Scoring Your I*AM Chart: High or Low? How to Interpret and Balance

While you’re bound to relate strongly to your primary archetype, scoring your I*AM chart to see where you’re high and low in the archetypes helps you live a truly balanced life.

When you read your I*AM results, you will see numbers corresponding to each of the three archetypes, shortened to I (Innovator), A (Authority), and M (Maven). This represents how the 13 astrological placements used in the I*AM algorithm assemble themselves based on your unique moment of birth. Seeing this, you can get an idea of how balanced you are between the energies.

Haven’t done your I*AM chart yet? Take the I*AM Quiz or use the calculator below.

The I, A, and M split varies between people

We’ve seen some evenly balanced with 4 Innovator, 4 Authority, and 5 Maven. That would make one a Maven who has a good deal of facility with the traits of the Innovator and Authority.

Other I*AM results are wildly skewed in one direction: 0 Innovator, 9 Authority, and 4 Maven. That’s a clear-cut Authority there!

While you’re bound to relate strongly to your primary archetype, don’t stop there. Understanding the traits of all three archetypes is the key to living a truly balanced life.

You can borrow another archetype’s habits, especially if you score low in one of the three I*AM categories. Or maybe you bring in a team to “fill in the blanks” so you can excel where your primary archetype is strong.

Our I*AM calculation (as twins we have the same one, but not all twins do) gives us this split: 6 Innovator, 4 Authority, and 3 Maven. Innovator is our primary archetype while our chart is low on Maven, an energy we often have to balance through conscious effort.

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Scoring Your I*AM Chart

When you look at the overall score of your I*AM chart, you may notice that you’re high in some areas and low in others. Or perhaps as you read through the descriptions of the archetypes, you’d like to pump up the volume on your plucky Innovator vibe or dial back some of that stern Authority energy. It’s always a balancing act!

The I*AM System we lay out in detail in our book, The Astrology Advantage (Simon Element, 2024) can help you find your optimal state. We like to call it “Astro-Ayurveda,” in the spirit of the Indian and Nepalese practice of tuning the body’s energies for optimal health.

High scores: When you have five or more planets in one of the I*AM types, you skew high in that area and will strongly express its traits. This can be a natural strength, but at times it can also be too much of a good thing.

Low scores: Three or less of any I*AM archetype is considered low, and you may need to consciously work to bring more of that energy into your life. Some people are a fairly even balance (5-4-4), and while they may have one main archetype, they can easily access the gifts of the other two.

Whatever your breakdown is, you can tap into the principles of Astro-Ayurveda to balance what you have a whole lot or not very much of in your I*AM chart. Here’s how to make those adjustments to gain the Astrology Advantage.

High or low? How to Interpret I*AM Chart Scoring

See how many planets you have in the types to determine if you’re high or low in an archetype and what it means. Note: the following are excerpts from The Astrology Advantage, which includes more detail. Preorder your copy today.

High Innovator (5 or more): Natural Leader

You’re an excitable, courageous and motivating leader who’s never at a loss for groundbreaking ideas. When you’re lit up about a plan, you dive right into action. Trouble is, your “fire, ready, aim” strategy can lead to expensive mistakes, wasted time, and burnout as you hustle around the clock to meet your goals. Adopting a mantra of “go slow to go fast” can be a game-changer, giving you a chance to evaluate decisions before you’ve set a major mission in motion.

Low Innovator (3 or less): Reluctant Leader

Where did the passion go? No matter how many brilliant ideas you dream up, you’re quick to talk yourself out of them, citing a laundry list of all the (completely unproven) reasons they won’t catch on. Underneath it all, you’re afraid to be rejected, criticized, or mocked— to risk being a trailblazer. Details bog you down and you may avoid taking chances on anything that doesn’t come with a guarantee. Work to develop a greater risk tolerance.

High Authority (5 or more): Stickler for Structure

In your well-ordered world, everything is done “just so,” creating an impressive outcome that commands respect. Yet, when do you get to let your hair down and relax? Focusing on how things look may prevent you from fully engaging with the things you work so hard to create. Your focus on results can turn you into a people pleaser. This diverts attention away from the genuinely caring connections that you excel at creating—once you take the pressure off yourself!

Low Authority (3 or less): Resistant to Structure

Your eternally youthful spirit is refreshing, but when someone needs to be the adult in the room, you’re the last to raise your hand. You may resent anyone who comes across as an “authority figure” and rebel against structures—even if they’d make your life easier. As a result, you often run out of money, miss appointments, and frustrate people who are depending on you. Commitments that require a good deal of responsibility can feel frightening, but don’t run away! Resilience is a muscle worth building.

High Maven (5 or more): Loves to Experiment

Is it recess yet? Your life is organized around playtime: you’ll turn the most mundane task into a game. A true jack-of-all-trades, you enjoy juggling many projects, but it’s easy for you to get scattered and overwhelmed. Chaos may follow you, creating rifts. Learn to prioritize so you actually finish the brilliant plans that you start. A social butterfly, you easily attract and collect friends. Storytelling is one of your gifts, but you also love gossip. Your loose-lipped style can come back to haunt you, though.

Low Maven (3 or less): Afraid to Experiment

You’re a creature of habit who’s more interested in finding what you love and sticking with it than experimenting with new options. Nothing wrong with having clear desires, but this change-averse attitude can leave you out of the loop, and behind the times. Break out of your well-worn groove periodically and see “what the kids are doing.” When it’s time to make important decisions, you may freeze or panic. Get a diverse range of opinions before rushing ahead.

The Astrology Advantage is Atomic Habits meets The Wisdom of the Enneagram, based in the science and system of astrology. The book publishes in August 2024 but can be preordered today.