7 Aquarius New Moon Rituals That Could Make You Go Viral

Tap into these Aquarius new moon rituals to start forming bonds that last. With who? That’s where the wild card energy of Aquarius is sure to make things very interesting. 

People who need people are the most Aquarian people in the world

And with the February 9, 2024, Aquarius new moon (at 5:59 PM EST), and during Aquarius Season in particular, it’s prime time for cultivating connections. Try one of these Aquarius season rituals to go all in!


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1. Cultivate community

The Aquarius new moon reminds us of our need to share energy. Has your world become a bit too isolated for your liking? Work from home arrangements, Zoom meetings and keeping in touch through social media, these are all reasons to get some IRL time on the books, ASAP. Let this new moon guide you to “your people.”

Seek out people who share your interests, even (and especially!) the quirky ones. Sync up with friends and colleagues are working toward similar goals. How can you better support each other’s dreams? Entrepreneurs can set up a weekly mastermind while rollerskating aficionados can meet at the rink on a regular basis. 

Change how you work and how you live for your Aquarius new moon ritual

The “sharing is caring” vibes of the Aquarius new moon could point you toward modern-day configurations for work and life. Co-living is gaining popularity as friends pool resources to invest in a shared building or a piece of land. Even if the 1960s flashback fantasy isn’t your cup of mushroom tea, this new moon may inspire other co-sharing ideas. For instance, maybe you rent an office with fellow freelancers. Or set up a babysitting or dog-walking pool with neighboring (pet) parents. How can you make each other’s lives easier and more fulfilling?

2. Build a “cosmic cabinet”

The Aquarius new moon serves a powerful prompt to find your soul squad. But beyond your Sunday brunch crew and social media friends, who are the people in your “cosmic cabinet?” This is your inner circle of go-to advisers, people whose feedback you trust to be unbiased and in your best interest. Some of them may be in-the-trenches collaborators who you know will step in for support at a moment’s notice.

There’s a quote from thought-leader Jim Rohn that says: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Take stock of your closest quintet. Are these people lifting you higher? Helping you further your dreams? Pushing you when you need some momentum? It’s not like you have to unfriend anyone, but some shuffling could be in order.

You might for this Aquarius new moon ritual start by mapping out the roles you need on your cosmic cabinet. Or form your official cabinets.

You may have a cabinet for business, one for family life and another for a passion project. See what happens if you list the roles on your cabinets by duty like “web developer” or “tax accountant.” Are there any gaps on the roster? Start scouting for this Aquarius new moon ritual! Ask friends for recommendations since the people you’re looking for may be a mere degree of separation away.

3. Activate your activism

Since Aquarius is the sign of unity and social justice, let the Aquarius new moon shift your activism into high gear. There’s no shortage of issues demanding attention from racial equity to environmental and reproductive justice.

Organize a GoFundMe for an out-of-work neighbor as your Aquarius new moon ritual. Set up a Little Free Library on your block where neighbors can share and swap books. This new moon can show you where your generosity can make a difference. Or, if you’re short on time, lend support with a monthly donation to a cause of your choice.

Politics also fall under Aquarius’s domain. This new moon reminds us that one voice can make a major difference. Joining an existing chorus can really shift the tide. Find a place to engage and go make a difference, using this new moon as your guide.

4. Make a sudden move

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden events, breakthroughs and radical change. Yeah, we’ve all heard sayings like “one step at a time” or “aim for progress, not perfection.” But sometimes, a bold leap is the way to go, even if it leaves jaws on the ground.

At the Aquarius new moon, a swift shift could be in order. Step out of the safety zone and try a radically different approach for this Aquarius new moon ritual. A little shock value can snap people back to attention. Have a read (or listen) of branding guru Seth Godin’s Purple Cow; it makes a strong case for standing out in the crowd!

5. Get more tech-savvy

There’s an app for everything now. But how much are you using all those $1.99 downloads cluttering up your home screen? Good chance your life would be a whole lot easier if you synced the data or set up automations and alerts. But what about your privacy settings? Many apps have built-in location trackers that you might not even be aware of, recording your every move and stamping your photos with metadata. On the bright side, there’s never been a better time to make a living as a media maven or online entrepreneur.

The Aquarius new moon is your call to sharpen your digital skills—for fame or fortune (or both). Being an Instagram influencer, Etsy mogul or TikToker can be a legit path to prosperity especially with the whole world going virtual. Do you have something to teach, a special skill to share, a unique product to sell? Check out places online training courses in everything from data analysis to AI and UX design. Or literally watch YouTube videos on how to turn your social media account into a cash machine. So meta!

6. Be a relationship “anarchist”

Liberated, equality-oriented Aquarius is the sign of universal love. This cosmic energy is the opposite of possessive. It’s experimental. Broad-minded. Rational. Under the thought-provoking Aquarius new moonbeams, you have the objectivity to pull back and view your closest connections from a totally different perspective.

Are you satisfied with the “container” you’ve set up for yourself? Or is it feeling restrictive or maybe unoriginal as if you’re following someone else’s guidelines instead of trusting the wisdom of your heart? The term relationship anarchy has been popular among the non-monogamy community for years, and with good reason. In its original definition, it allowed people to create their own manifestos and agreements for how to date and relate, unbound by any rules except the ones that the people in the relationship agree to. 

Host a “state of the union” with a significant other for your Aquarius new moon ritual

Whether your heart has a vacancy for multiple partners or is a room built for two, the Aquarius new moon is the perfect moment for reviewing your values. If you’re feeling courageous, you may want to host a “state of our union” with a significant other(s) in your life. Are you all on the same page? Happy with the direction of your bond? Where do your comfort levels lie around erotic and emotional exploration?

Caution: Conversations like these can get charged quickly, bringing the lightning bolt temper of Aquarius into the mix. If you choose to host such dialogues, don’t do so on a whim! Set a serene mood and make sure everyone has time to delve in deep. Taking periodic cool-down breaks may be necessary as differing viewpoints invariably emerge. Getting through the reactions is the hardest part. Once you do, intimacy could grow to unprecedented levels. You could see each other as unique human beings coming together by choice. That’s the “one love” vibe that Aquarius Bob Marley was talking about.

7. Manage chaos

Aquarius is an air sign that’s symbolized by waves, but those are not necessarily meant to indicate water. Energy and sound also travel in waves through the air, which is why this moon’s exercise involves breath work!

This breath work exercise comes from kundalini yoga, a modality that revitalizes and increases life force energy— just like the uplifting sign of Aquarius. Calm, long deep breathing can activate both the Third Eye and Crown chakras associated with Aquarius.

The goal is to do this Aquarius new moon ritual as slowly as possible—and this may take practice. With less than six breaths per minute, the Third Eye chakra is said to be awakened, while fewer than four breaths per minute will activate the Crown chakra.

Steps for this Aquarius new moon ritual:
• Seat yourself in a comfortable position, maybe on a floor cushion
• Rest the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth
• As slowly as possible, inhale through your nose while keep keeping your mouth open (fill your chest, diaphragm and abdomen with air)
• Pause and hold the inhalation for a beat
• Exhale slowly from your nose (empty out all the air from your body)

Enjoy the high-minded downloads this exercise awakens!

Other Aquarius new moon ritual ideas you can try

• Change the air quality of your home or office with an air purifier, dehumidifier or an essential oil diffuser
• Try participating in a new group activity. Aquarius is the sign of community (the quirkier or geekier, the better!)
• Volunteer. Join an activist or community service group, or sign up for a volunteer shift.
• Tend to some tech support. If it’s time for a new computer or to update your system software, spend the day getting your technology up to snuff.
• Shop for some new kicks. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles, maybe shop for shoes that are stylish but also give great support.


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