Maven Archetype In The I*AM System of ‘The Astrology Advantage’

Maven is the editor and publicist of the zodiac—the one who completes the package with a winning touch and is gifted at making almost any topic sound irresistible.

The I*AM System is a new personality test, created by The AstroTwins, that uses astrology to identify your personal success archetype. Data from 13 planetary points in your astrological birth chart determines which I*AM archetype you are:

I = Innovator: These people come up with big ideas that push us out of comfort zones. Their lives are laboratories with an endless stream of experiments. These drivers of progress have astrological birth charts that contain mostly cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

A = Authority: These people are trustworthy types who like responsibility and structure. They can take an Innovator’s ideas and map them to a schedule or plan. They are the safe harbor that many people count on. Their astrological charts contain mostly fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

M = Maven: These people are the info sponges and entertainers (the hosts with the most!) Once an Authority has made a plan, they’re the marketing and PR expert. Mavens embrace change and keep us from becoming stagnant. Their astrological charts contain mostly mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

Are you a Maven? Find your I*AM archetype

Finding your archetype is easy with our free I*AM Calculator (or below). The data from 13 points in your birth chart determines your archetype: the Sun, moon, ascendant (rising sign), Nodes, plus the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

To find your I*AM archetype, you’ll need the same three pieces of information that you do for a traditional astrological birth chart:

  • Your date of birth (month/day/year)
  • Your place of birth (city/state/country)
  • Your time of birth (If your birth time is unknown, enter 12:00 noon as a placeholder (the book explains more about how to find your birth time or work around not having it.)

The rest of this article explores the I*AM archetype: Maven.

(Read about Innovator and Authority). The book publishes in August 2024; preorder today!

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Curious, collaborative Mavens are the messengers of the world

Mavens are the editors, the ones who come in and add the finishing touch that makes the whole project sing.

Since Mavens are more flexible and comfortable with change (than the other two archetypes), they can fit into a variety of situations and social groups. While they’ve got plenty of original material, the Maven’s true superpower is taking someone’s lofty or lesser-known concepts and making them utterly viral. Their role is to be the change agents, evangelists, conversation-starters, and spreaders
of ideas.

Mavens need to find a path that allows them to express a wide range of their talents. A social role that involves teams, interactivity and communication, and harnesses their natural people skills is where
Mavens shine.

Maven traits (hint: they love shiny objects!)

What motivates them: Novelty (fun! shiny! new!), community, making connections

Superpowers: Cleverness, charisma, inclusivity, the gift of gab, witty wordplays

Path to success: Making everything go viral

Pitfalls: Coming across as a BS artist, all talk/no action

Keywords: Messenger, hype machine, cultural celebrity, trend spreader, cheerleader

Astrology Advantage: Mavens are community and team builders who bring people together

Cosmic profile: Astrology birth charts are mostly mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), which fall at the end of each season

Mavens in life (finding fun!)

Life was meant to be lived. Experience junkies and information sponges, these crowd-pleasers don’t want to miss a moment of the action.

Mavens in love and relationships: Forget about long walks on the beach, Mavens want long talks—on the beach, in bed, or just about anywhere. Conversation is the key to the Maven heart, and they love to brainstorm, gossip and kick around ideas.

Mavens at home: Who wants to play? Mavens are always ready for fun.

Mavens at work: Unafraid to experiment, Mavens are consummate jugglers who’d rather be busy than bored. The can-do Maven is an asset to any team, capable of doing three people’s jobs in one-third of the time.

Mavens off-duty: Is there a library book to devour? A series to binge? An all-day convention or festival? No second of free time shall be wasted by the Maven.

Best roles for Mavens: Connecting dots and people, crunching through large amounts of information quickly.

Worst roles for Mavens: Having only one main job or role, anything where they feel isolated, doing repetitive tasks.

Learn more about Mavens in The Astrology Advantage

In our book, The Astrology Advantage (Simon Element; August 2024), we show you how to use your cosmic blueprint—your I*AM archetype—to optimize countless parts of your life. For our astro-geeks, there’s an optional section on the astrology of I*AM. And you’ll get a clear, easy map—written in plain English and not astro-jargon—with sections on topics as diverse as relationships, parenting, personal style, home design, and career.

Pre-order The Astrology Advantage to dig in and discover how to use the I*AM System for the following:

Satisfying work. Craft a career path and daily routine that’s productive and set to your natural rhythms.

Thriving relationships. Finally make peace with the different ways you and your loved ones are wired, and create compromises that don’t feel like you’re settling.

Impactful communication. Learn what each archetype needs to feel heard, and how you can express yourself most effectively.

Supportive environments. From your ideal workspace to your home layout, figure out what you need to thrive.

Personal style. How can you outwardly adorn yourself to bring out your most compelling traits?

A system is best when you can immediately apply it

It should be practical and serve a day-to-day purpose. It should also help you make better decisions, optimize your time, and figure out how to invest your energy into the competing demands of work, family, and relationships. In short, a good system helps you better understand the psyche of yourself and of those around you, and use that knowledge to be more successful, personally and professionally.

The Astrology Advantage is Atomic Habits meets The Wisdom of the Enneagram, based in the science and system of astrology. The book publishes in August 2024 but can be preordered today.