5 Aries Season Rituals To Usher In The Zodiac New Year

Try one of these Aries Season rituals to make the most of the Sun’s four-week journey through this indie-spirited fire sign.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, making this monthlong season all about blazing trails and starting fresh. Break free from groupthink and act independently. Take chances and explore novel ideas. One of our Aries season rituals can get you started!

Have fun dabbling! In 2024, Aries Season begins March 19 and ends April 19.

Aries Season Rituals

1. Feed your head…but don’t get lost in it

Time to build on the dreamy vibes of Pisces Season. The Sun’s journey through Aries unlocks your visionary powers and turns your focus toward new (and never-been-done-before) ideas. Since Aries rules the head, this is a mentally active solar cycle.

As the starter sign of the zodiac—and the first of the three fire signs—Aries is like the spark that ultimately creates the flame. But it’s too soon to get stuck tending to any blazes! For the coming four weeks, get all your brilliant gems captured without committing to the thing—yet.

Aries season ritual idea: Mind-mapping

This the perfect tool for keeping all those inspirational bursts organized while remaining in an organic, imaginative flow. How it works: Essentially, this system involves writing one idea in a circle in the center of a paper, then mapping sub-ideas (and sub-sub-ideas) in circles, branching outward.

When pragmatic Taurus takes the wheel on April 19, you can give those maps a review. Then, figure out which are realistic enough to plug into a schedule and spreadsheet. Until then, let yourself picture what could be without worrying about the practical considerations.

2. Move your body

It’s easy to get swept up in a zillion projects and plans during fast-moving Aries season, only to get overwhelmed and bail on them all!

To avoid overload, make physical activity a priority for your Aries season ritual. Not only does moving your body get any stuck energy flowing, it alchemizes stress that can elevate during this combative solar cycle.

Variety is the spice of spring training. Stream new fitness classes or take your workouts outside. If you have a routine you love, change up the scenery. Do yoga on your balcony; hop off the Peloton and onto your mountain bike. Since Aries is the warrior sign, try a workout that incorporates martial arts or learn some self-defense moves.

3. Listen to your anger

Anger is a touchstone emotion during Aries season, one that may flare up unexpectedly. No one wants to be the rager in the room, of course. A trick to anger management is to notice the emotion instead of stuffing it down. Ignoring what bugs you is what causes frustration to flare up and inevitably combust.

Aries season ritual idea: Tune in to what (or who) is getting under your skin

How it works: Make a mental note about what triggers you, then find a neutral third party with whom you can process the feelings. What you DON’T want to do, however, is reactively fire off a text about your feelings or pick up the phone to tell someone off. The impetuous vibes of Aries season can lead you to burn bridges or create a regrettable mess that takes years (and tears) to clean up.

When you do a little excavating to figure out what’s shortening your fuse, you might discover that you need to set clear boundaries or move on from a situation that you’ve outgrown.

4. What if you reframed “some day” as “today?”

As the zodiac’s “youngest” sign, Aries can bring out a playful sense of wonder in you. This Aries season ritual calls for you to embrace the Buddhist concept of Shoshin or beginner’s mind. How it works: What if you view every familiar person, place or thing as if you were seeing it for the first time? You may discover a totally new dimension to the experience.

See what happens if you drop all assumptions. Instead, be curious and ask questions. (Surprise! The answers you hear might not be as obvious as you suspect.) Approach your work or personal goals with that same sense of openness. Children don’t judge themselves when they’re learning a new skill, like playing an instrument or kicking a soccer ball. But adults let ego and self-doubt get in their way.

Imagine finally starting your own business, being a digital nomad for a quarter, or crossing something off your bucket list without a care in the world if you succeeded or failed? Will you take a risk or continue to “future-file” your dreams?

Here’s a fun Aries season ritual: say “yes” to everything for a day. It’s an experiment we’ve tried when we’ve felt in a rut. Awaken your youthful sense of unlimited possibility!

5. Date yourself

When was the last time you reveled in your own company? Aries is the ruler of self-love—a lesson many born under this star sign devote(d) their lives to teaching us, like Maya Angelou and Lady Gaga.

Remember: Enjoying sacred solo time is not the same as isolating oneself. We recommend consciously interacting with the world while also tuning in to your thoughts and feelings!

On our bookshelf of favorite self-development titles we often quote is Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. One of Cameron’s tools is the weekly Artist’s Date. This is a “festive, solo expedition to explore something that interests you.” She advises this date is “more about mischief than mastery.”

Whether you’re wandering through a museum’s special exhibit, sketching spring botanicals in the park or enjoying every rapturous bite of a chef’s tasting menu while sitting at the restaurant bar, this ritualized experience can awaken you to the pleasure of spending time with me, myself and I.

Other Aries Season Rituals You Can Try

You may also use the following to help get in the zone during the highly productive energy of Aries season.

An Aries season mediation to begin anew

Or an Aries meditation that invokes the fire element

Working with crystals for Aries season

And let our Aries season playlist be your soundtrack for the Sun’s four week transit through this sign!

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