Year Of The Snake: Chinese Horoscope

Pick your poison! Charming and cunning, the sensual Snake is one of the Chinese zodiac’s most irresistible creatures.

All about the Year of the Snake!

Year of the Snake in the Chinese zodiac

1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

The personality of the Snake in Chinese astrology

Ever meet someone so magnetic, you found yourself saying yes to their every request? Chances are, this person was a Snake. Irresistible and charming, few can resist this persuasive sign. Snakes are sensual creatures who love beauty and dress in unique, unforgettable styles, like Sarah Jessica Parker. Everything Snakes do is driven by intuition, and their business instincts are razor sharp. That’s because Snakes understand people, and can spot a winning (or losing) idea instantly.

Psychic dreams are common. Want to keep a secret? Don’t go near this sign. As with Snakes Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey, being around them makes you want to spill your innermost thoughts and secrets. Most Snakes aren’t malicious, in spite of their animal association. They are masters of transformation and reinvention, shedding one “skin” to reveal yet another new persona. Generous as they come, Snakes happily share their abundant power with those who respect it.

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The Snake is ruled by the planet Venus

Charmed, I’m sure! Ruled by magnetic and amorous Venus, the Snake is a captivating creature. The seductive Snake wraps us in an enchanting coil of attraction, and we willingly fall into their trance. Pain and pleasure mix into a heady cocktail of infatuation; we touch the divine as we edge into danger, unable to break the Snake’s spell on us. 

To get swept up in the swivel of the Snake is astrology’s most tender trap. (Has it happened to you too?) Venus is the goddess of love after all, and those who fall for Snakes crash hard. What’s not to adore? Snakes bear generous gifts and speak in silver-tongued sentiments stippled with sincerity. In the bedroom, blessed by Venus, they have PhDs in pleasure. And they make such elegant social companions, we’re certain their beauty will raise our own appeal. We know they have an agenda, but we don’t care—it feels too good to bask in Venus’ garden of earthly delights. 

Even Snakes with a deadly strike move nimbly, powered by Venusian grace. Who would believe that this sinewy serpent could swallow you whole in its little jaws or squeeze the life out of you with a slow embrace?

The Snake is one of Venus’ two children, in both Eastern and Western astrology. In the Chinese zodiac, Venus rules the Snake and the Dog; in the Western horoscope, Taurus and Libra. The Snake is paired with Taurus, who shares their love of material delights and comfort. Financial stability is the main motive of both Snake and Bull. They need to live “the good life,” however that looks for them. In many astrological systems, Venus rules money. Snakes know how to attract it…and sweet-talk it right out of your pocket. (Need a star salesperson? Hire a Snake!)   

Wondering whether your Snake is a harmless creature or out to kill? The answer: It depends whether you threaten their security.

If you alarm a Snake, their “reptilian brain” that’s driven by survival needs—fight, flee, fornicate—can cause the Snake to act on instinct. Bam! They’ll neatly polish off their enemies, leaving no trace or survivors. And it will happen in the blink of an eye, leaving you wondering if you imagined the whole thing. (Venus blesses them with good manners…)

But…if you play nice inside of Venus’ blissful bubble, epic fun is guaranteed. Your Snake will be a sexy and side-splitting sidekick, loyal as long as you maintain the pleasure-driven lifestyle to which they’re accustomed. A fair tradeoff? Maybe not. But bewitched by the Snake, you won’t care anyway.

The “Animal Planets” (Chinese astrology planetary rulers)

Rat: Jupiter
Ox: Saturn
Tiger: Uranus
Rabbit: Neptune
Dragon: Mars
Snake: Venus
Horse: Mercury
Sheep: Moon
Monkey: Sun
Rooster: Mercury
Dog: Venus
Pig: Pluto

Other traits of the Snake Chinese astrology sign

Western Sign: Taurus

Who is the Snake compatible with? OxRooster

Famous Snakes (these celebrities were born in a Year of the Snake): Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Brooke Shields, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Charlie Sheen, John Mayer, Kanye West, Psy, Tom Brady, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Barbara Walters, Kim Basinger, Chris Brown, Tyler Oakley, Nina Dobrev, Dr. Dre, Daniel Radcliffe, Joe Jonas, Bebe Rexha, J.K. Rowling, Chris Rock, Charlie Sheen, Suge Knight, Viola Davis, Chris Martin, Kerry Washington, Billie Eilish, Prince George, Brie Larson

The 5 Elements of Chinese Astrology

The Chinese zodiac is divided into five key elements of nature, or Wu Xing: wood, water, metal, fire and earth. Each lunar year is governed by a different element.

Years Ending in are ruled by:
0-1: Metal
2-3: Water
4-5: Wood
6-7: Fire
8-9: Earth

Years of the Snake and their element

1929: Earth Snake
1941: Metal Snake
1953: Water Snake
1965: Wood Snake
1977: Fire Snake
1989: Earth Snake
2001: Metal Snake
2013: Water Snake
2025: Wood Snake

Not a Snake? Find your Chinese zodiac sign and element using the calculator below:

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Find your Chinese/lunar year zodiac sign

Learn which animal archetype ruled over the 12-month lunar year that you were born:

Find our elemental year (metal, water, wood, fire or earth)

Every decade is divided into two-year blocks, each ruled by an element:

The Chinese zodiac sign that governs your birth year can tell you a lot about your personality, interests, romantic compatibility and career path. Learn more about your Chinese zodiac in the Chinese astrology section of Astrostyle.

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