Your Soundtrack for Aries Season

When the Sun travels through the sign of the Ram, it kicks off the astrological new year. Here is your soundtrack for Aries season.

This Aries season playlist is a perfect soundtrack for this 4-week Sun cycle and welcome into Spring!

To set the mood for this fire cycle, we tapped Astrostyle’s resident mixmaster Jennifer Newman, AKA Astralselector on Spotify. She curates a playlist for each zodiac season.

Jennifer is the brilliant mind behind Essential Style Feng Shui (check out her Personal Style Feng Shui unit in our Home Reset Course!). She’s a former radio DJ and all around creative. Jennifer tapped into multiple layers of magic to curate these tracks.

“These songs are from my favorite Aries people,” Jennifer says. “They are songs about going out and making your way in the world, having fun and getting into trouble?!”

Jennifer says this Aries season playlist is motivating, embracing the ruling planet of Aries, Mars.

“Songs in the Key of Mars,” features 25 songs. The soundtrack is about an hour and a half.

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The four weeks of Aries season helps us pave ways for new beginnings. Use this Aries season playlist as your inspirational soundtrack for this celestial slate-clearing cycle.

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