What Uranus in Aquarius/the 11th House Reveals about Your Chart

All about Uranus in Aquarius or in the 11th house

Belly up to the genius bar and make it a double shot! Uranus in Aquarius is in its element, its home sign and the eleventh house is this planet’s natural domain.

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Traits of Uranus in Aquarius

Refreshingly original, you’re a born innovator who loves to collaborate, think-tank style. Where other people see boxes and straight lines, you see fractals and sacred geometry. It’s not that you’re trying to be “different,” you just are. And that is totally your charm!

This placement makes you naturally popular, whether you’re a geeky gamer, performance artist or rebel with a cause. The best part is, you have zero need to conform; in fact, it’s your individuality that makes you a hit. 

Part of you dislikes having any sort of “privilege” over others in this way. You believe that all people should be treated equally, and you are forever sticking up for the underdog.

Uranus in Aquarius seeks justice

In groups, you go out of your way to make sure people feel included and are being properly compensated for their work. You have a keen sense of justice! And like it or not, you’ve got the It Factor of a pop star. Once you embrace this as a gift, you can use your superpower to spread a message of love and kindness. Social media and the Internet are excellent playgrounds for doing this, whether you start an online business or amplify a powerful cause with your artfully hashtagged posts. 

This Uranus placement can make you a bit detached when it comes to relationships. It’s not that you can’t be intimately connected, but you may be just as happy surrounded by the company of great friends as you are in a one-on-one. But don’t get so swept up in group dynamics that you forget to make time for people individually. Even if you don’t crave deep bonding 24/7, you certainly enjoy it in doses!


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