What Uranus in Cancer/the 4th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Uranus in Cancer or in the 4th house

Stability? What’s that? With spontaneous Uranus in Cancer—or anchored at the bottom of your chart (the 4th house of roots)—“home” can be a moving target.

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Traits of Uranus in Cancer

Just when everything settles into a predictable groove, bam! You’ve got your bags packed and your flight booked, jonesing for a new adventure. With the planet of disruption in this position, your childhood may have been marked by periods of chaos, perhaps from traveling parents or frequent relocation. Even if you had a traditional upbringing, the cookie cutter existence may have felt stifling to you. It’s possible you rebelled against conformity by getting in with a troubled crowd or keeping your life in constant flux. 

Ironically, you’ll feel perpetually ungrounded in this lifetime until you find (or create!) a solid base camp for yourself. Good news: Sanctuary is yours to design, whether it’s an Airstream trailer, a communal living house or a pod-sized apartment on the 42nd floor of a metropolitan high-rise. Learn to make home wherever you are. It’s a true superpower of this Uranus in Cancer placement. 

Uranus in Cancer relationships

Family is another area where you’ll color outside the lines. If you aren’t close to the people who share your DNA, form a “chosen family” with hand-selected friends. Emotional intelligence is your strong suit and it’s easy for you to form high-speed connections with virtual strangers. Insta-BFFs? It’s possible for you! Uranus is the technology planet so you may rely on social media and video chats to stay in touch with your crew. 


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