Astrological Secrets to Love That Lasts: AstroTwins “Supercouple” Convo with Boundary Boss Terri Cole

Relationship and empowerment expert Terri Cole discusses The AstroTwins’ new book, SUPERCOUPLE: Astrology Secrets for a Sexy, Soulful & Satisfying Relationship with Any Zodiac Sign, in an interview on her popular YouTube channel, with AstroTwin Ophi Edut, called “Astrological Secrets to Love That Lasts.”

The conversation explores the book’s theme: relationship astrology that The AstroTwins created using composite charts. A composite chart is when you combine your chart with someone else’s to generate a new chart, and that zodiac sign is your relationship sign.

“I’ve been waiting for you to write this book for so long!” Terri told Ophi at the beginning of their conversation.

The “Astrological Secrets to Love That Lasts” talk digs into how to use this new information to improve or shift relationships. Terri, a licensed psychotherapist, also shares psychological concepts that complement the astrological concepts.

Terri Cole’s conversation with AstroTwin Ophira Edut about “Astrological Secrets to Love That Lasts”

Astrological Secrets to Love That Lasts: Revealed!

A composite/relationship chart takes both of your charts and creates a new, third chart. That resulting chart is your relationship sign. It goes beyond, “I’m an Aries, you’re a Pisces.”

“It’s a blend of the two charts,” Ophi says. The resulting chart can help you navigate what the relationship will cultivate for both of you and for both of you.

Each planet in your chart represents a different aspect of the relationship. “This is kinda like a toolbox,” Ophi adds.

Your relationship sign creates “raised awareness

Terri says discovering your Supercouple relationship astrology is a “tool not a rule” when discovering your Astrological Secrets to Love That Lasts.

“When my awareness is raised, then there are different choices I can make,” Terri says.

Ophi agrees and explains it this way: Your chart is your personal “factory settings,” so-to-speak. But it doesn’t mean you’re “stuck” with them. Astrology is a “guidance system.”

“When astrology and these tools are used properly, they enhance and increase your free will. They don’t decrease it,” Ophi says. “You get more choices and awareness because you get more conscious of what your patterns will be.”

Ophi says the book is not about who to be in a relationship with. But if you want to be in the one you’re in, Supercouple will tell you how to navigate it, successfully.

Take a “what sign is your relationship?” quiz

Take the quiz: What Sign Is Your Relationship?

Find out the Sun sign/zodiac sign of your relationship to discover your own Astrological Secrets to Love that Lasts.

In the Supercouple book, we have a calculator that will do every planet of your composite chart, Ophi says. You can go through the book, planet by planet, to discover your relationship personalities and styles are based on that, and how to compliment (and not fight!) when you have different approaches to these things based on planetary influences.

Highlights of Astrological Secrets to Love that Lasts Convo:

0:00: Quote from Ophira

0:40: Intro from Terri

3:38: Why did Ophira write Supercouple?

4:38: Discussing the concept of how pairs have their own signs

7:04: Why are we sometimes drawn to people who bring out the lowest vibration of our sign?

08:28: The psychological reason we’re drawn to people who bring out the worst in us

10:39: How can we use the stars to make sense of our relationship ebbs and flows?

13:49: “Past lives,” Terri’s own experience with karmic debt, and why she has a deep respect for astrology

17:30: Composite signs and how they can help us make sense of our relationships

22:34: How simply having awareness of these relationship dynamics can help you make different choices

25:37 The TV show The AstroTwins did, Cosmic Love

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