Cancer Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Cancer baby?

Cancer children are born during the four weeks of Cancer season, meaning they are typically born June 21-July 22. Conception dates for a Cancer baby are September 25-October 15.

What are Cancer kids like?

Nurture this bundle of joy! While Cancer has traditionally been associated with mother-child relationships, these babies are strongly affected by any sort of warm, safe energy. No matter who their primary caretaker is, these kids will likely be attached to them at the hip. Ruled by the ever-fluctuating moon, tiny Crabs can be moody and may cry a lot as infants.

Since Cancer rules the chest area, they love to be swaddled. Warning: weaning them from the breast-feeding days can be challenging. These sensitive water sign kids are “emotional eaters” and like to put things in their mouths when they’re feeling anxious or in unfamiliar terrain. They may be soothed with a bottle or snack. If you don’t want to be on constant diaper duty, try giving them a security blanket like a doll or teddy bear that they can hug.

Family-oriented, they may feel shy around new people. Be prepared: the Cancer child may cry and scream if someone they aren’t familiar with (like a family friend or babysitter) tries to pick them up.  In school or public, they are well mannered and enjoy dressing fashionably, even as toddlers!


How do you entertain a Cancer child?

Playtime tips

  • Cancer is the “caretaker sign,” and these kids love having dolls or stuffed animals to take care of. They do well with pets too, but make sure you pick a breed that loves to snuggle with kids.
  • Eating is a favorite pastime for the Cancer child. They’ll love helping in the kitchen, so any chore like setting the table, washing dishes or preparing food can easily be turned into a game for them.
  • Thoughtful and artistic, Cancers love drawing, painting and making collages. Picture books are ideal for helping them learn to read.
  • Let them decorate their rooms. Having a comfy, cozy “crab shell” is important to Cancer’s sense of security. You may discover a budding interior designer in your little one!
  • Give them alone time. This sign needs to retreat and lounge in order to stay centered. If Cancer is not in the mood to play with other kids, don’t force the issue.

How do you parent a Cancer child?

Parenting tips

  • A calm and stable home life is essential to this sign’s emotional wellbeing. Domestic disputes affect them on a primal level. Avoid arguing or raising your voice in front of them at all costs. They may blame themselves and act out by taking on a maternal/paternal role, thus missing out on their own childhoods.
  • Don’t force them to be friendly with people until they’ve had time to warm up. Cancers are naturally shy or reticent around strangers. Socialize them with other kids as early as possible so they don’t develop a loner complex. Once they get their bearings, they often become leaders among their peers.
  • Monitor their bossy streak. With other children, Cancer can take on an exaggerated (stereotypical) “parent” role. This is often a defense mechanism they use to combat shyness. Nonetheless, encourage them to be team players and compromise with other kids so you don’t wind up with a baby bully on your hands.
  • Don’t assume they don’t need anything just because they are being quiet. The Cancer child has a “good kid” complex and may not speak up for their needs. As a result, they can hold resentments which may rear their ugly head in teen years. Check in with them regularly by having one-on-one conversations. Privacy is important to them and they won’t spill their guts in front of a crowd of people.

What can I expect from a Cancer child?

How they deal with

Rules and authority

Cancers seek powerful authority figures and can be quite the obedient little soldiers. They prefer to have someone telling them what to do and where to be rather than to navigate the wider world themselves. Not that they’re sheep by any stretch—they just like knowing what to expect. Cancer is a “cardinal” sign, indicating strong leadership traits. This sign can be quite bossy, and enjoys taking on the role of den mother/wrangler, telling the other kids what they can and can’t do!


The Cancer child wants to know the rules and boundaries at all times. Security-minded Cancers actually like some limits, because it makes them feel safe. You might have to push these kids out of the safety zone, teaching them how to take more risks and build confidence.

Separation and independence

The apron strings are never truly clipped for Cancer. These kids want a protector by their sides at all times, and it could take real effort to get them to venture away from your side. If you return to work, find a small daycare (or a loving relative’s house) if possible. This child will need lots of transitional objects to ease their process, and you might need to start with a “gentle separation” process.

Younger siblings

This could go one of two ways. Either the Cancer child becomes your mini-me and helper, nurturing their little sibs, or they get possessive and don’t want to share your attention. Sensitive Cancer kids need to know they haven’t been replaced as the apple of your eye.

Older siblings

The loyal Crab is a devoted little sibling who craves strong bonds and might cling to an older sibling for protection. Even though Cancer is the younger one, this sign’s protective instincts are strong, and Cancer might even try to nurture older siblings—or boss them around.

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Don’t leave me! Separation is tough for the Cancer child, who would probably breastfeed until kindergarten if you let them. One tactic to try is to put Cancer in the teacher role. For example, give them a bear or doll who learns how to use the potty along with them. Reassuring books, songs, rituals and treats also work as incentives. Find the right balance between coddling and pushing Cancers out of their comfort zones too soon.


Modest Cancers get embarrassed easily, so talking too openly about the birds and bees can make them uncomfortable. At the same time, they can be a little aggressive once they feel comfortable with other kids, coming on strong. If anything, you’ll need to teach sensitive Cancer the rules of courtship, and perhaps even that sex and love are best when they go hand in hand.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Cancers aim to please and are often obedient students, even teacher’s pets.

Household conflict

Home is where the little Crab’s heart is, and sensitive Cancer can’t bear to have conflict in his sanctuary. Like an emotional sponge, your Cancer child will absorb any intense emotions, either withdrawing into his metaphorical crab shell (becoming silent and moody, hiding in his room), or will externalize it with extreme and aggressive behavior.


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