Aquarius Rising Sign: All about the Aquarius Ascendant

An Aquarius Rising, or the Aquarius Ascendant, in your chart makes you an iconoclast in your own right.

All about Aquarius Rising/The Aquarius Ascendant

This eccentric ascendant ensures that you’ll be one of a kind. Whether you’re shocking the world with your sartorial choices or disrupting industries as a thought leader, you’re a true original. 

Are you a Aquarius Rising?

Use our cosmic calculator to discover what zodiac sign the ascendant was in when you were born if you’re unsure. To accurately determine your ascendant, you will need to know your birth time. The rising sign or the ascendant is always “in” your first house—in fact it’s the very first degree or the beginning cusp, found at the 9 o’clock point on every chart. Don’t have your birth certificate? If you were born in the United States, you can write to the Office of Vital Records in your birth state for a copy.

Find your Rising Sign

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The ascendant changes zodiac signs about every two hours. Since the sun rises and sets at different times depending on the season, a person born at 10:00 a.m. in April would have a vastly different ascendant than someone born at 10:00 a.m. in November. Fun fact: If you were born at sunrise (or within two hours of it), your ascendant will likely be the same sign as your Sun sign (e.g., Taurus with a Taurus rising—or a “double Taurus”).

Traits of Aquarius Rising/The Aquarius Ascendant

Rainbows and unicorns…and butterflies too! If you happen to be an Aquarius rising, we might literally  be talking about your outfit. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the only planet in the zodiac that spins on its side. Even if you’re a die-hard denim and athleisure type, this eccentric ascendant ensures that you’ll be one of a kind. Whether you’re shocking the world with your sartorial choices or disrupting industries as a thought leader, you’re a true original. 

With this communal air sign as your ascendant, you’re a legit social butterfly who loves breezing around from group to group. When you’re swept along in the “people current,” you can work a room like no one’s business. You may have an unsurpassed knowledge of pop culture and rare genres, which gives you an eternally youthful spirit and an old soul. You probably have friends across many generations. 

Some may mistake you as flighty or superficial, but that’s not true! You’re actually a deep thinker who is open to entertaining a kaleidoscope of perspectives. That said, Aquarius is a cool and rational sign. With this ascendant, you can get uncomfortable when conversations get too personal. No matter how friendly you are, people often feel as if you’re keeping them at arm’s length. Make sure you aren’t just “filling the silence” with chitchat or suppressing the emotional vibes. Learning to identify (and feel!) your own feelings can go a long way to helping you create more intimate connections with others.

Aquarius Rising is compassionate

That said, you have no shortage of compassion for people who are suffering, oppressed and cut off from privilege. Aquarius is the zodiac’s humanitarian sign and this rising makes you naturally attuned to helping others in need. Warning: You may fail to pay attention to the people closest to you while you’re busy interacting with the strangers of the world. Even if you’re geared toward a non-traditional lifestyle or non-monogamy, it’s important for you to also prioritize family and romantic partners—at least if you want them to stick around and have your back!

The metaphysical realm is rules by Aquarius and with this rising sign, we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that you’ve been dabbling in astrology and tarot since you were a kid. Meditation is a great way to reconnect to your true essence, since Aquarius rules the higher mind. Break out the crystals! We’re betting you have quite the collections. 

Aquarius rules the calves, so you look great in shorts, miniskirts, knee-high boots and statement sneakers from limited-edition drops. The edgier among you might get intricate, “sleeve” style tattoos on your legs. Sports like running, soccer and biking, could be your jam, allowing you to use your powerful calf muscles to whip through the air. Some with this rising make excellent dancers, which might lead you to all sorts of exciting performances from Broadway theater to burlesque!

Celebrities and famous people with Aquarius Rising

Zendaya, Khloé Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Adam Driver, Barack Obama, Michelle Williams, Matt Damon, Audrey Hepburn, J.K. Rowling, Henry David Thoreau, Ryan Phillippe, Nina Simone, Abraham Lincoln, Brooklyn Decker, Tori Spelling, Mac Miller, Ronan Farrow, Orlando Bloom, Meghan Trainor

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