Planetary Aspects: Opposite

Opposite: Six signs apart
180 degrees apart
Energy: Polarity, balance, mirroring

Balance, please! When two planets are opposite each other, they are as far apart of a distance as they can possibly get. Oppositions create dynamic tension, but they also bring two extremes together, which can be extremely powerful if everyone plays fair. Compromise will definitely be called for—it’s like two people from opposite parts of the world sitting down for a summit on a key issue.

For example, let’s say impatient, hasty Mars is opposite cautious Saturn. That creates some major conflict, right? Mars wants to step on the gas pedal while Saturn wants to slam the brakes. You could easily end up with a case of astrological whiplash.

BUT, there’s an opportunity here: If these two opposing forces sat down and listened to each other, they could learn a lot, working out a major dynamic duo situation by playing to their different strengths. Wise Saturn might help Mars take more calculated risks instead of blinding rushing in. Energetic Mars can show Saturn that too much hesitation can mean a missed opportunity.

In your birth chart, an opposition reveals where you may need to balance counterforces in yourself. It also shows where you need a partner, mentor or complementary person to help you get unstuck.

Which signs are opposite each other?


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