2024 Election Predictions, According to Astrologers

Twin sister astrologers, The AstroTwins, explain the astrology expected to influence the 2024 Election for U.S. president.

Disclaimer: Our opinions and the movements of the planets may or may not align. The following is what we observe happening in the stars for the 2024 Election. Our personal opinions may not be on the same page, but that’s okay. We want to provide neutral information, so you can make of it what you will! —Tali & Ophi

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2024 Election curveballs: A.I. and third-party candidates

“We see lots of curveballs this year, including some meddling from A.I. and third party candidates, becoming part of the ballot, potentially,” Ophi says. “And for the first time, we may see those third-party candidates get way farther than they ever have in elections.”

So while we are likely to see another Joe Biden (Scorpio)-Donald Trump (Gemini) round come 2024 Election Day, Pluto is in Capricorn and Jupiter in Gemini. Two presidential contenders running are those zodiac signs: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a Capricorn, and Dr. Cornel West is a Gemini.

While both RFK and Dr. West were associated with established parties, they are filing in states to run unaffiliated, as independents, on 2024 Election ballots.

“And then: stop that robot!” Tali says. “There’s a there’s a chance that A.I. will meddle at the polls.”

Pluto in Aquarius could bring algorithm tricks and election meddling to the 2024 Election that make 2016 Election’s “fake news” and the 202 Election’s “stop the steal” look amateur.

Deep-pocketed donors are going to wield some serious influence over which candidate voices are heard. “That’s nothing particularly new,” Tali observes, “but it’s not going to go away.” Especially since Pluto is back in Capricorn, from September 1 to November 19, highlighting the side of the patriarchal old guard.

Pluto and the Patriarchy

Ophi notes that Pluto first entered Capricorn (the sign that rules governments, hierarchies, corporations and the patriarchy) in 2008, when President Barack Obama was elected, and about halfway through its transit, in 2016, President Donald Trump was elected.

“So what could happen as this phase comes to an end?” Ophi asks. Pluto’s transits Capricorn every 250 or so years(!), so we won’t experience this transit again in our lifetimes. “But it is going to make quite an exit.”

With Pluto in Capricorn, it’s no surprise that reproductive rights and the power of the U.S. Supreme Court are hot button issues and will continue to be for the 2024 election. Interestingly, the Supreme Court was formed in 1789 when Pluto was last in Aquarius (transiting out of Capricorn). We may see changes to the Supreme Court judges’ lifetime terms. “Let’s hope reproductive justice is a major force in this change,” Ophi says.

The Age of Aquarius

2024 is the the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Pluto, “the transformer,” moves into Aquarius for 20 solid years on November 19. This planetary move from Capricorn to Aquarius blends the energy of the old guard and the new coming together. We’re going to have to navigate that challenge, Tali says.

Thankfully, the planets line up in 2024 to not only bolster political leaders, but ourselves as leaders.

Other key 2024 trends to watch

What do the 2024 planets hold for THIS planet? From the economy to world peace to celebrities and beyond, The AstroTwins give their annual predictions for every major part of your life in the 2024 Trend Report podcast.

Timestamps for the Trend Report podcast:

00:50– Why 2024 is the Year of Transcendent Leadership
04:20- 2024 Election: The surprising curveballs we predict for the U.S. Election
07:32- Wellness: Big Psychedelics, injectables and robo-humans
11:04- Relationships: Why love and marriage are getting a “brand refresh”
13:58- Media & Culture: The end of Twitter/X, the rise of community colleges, micro-schools and more
17:22- Fashion: Flamboyance returns for the Year of the Dragon
17:55- Climate: A surprise innovation and a spotlight on water
18:51- Why electric cars (and flying ones) could take off in the second half of 2024
20:07– War and protests: April’s intensity and world politics in 2024
23:00- Money & the Economy: A crypto comeback, Bitcoin ETFs, booms and crashes
26:45- Celebs: Taylor and Travis, Bennifer & Beyoncé, a baby bump for the Biebers?

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