioned, Aquarius is the third of the zodiac’s three ultra-social air signs. Its arrival lures us all out of our caves for some winter interactivity.

Since this sign also rules technology, communing virtually fits a vibe. While Gemini and Libra (the companion air signs) center around twinning and twosomes, Aquarius is the sign of large groups. Three is company, not a crowd; in fact, you might need to rent a party bus to bring your squad around town! (And if it has a karaoke machine installed, all the better.)

Why not give your inner gamer the wheel? Treat yourself to a VR headset that lets you play with otherworldly beings. If you have the funds to spare, get back on the Peloton leaderboard or join another online fitness community. Friends might love trying a new eating plan together and sharing progress on an app or in the metaverse.

2. Embrace the weird

Aquarius’s modern-day ruler is wonky Uranus, the planet that spins on its side due to a tilted axis. Where do you sail along an unconventional orbit? It’s time to put your quirkiest ideas and offbeat style on display, and do so shamelessly.

The beautiful paradox of this “One Love” star sign (an anthem written by Aquarius Bob Marley that had an official video made long after his death, by many of his fans, how very Aquarian!) is that it governs both community and originality. Skip the matching team jerseys and embrace the “patchwork quilt” effect that comes from being part of an inclusive collective.

And while you’re at it, share your visionary ideas in casual conversation and on your feeds. Aquarius governs social media, and this zodiac season could unleash the next round of YouTubers, Instagram influencers, TikTokers, e-com and metaverse mavens among us. If you are one of them, please don’t follow the filtered flock! Find a creative way to put yourself on digital display.

During Aquarius season, it’s beneficial to stay open to radical ideas and cutting-edge collaborations. What starts as a “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we…?” conversation could turn out to be the next Silicon-Valley-funded startup. You never know!

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3. Project manage your wild hares

Make no assumptions! Aquarius energy might be way eccentric, but this star sign can pull off the wildest plan with a project manager’s precision. Before Uranus was discovered by a strong enough telescope in 1781, the traditional ruler of Aquarius was taskmaster Saturn.

Aquarius is also one of the four “fixed” signs (along with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio). These are the zodiac’s stabilizers—the ones who take all our enthusiastic ideas and plug them into a legit plan with budgets and milestones and timelines. If you’re dreaming up something edgy or world-changing, Aquarius season can also help you put a savvy production plan in place to bring it to life.

4. Create a Time Bank during Aquarius season

Sharing truly is caring—for our neighbors, the planet, and our wallets—and these uncertain economic times are continuing to underscore that. Look for ways you can pool funds with family, close friends and neighbors to invest in helpful tools that you can all use. And don’t forget that money isn’t the only form of funding that can be used.

Aquarius season is the perfect time to organize a Time Bank—especially since this sign’s co-ruler is Saturn, the planet that literally rules time and economics. Designed by legal professor Edgar Cahn in 1980, time banking simply uses time as a currency. True to Aquarian egalitarianism, there is no different value to the “money” in a time bank and its mission is rooted in social justice, equity and honoring the purpose we all came here to live. One hour equals one hour and people “pay” in with time-based service. Time banks can be designed for any purpose and vary in size from 20 to 20,000 people. Bigger ones use the Community Weaver software to keep members organized.

5. Activate your activism

Since Aquarius rules society and collective action, politics and humanitarianism fall under its realm. Get involved in something that will have a positive impact on your community, especially for the people who might normally be ignored or underserved. Activism is part of our everyday realities since this decade began (and before!), with so many important issues on the table.

Not sure where to start learning about the issues? Check out this list of database trackers (from the National Conference of State Legislatures) to get info on the top trending U.S. Bills regarding topics you care about most. Or arm yourself with facts about climate change at‘s Global Climate Movement. You could also swear off meat for a month, a move that can positively impact the Earth. No step you take is too small.

6. Don’t bottle up your feelings

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer, and metaphorically, this star sign has a habit of bottling up feelings until the emotional cup runneth over. Then boom! Those suppressed emotions come pouring out in a rush, taking everyone by surprise! During this solar cycle, it’s important to do regular self-check-ins. While we may all want to be cool and unruffled, denying that things affect us is a recipe for a meltdown.

Aquarius season isn’t necessarily teary; in fact, if you focus on what’s bugging you, you’ll be able to deal with it from a place of cool objectivity. Since this sign rules the higher mind, breakthrough insights can come while meditating. Check out the work of Becoming Supernatural author Dr. Joe Dispenza, whose books, videos and meditations help you rewire your mind and explore the connection between shifting internal energy and your outer world experience. (How Aquarius is THAT?!)

Also, don’t ignore your own boundaries and instincts! Peer pressure, groupthink and “going along to get along” may all hold sway during communal Aquarius season. Add in the experimental energy of this sign and you might leap way too far out of your comfort zone. If that’s the case for you, don’t beat yourself up. But do take some quiet and gentle time to rest, recalibrate and bring yourself back to center.

7. Smarten up your electronics during Aquarius season

Aquarius is the zodiac’s mad-scientist sign, the cosmic ruler of technology, science and innovation. In fact, the symbol for Aquarius is two waves resenting the current of electricity. Hey, maybe it’s not a total coincidence that Thomas Edison was born under this star sign.

If you’re feeling behind the times, get yourself up to speed, perhaps signing up for software training or a digital marketing course. Take stock: How energy-efficient are your current appliances and electronics? You don’t have to convert to a SmartHouse or invest in solar panels, but then again, why not? Renewable energy is something to learn about, like yesterday. Small changes can not only reduce your bills but also make a positive contribution to the planet.

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Let our Aquarius season playlist be your soundtrack for the Sun’s four week transit through this sign:

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