Year Of The Pig: Chinese Horoscope

Looking for a good time? Communal and convivial Pigs (also called Boars) prize pleasure—and for this Chinese astrology sign, the more is the merrier.

All about the Year of the Pig (or Year of the Boar)!

Year of the Pig (or Year of the Boar) in the Chinese zodiac

1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

The personality of the Pig in Chinese astrology

Pleasure-lovers to the core, sensual Pigs (or Boars) know how to have fun. They love indulging in the good life, and at times, go too far into excess. But that’s a Pig: over the top and not afraid of it. Although they enjoy luxury, Pigs have more of a “new money” approach to it, and can err on the side of tacky. They know how to laugh at themselves, and could care less, since they’re usually laughing all the way to the bank.

Provocative Pigs enjoy power, and gladly stir up controversy, like Tupac Shakur, Hillary Clinton and Simon Cowell. Showy Pigs love to flaunt their status, and can throw a good insult at their foes. At times, greed can be an issue for this sign. Their desires easily get the best of them. Most Pigs can benefit from a little restraint and discipline. And they’re best off incorporating it themselves, rather than having the law or life impose limits on them.


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The Pig is ruled by the planet Pluto

The Pig is ruled by the planet Pluto, which rules power, intensity and the underworld. Pigs are often either wealthy or around people of wealth and prestige. Like Pluto’s extremes, Pigs enjoy the indulgence of the high life but can also roll around in the mud.

In Western astrology, Pluto is associated with Scorpio, making this the zodiac sign complement to the Boar. Scorpio is a similarly calculating sign that can be strategic at best and crafty, even criminal, at its worst. Forever looking for a peak sensory experience, Scorpio energy is as intense as the Pig’s.

The “Animal Planets” (Chinese astrology planetary rulers)

Rat: Jupiter
Ox: Saturn
Tiger: Uranus
Rabbit: Neptune
Dragon: Mars
Snake: Venus
Horse: Mercury
Sheep: Moon
Monkey: Sun
Rooster: Mercury
Dog: Venus
Pig: Pluto

Other traits of the Pig Chinese astrology sign

Western Sign: Scorpio

Compatible With: RabbitSheep

Famous Pigs (these celebrities were born in a Year of the Pig): Simon Cowell, Denise Richards, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Woody Allen, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, Post Malone, Troye Sivan, Gigi Hadid, Gabby Douglas, Chris Hemsworth, Carrie Underwood, Mila Kunis, Donald Glover, Macklemore, Amy Winehouse, Kate Bosworth, Winona Ryder, Scott Disick, Emily Blunt, Jonah Hill, Mark Wahlberg, Jared Leto, Amy Poehler, Elon Musk, Mary J Blige, Jada Pinkett Smith, Timothée Chalamet, Logan Paul, Dua Lipa, Doja Cat

The 5 Elements of Chinese Astrology

The Chinese zodiac is divided into five key elements of nature, or Wu Xing: wood, water, metal, fire and earth. Each lunar year is governed by a different element.

Years Ending in are ruled by:
0-1: Metal
2-3: Water
4-5: Wood
6-7: Fire
8-9: Earth

Years of the Pig and their element

1923: Water Pig
1935: Wood Pig
1947: Fire Pig
1959: Earth Pig
1971: Metal Pig
1983: Water Pig
1995: Wood Pig
2007: Fire Pig
2019: Earth Pig

Not a Pig? Find your Chinese zodiac sign and element using the calculator below:

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Every decade is divided into two-year blocks, each ruled by an element:

The Chinese zodiac sign that governs your birth year can tell you a lot about your personality, interests, romantic compatibility and career path. Learn more about your Chinese zodiac in the Chinese astrology section of Astrostyle.

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