Leo Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Leo baby?

Leo children are born during the four weeks of Leo season, meaning they are typically born July 23-August 22. Conception dates for a Leo baby are October 25-November 15.

What are Leo kids like?

The Leo child is generally happy, smiley, and outgoing. They are also the sign that rules drama, so when the temper tantrums do come, look out! These kids love to play, be it a board game, dolls, tag, running around with pets or on a computer. As long as they can be creative and free, they are happy. 

They love bright colors and sounds. Paint their rooms in vivid hues and set up the musical mobiles. Warning: don’t buy too many “noisemaker” toys unless you want to wind up with a migraine! This fire sign loves to please, so once they find out what makes the adults coo over them, out comes the show-off streak. Getting them to sleep won’t be easy. These tykes have energy to burn and love to stay up all night singing and chatting. Enroll them in a drama, dance or gymnastics class early to channel their theatrical talents into a productive outlet.

How do you entertain a Leo child?

Playtime tips

  • Get them a big box of dress-up clothes and create a stage area. Ultra-creative Leos love to put on plays, have imaginary friends or pretend that they are in a different era. Be prepared for lots of entertainment and be sure to clap loudly!
  • Get your Leo child a great big backpack. They like to travel with toys and their favorite stuffed animal or doll in tow.
  • Get these kids a pet! (Leo the lion is the proverbial king/queen of the jungle.) This sign has a natural, caretaking streak and tends to be ultra-responsible with animals. Since Leo craves more affection than the average kid, having a puppy or kitten to hug will fill in the gaps when you can’t be there for a squeeze.
  • Enroll your Leo child in scouting. These kids are super-outgoing and love adventures. Working with other kids in this responsible capacity will bring out your Leo’s natural leadership skills.

How do you parent a Leo child?

Parenting tips

  • Don’t pressure them to win. Leos are naturally wired to strive for the best, so unless you want to create a mini dictator, you’re better off teaching them to be good sports than urging them to go for the gold.
  • Encourage their artistic expression. Leos need to decorate everything from their rooms to their clothes. Skip the fussy outfits and forget about having their bedrooms look like a designer showroom. Instead, give them fabric markers and cover their walls with chalkboards so they can go to town. You may have a future fashion designer on your hands.
  • Heap on the praise. Leos thrive on positive reinforcement and encouraging words are often all that are needed to keep your Leo working hard and on the right path. On the flip side, they hate to fail and can turn into quitters if they don’t learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. Teach them to find the lesson in each experience–whether it turns out good or bad in the end.
  • Young Leos love attention, but run to their side every time they cry, and you might just have a demanding tyrant on your hands. Teach them how to be unselfish by encouraging them to help others (friends, siblings, relatives). Foster their independence by encouraging them to work through minor problems on their own. They’re likely to come up with some creative solutions!

What can I expect from a Leo child?

How they deal with

Rules and authority

Leo is not often the “problem child.” These kids can be a dream, skipping the whole teenage rebellion and backtalk phases. As future kings and queens of the jungle, the zodiac’s Lion understands hierarchy and respects it. After all, the crown will be on Leo’s head one day! Meantime, the Leo child will cut teeth by bossing other kids around or taking charge wherever they can.

You’ll find a high number of Pollyannas, teacher’s pets and even tattletales in the Leo ranks. Dignified Leos dislike people who use force and will only “roar” if they feel controlled or dominated. Don’t suppress these kids or overtake their turf. Lead by being a fair role model with high integrity who commands (rather than demands) respect.


…are temporary, and don’t usually apply to Leos. The world is their playground, after all! They’re often blissfully unaware of boundaries. (Yes, your kid will talk to strangers, so keep an eye out.) Leos are obedient if the limits are fair and don’t constrict their creativity or freedom.

Separation and independence

No biggie. The Leo child makes friends wherever they go. They just want you there as their admiring audience at every school play, concert, game, awards ceremony, and so on. Some Leos can be shy at first, but they’re not often scared. They just like to observe the environment before diving in…and inevitably taking over.

Younger siblings

Protective Leos are loving mentors and proud older sibs who always have the younger kids’ backs. They’ll want to diaper, bathe and help raise the little ones, and will keep them entertained. What a blessing!

Older siblings

Can you say number-one fan? Devoted Leos will want to do everything with (and for) their older siblings. However, if that sibling is dismissive, mean or competitive, the haughty lion will fight back, then take her affections elsewhere. Nobody pushes a fearless Leo around!

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Little Leos are cooperative and easy, often among the easiest babies to raise. Praise motivates this little achiever, so hearty applause will inspire Leo to show you just how fast they can ditch their diapers. Treats and rewards also do the trick, so set up an “incentive program.” Just go easy on the bribes or Leo could become demanding. Every successful round on the potty does not have to be rewarded with a cookie.


Leo is a romantic sign, ruler of the heart. Sex should be presented as an expression of genuine love between two adults. Leos can be matter of fact about the facts of life, and since they’re full of eager questions, will want to know the proper names of body parts and how babies are made. However, they don’t want their innocence tainted, and may voluntarily avoid anything with mature subject matter until they’re ready.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Teacher’s pet? The Leo child can be a model student who wants to make their parents and instructors proud. They like to perform and even outshine their classmates. School won’t end at 3:00 for Leo, since these charismatic kids will have lots of extracurricular activities. Leo is a leader and a joiner! There’s no such thing as “too much” for this sign, so prepare to chauffeur Leo between dance class, piano lessons, sports and so on.

Household conflict

Leos only get involved in family fights to protect a younger or weaker relative who’s being bullied—or to roar fiercely at anyone who dares to encroach upon their rights. While Leo is a sign known for drama, they want no part of other people’s craziness. They’ll block out the commotion by escaping into their creative projects. Imaginative Leos will retreat to their rooms and sing, read, play games—or dream of their inevitable stardom, when the only shouting they’ll hear is the fans chanting their names.

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