Uranus Astrology: The Ultimate Planet Guide

Eureka! Uranus governs the zodiac sign Aquarius, under which Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, was born. In astrology, radical and metaphysical Uranus is the planet that rules our higher minds.

What Uranus means in astrology

Uranus can’t be seen without a telescope, and so we didn’t know of its existence until 1781. Thus, Uranus is part of the modern astrological system. Fittingly, this planet (as well Neptune and Pluto) are associated with the unseen aspects of life. Uranus’ domain is akin to that of future-forward Aquarius, the star sign that rules scientific inventions, electricity, innovation and technology. These are all things that require us to stretch beyond our vision and lean in to belief. For example, we might not be able to prove the Uranian, but we feel a certainty about its existence. Even the Internet—which is Uranus’ domain—is a form of virtual reality, if you think about it.

In mythology, Uranus is known as Father Sky who bore children with Gaia or Gaea, aka Mother Earth. This is the planet that rules outer space and aeronautics and shows where we want to fly free—without restriction! (Gravity…what’s that?!)  Given these liberated vibes, it’s no surprise that parenting did not come naturally to the Uranus of lore. Legend has it that Father Sky was cruel to his children, burying some in the earth and banishing others. Saturn, one of his sons, even castrated Uranus out of revenge.

Uranus shows where we’ll fly our freak flags and insist on doing things in our own unique ways.

Similarly, Uranus in your natal chart can indicate where you want to abdicate responsibility and remain eternally youthful and untethered. Uranus spends approximately seven years in each sign, and has a hand in shaping generational thought. Someone born with Uranus in marriage-minded Libra may struggle with matrimonial duties. Interestingly enough, divorce rates began to rise when Uranus visited Libra from 1969-75. People born with Uranus in mysterious Scorpio tend to be sexually liberated, rebelling against puritanical values and perhaps having a “no strings attached” relationship to the erotic act.

To find out your Uranus sign, run a free chart here: www.astrostyle.com/birthchart

As an icy gas giant, Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system. Astrologically, its effect can be equally chilly and dispassionate, preferring rational thought over raw emotion—yes, even when grappling with all the metaphysical subject matter it rules: astrology, yoga and kundalini energy (the “body electric”).

Science may reign over spirit where Uranus is concerned; or at least be incorporated into its systems. Think about astrology—a topic that is mystical but also trackable with data and math! Anyone can learn this star-powered divination tool, even if no one can clearly explain WHY it works. Kundalini yoga and tantra are examples of Uranus’ high-minded sexiness, teaching us how to use the electricity (or life force energy) in our bodies to have more soulful sensual exchanges.

What does it mean to be born with Uranus in your chart?

The placement of this “mad scientist” planet in the natal chart shows where we are prone to eccentricity and groundbreaking thought. A weirdo among its solar system cohort, Uranus rotates on its axis in a retrograde motion. It shows where we’ll fly our freak flags and insist on doing things in our own unique ways.

Radical developments happen when Uranus is in town, for better or for worse. While Uranus was in Aries, the sign of the dominating warrior, Hitler and ISIS came to power. Scary stuff! While in its home sign of tech-savvy Aquarius, smartphones became the ubiquitous device and Internet speeds became exponentially faster, allowing us to connect to our fellow humans across physical barriers, but in real time. The collective consciousness is also ruled by this communal planet, so its transits can affect the global mindset.

There’s a bohemian aspect to Uranus, the planet of platonic love. At best, Uranus can help us feel that sense of universal connection. It can awaken the humanitarian spirit, reminding us that sharing resources is the way to thrive collectively. Festivals like Burning Man, that abide by a “gift economy” and the modern-day collective systems like ride-shares, crowdfunding apps. communal living, co-working spaces and companies like ZipCar and TaskRabbit have “Uranus” written all over them.

Utopia is possible, as far as Uranus is concerned. But we all have to simmer down a little, think clearly and realize that in the end, it’s just all peace and love.

What does Uranus represent in a birth chart

Rebel, rebel! Side-spinning Uranus is the planet of liberation. The zodiac sign and house it’s orbiting through at your birth reveals where you cannot and WILL not be fenced in. Here’s where your genius side comes out to play without reservation. You’re more experimental, spontaneous and untethered in this part of life—and you will write your own rules. 

Since Uranus is associated with activism and humanitarian work, the house it falls in can give clues about your social impact and what cause will rev up your fighting spirit in this lifetime. Chaos alert! You may find that this area of life is constantly in flux—and that you like it like that. The rest of the world might have another opinion, however. At some point you may have to do more “adulting” here so your rebel ways don’t encroach on other people’s freedom.

All about your Uranus sign or natal Uranus

Whatever zodiac sign and house Uranus was orbiting through at your time of birth determines your “natal Uranus” or “Uranus sign.” More specifically, this will guide you in the following ways:

  • Liberation: Where you must be free to “do you”
  • Innovation: Your special brand of genius and originality
  • Chaos: Where you like to shake things up and enjoy the thrill of uncertainty
  • Life-force energy: What makes you feel alive and electric
  • Rebellion: What you’ll rail against—no one’s controlling you here!
  • The higher mind: Where you can rise above and think beyond the box
  • Idealism: Your hopes and wishes; the vision of how things could be
  • Community: Who are your people? Where do you belong?
  • Activism: What principles you’ll stand up for

Uranus is one of the outer planets, housed between Jupiter and Pluto. Because of its distance from the Sun, it has a huge orbit to make. Uranus takes 84 years to circle el Sol, spending an average of seven years in each one of the zodiac signs. Since Uranus governs society and collective consciousness, its transits shape mass culture. Every Uranus cycle influences a generation, directing political issues, activism and pop culture trends that unite people of a particular seven-year age group.

How do you know your Uranus?

Use our cosmic calculator to discover what zodiac sign and house Uranus was in when you were born. To accurately determine the house, you will need to know your birth time.

What if the zodiac sign and house are different?

This is common! Read both the sign and house description below. Do these interpretations pull you in two different directions? That’s not unusual. We human beings have range. Astrology is an interpretive dance, a tool which provides a fascinating layer of self-discovery. Do some “astro mixology.” Reflect on how you can work with both energies to enhance your life.

Find your Uranus sign

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Uranus astrology facts

Planetary Stats: Uranus

  • Changes Zodiac Signs: Every 7 years
  • Zodiac Sign It Rules: Aquarius
  • Day of the Week: Monday

What does Uranus govern?

  • Science and invention
  • The future
  • Liberation, rebellion
  • Eccentricity
  • Electricity
  • Life force energy

What zodiac sign does Uranus rule?


What are the special positions of Uranus? 


Uranus turns retrograde for five months of every year, so it’s not unusual to be born with this planet in reverse. You may have to work harder to muscle through its lessons, but once you nail this planet’s energy, your additional effort may actually lead to a rock-solid mastery of working with Uranus in your life. 

Domicile:  Aquarius 

The planet’s home base, an easy flow if placed here in the chart

Detriment: Leo 

Opposite sign of home base, may need to work harder to integrate the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart

Exalted: Scorpio 

The planet’s most powerful position; indicates ease and added fortune with using the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart

Fall: Taurus

Opposite sign to the exalted position, can indicate struggles with utilizing the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart

What does Uranus represent in the houses?

The meaning of the placement of Uranus in a birth chart, for each of the 12 houses

Uranus in Aries or the 1st House 

Rules? What are those? You’re a born rebel who is here to disrupt the status quo. Originality is your calling card and it shows, from the clothes you wear to your unconventional leadership style. In many ways, you’re an eternal teenager, searching for the next hit of excitement and a deliciously sneaky thrill. No matter your age, you never totally outgrow the impulse to rail against authority or question societal norms. With your game-changing perspective, you could spearhead a movement at any age, or start a business that shifts an entire industry in the most deliciously disruptive way. It’s anyone’s guess what will come out of your mouth, and you don’t mind courting controversy if it supports your ideals.

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Uranus in Taurus or the 2nd House 

Bring on the practical magic! Nothing is wasted or frivolous for those born with this resourceful Uranus placement. You utilize material assets in an innovative way, making sure there is enough for everyone in the group—and that everyone is contributing their fair share. With tech-savvy Uranus in this money-minded placement, you could earn your living working in a digital industry; or you could keep it analog, getting in the trenches at a non-profit or humanitarian aid organization.

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Uranus in Gemini or the 3rd House 

The keyboard is mightier than the sword for those born with techie Uranus in this communicative placement. Use your words to provoke new thoughts or shift the cultural dialogue. It’s anyone’s guess what you’ll post, publish or tweet next! Whether you’re recording a podcast, writing a book or slaying with memes, humor and intellect are your not-so-secret weapons. Nothing turns you on quite like a rich conversation, and you never shy away from a good debate. While no subject is off-limits for you, you approach conversations with a cool detachment. This objectivity can come in handy, but don’t forget to let your feelings have a say. 

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Uranus in Cancer or the 4th House 

Stability? What’s that? With spontaneous Uranus buzzing in domestic Cancer—or anchored at the bottom of your chart (the 4th house of roots)—“home” can be a moving target. Just when everything settles into a predictable groove, bam! You’ve got your bags packed and your flight booked, jonesing for a new adventure. With the planet of disruption in this position, your childhood may have been marked by periods of chaos, perhaps from traveling parents or frequent relocation. Even if you had a traditional upbringing, the cookie cutter existence may have felt stifling to you. It’s possible you rebelled against conformity by getting in with a troubled crowd or keeping your life in constant flux. 

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Uranus in Leo or the 5th House 

Hello, your royal fierceness! Passion is the ruling force that runs like an electric current through your life. You love to thrill and be thrilled, entertain and be entertained—and your wild streak can be legendary. With your unbridled creativity and disruptive fashion sensibilities, you could become an icon, thriving in the limelight as an uncompromising “artiste” or the face of a movement. Learning how to use all this potency effectively can take a minute. Uranus is in “detriment” here, since Leo is the opposite sign to its home base of Aquarius. 

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Uranus in Virgo or the 6th House 

Can you change the system from within? This Uranus placement says, yes! Both Virgo and the 6th house are connected with structure, order and workflow. Learning the rules is the first step in transforming them. You feel liberated when you’re operating within clear and empowering parameters. This urge could find you living as part of an intentional community or revolutionizing the structure of an organization so that everyone is equally served.

You’ll thrive in any environment where technology is utilized for both efficiency and to give the group a leading edge. Since Uranus rules the higher mind, you worry incessantly when anything feels out of order. You’re the “canary in the coal mine” chirping warnings of what portends. While you’re rarely wrong, your panicked approach can be counterproductive, especially if you resort to fear mongering. Careful with that! 

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Uranus in Libra or the 7th House 

Relationships: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! At heart, you’re a romantic idealist on a quest to find your twin flame…well, as long as you don’t lose your individuality in the process! Attracting someone who complements you (not completes you) is the goal. While you’re rarely alone, you may be single for long stretches, entertaining a rotating cast of lovers. This may show up in your career as well. You love to create as half of a dynamic duo, but rarely will you take on a long-term partner. The magic has REALLY got to be there for you to sign on the dotted line, and that looks like a joint venture that lets your individual talents shine. 

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Uranus in Scorpio or the 8th House 

Hello, transformer! Metamorphic Uranus is “exalted” in Scorpio, the planet’s most powerful position on the zodiac wheel. The combination of the free-spirited, unabashedly eccentric planet and the zodiac’s most secretive and controlling sign is a strange brew! Yet it allows you to shock and awe people simultaneously—while also seducing them with your rapturous charms! When you tap into this “sexy rebel” energy, you could spearhead a movement. When you allow envy, rage, vengeance or other deadly sins to get the best of you, your powers can be destructive, poisoning the community well. Learning to wield your influence responsibly is a core lesson in your personal evolution. 

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Uranus in Sagittarius or the 9th House 

Think outside the box? Wait, what box? You’re a broad-minded philosopher who questions everything. This would probably frustrate most people if you didn’t have such a killer sense of humor. You’re as cheeky as you are scholarly, and people adore your unscripted ways. When you feel passionate about a subject, you’re a principled idealist who must speak your truth at any cost. At times, this can get you in hot water…or locked into an exhausting Twitter war. You have better things to do than fight with trolls. 

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Uranus in Capricorn or the 10th House 

Renegade or mogul: How about both? With radical, communal Uranus in this success-driven placement, you could rise to the top ranks through unconventional means, blazing a fascinating trail as you go. Since the 10th house rules traditional corporate structures, you may be the industry disruptor, shaking up an archaic institution with your innovative methodologies. Stay on guard! Cautious, conservative types will try to shut you down. Don’t leak energy battling these authorities. (Even if it’s hard to resist!) Stay focused on your larger mission, gathering support for your work, both online and in real time. It won’t be long before you win the “popular vote” and your naysayers will have to acquiesce. 

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Uranus in Aquarius or the 11th House 

Belly up to the genius bar and make it a double shot! Uranus is in its element in its home sign of Aquarius—and the 11th house is this planet’s natural domain. Refreshingly original, you’re a born innovator who loves to collaborate, think-tank style. Where other people see boxes and straight lines, you see fractals and sacred geometry. It’s not that you’re trying to be “different,” you just are. And that is totally your charm! This placement makes you naturally popular, whether you’re a geeky gamer, performance artist or rebel with a cause. The best part is, you have zero need to conform; in fact, it’s your individuality that makes you a hit. 

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Uranus in Pisces or the 12th House 

You’re a high-minded healer who is guided by both logic and compassion. That’s quite the range you’ve got there! (And quite the gift.) You’d make an excellent therapist since you can be empathetic while maintaining a healthy sense of detachment. No matter your professional field, you’ll find yourself tuned in to the emotional current of the room, reading “vibes” and energy with amazing alacrity. With your high EQ, you may create systems that help other people understand their own inner workings. Since Uranus governs TV and the Internet, you might fall into an unanticipated role as a motivational coach on social media. You never know! 

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