2024 Trends And Predictions, According To The AstroTwins On New Astrology Podcast

The AstroTwins explore 2024 Trends and predictions, using their 2024 astrology forecast, on their newly launched AstroTwins Radio podcast.

Disclaimer: Our opinions and the movements of the planets may or may not align. The following is what we observe happening in the stars. Our personal opinions about 2024 Trends may not be on the same page, but that’s okay. We want to provide neutral information, so you can make of it what you will! —Tali & Ophi

2024 Trends and Predictions, by The AstroTwins

What do the 2024 planets hold for us down here on Earth? From the economy to world peace to celebrities and beyond, The AstroTwins give their annual predictions for every major part of your life in the 2024 Trends Report podcast, which you can listen to below or on your favorite podcast player.

2024 Is the Year of Transcendent Leadership

We are calling 2024 the Year of Transcendent Leadership. Why? The way the planets are lining up shows an overriding theme of power and authority. But not in the old way that was about privilege and domination, Tali explains, but rather the transcendent leadership that rises from within us as individuals.

“What we’ve been feeling and saying as we’ve made our predictions is that the old model of leadership is really not working,” Ophi says. “If it was, the planet would not be in some of the states that it’s in right now. In the Transcendent Leadership year, it’s time to turn the pointer finger back at ourselves.”

2024 Trends are also influenced this year by it being an 8 Universal Year in Numerology and The Year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology. Both also support the Year of Transcendent Leadership.

What the Transcendent Leadership Year means for you

Look at where you can lead, Ophi says. Everyone has the space, no matter how big in in your life, where you can rise into a role of leadership. You can impact the outcome in the lives of others. It may be in your home, it may be with your friends or work or your community. Wherever it is, in every moment you have an opportunity to lead.

“Transcendent leadership sometimes means you transcend the bickering that’s happening on your social media feed,” Ophi adds. Instead, observe and see where you can make a positive change.”

Tali cautions this isn’t a way to justify the unjustifiable, but rather you don’t try to solve problems at problem level. The transcendence requires us to look at things from a completely different angle, if we want to get out of this paradigm that’s been going on for so long.

That can be challenging because there are very clear cut ethical rights and wrongs that we see, that we feel in our human spirit. It doesn’t mean condoning them.

“When it comes time to lead,” Tali says, “how do you do that in a way that allows for a new, unprecedented solution to emerge? That’s what we have all year to work on.”

The AstroTwins Podcast: 2024 Trends and More

Every year The AstroTwins include global 2024 Trends in their annual horoscope book.

Hear what The AstroTwins have to say about the 2024 Election here!

“When the new year begins, we’re all wondering what’s going to happen,” Tali says. “2024 is such a huge year, not just with the election, but with the climate being what it is, on every level (and every type of climate: relationships, the environment, war and peace); we talk about it all on the podcast.”

The list of topics covered in the 2024 Trend Report podcast plus their timestamps are listed below.

Timestamps for the 2024 Trend Report podcast:

00:50– Why 2024 is the Year of Transcendent Leadership
04:20- 2024 Election: The surprising curveballs we predict for the U.S. Election
07:32- Wellness: Big Psychedelics, injectables and robo-humans

11:04- Relationships: Why love and marriage are getting a “brand refresh”
13:58- Media & Culture: The end of Twitter/X, the rise of community colleges, micro-schools and more
17:22- Fashion: Flamboyance returns for the Year of the Dragon

17:55- Climate: A surprise innovation and a spotlight on water
18:51- Why electric cars (and flying ones) could take off in the second half of 2024
20:07– War and protests: April’s intensity and world politics in 2024

23:00- Money & the Economy: A crypto comeback, Bitcoin ETFs, booms and crashes
26:45- Celebs: Taylor and Travis, Bennifer & Beyoncé, a baby bump for the Biebers?

Get the full 2024 global report in The AstroTwins 2024 Horoscope book — now on sale!

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