Pisces Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Pisces baby?

Pisces children are born during the four weeks of Pisces season, meaning they are typically born February 18–March 19. Conception dates for a Pisces baby are May 15-June 15.

What are Pisces kids like?

Pisces babies are old souls, born with wise and knowing personalities. Their eyes may be dreamy, but they see everything that’s going on. Perhaps that’s why so many of the zodiac’s fishies grow up to make excellent visual artists, engineers and photographers. Caretaking Pisces can be a bit bossy with their peers.

With their rich imaginations, they’ll make up games for everyone to play, but they may feel hurt if certain kids don’t want to join in the fun. If there is tension on the home front or with peers, your Pisces may even become a bully. Creative and compassionate, they may get swept away by emotion at the expense of common sense. Having clear, firmly enforced rules at home will help Pisces navigate through life without falling under the spell of a troubled peer.


How do you entertain a Pisces child?

Playtime tips

  • Set them up with lots of art supplies, even a kid-friendly digital camera. Drawing and collaging will captivate them for hours.
  • The Pisces zodiac sign rules the feet, so they enjoy sports like soccer, skating, and dancing. As a water sign, they’ll enjoy splashing around in the pool and trying out for the swim team.
  • Some theatrical Pisces children love to be on stage, especially if they are singing and dancing in tap shoes or ballet slippers. Get them involved in a performance at a young age, especially if they can dress up.
  • If they spend too much time with adults, the Pisces child can develop a worrywart or loner vibe. Get them socialized early in a playgroup so they learn how to integrate with their peers.
  • This comfort-loving sign loves the smell of chocolate chip cookies or apple pie in the oven. Let them help you with cooking and baking. It’s a great way to bond with them.

How do you parent a Pisces child?

Parenting Tips

  • These sensitive souls can get confused by their own strong emotions. Having clear, consistent rules helps Pisces feel safe and directed in the world. Set up “Family Rules” that they can memorize and repeat. Be firm about enforcing the rules, and don’t forget them yourself or your Pisces will lose trust in you.
  • Monitor their screen time. The swirling colors and lights will bring out your Pisces’ lazy side and may distract them from sharpening their imaginations.
  • This sign tends to lack boundaries and your Pisces child may be a bit too trusting of people. Teaching them not to talk to strangers (without instilling fear in them) will be an important lesson.
  • Let your kid be the kid. Compassionate Pisces may actually try to parent their parents. If you are upset, your Pisces will race to comfort you. Sweet as this is, it could steal away your Pisces youthful and trusting spirit. Be responsible with your emotions, so your Pisces child doesn’t have to grow up before their time.
  • Don’t ever shame to punish your Pisces child about a behavior or emotion (as in “you ought to be ashamed of yourself…” or “big kids don’t cry”).  They may internalize the shame and turn on themselves as teens by developing an eating disorder or substance abuse issue.

What can I expect from a Pisces child?

How they deal with

Rules and authority

Ah, the many sides of Pisces. These kids can be innocent angels in your face, slippery fish (or sharks) behind your back! Don’t let the sweetness fool you: enchanting little Pisces can be master manipulators. It’s not that they’re trying to get into trouble. However, these curious souls learn through experience—and sometimes they insist on touching the hot stove even though they’ve been warned that it will burn. 


Pisces is ruled by foggy Neptune, the planet of illusion and blurred boundaries. Often their curiosity and imaginations seduce them down slippery slopes. To Pisces, rules weren’t meant to be broken, but certainly questioned. Identifying with the underdog is a key part of Pisces’ nature. These kids will stand up to any bully and fight oppression—even if that takes becoming the bullies themselves. When everyone else has written someone off, Pisces will still believe in redemption. 

Separation and independence

While Pisces crave independence, too much separation can frighten these sensitive souls. They need room to roam, but must also know that you’re nearby. These can get overly concerned for their caretakers, neglecting to forge their own identities and even becoming “their parents’ parent.” Even if your Pisces child is a wise old soul, don’t confide too much in them because they will absorb all your worries and fears.

Younger siblings

Nurturing Pisces take little sibs under their wings and raise ‘em right. Occasionally, you may need to remind Pisces that you’re the parent since they can grow bossy and officious.

Older siblings

If an old sib protects Pisces without trying to control them, the relationship can become a tight-knit one. However, Pisces may resent older siblings if they’re overprotective or restrictive. The Fish needs space to swim and explore, so don’t hand the disciplinary reins to an old kid unless you want to fracture their bond.

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Dreamy Pisces hate to be rushed—attachment parenting could be a never ending saga! But all things good—the “family bed” and nursing included—must come to an end, even if you have to do so slowly. Take gentle steps and do everything in a calm, soothing setting. Play your Pisces’ favorite music when they’re trying the potty to make the experience less overwhelming.


Pisces is the sign of fantasy, and your Fish needs to preserve a romantic view of sex—or at least some specialness around it. Harsh reality doesn’t go over well here. Even if you teach your Pisces proper terms for their body parts, they might still make up funny nicknames. Also since they struggle with boundaries, teach them a sense of ownership around their bodies. Make sure they have a clear idea of personal space and feel safe trusting their intuition should any situation make them uncomfortable.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Structure, please! These daydreams get lost in their imaginations, doodling during lessons or drifting off on their own quirky clouds. Some Pisces can be naughty little troublemakers and class clowns. There’s definitely a mischievous twinkle in these kids’ eyes. That very gleam can also be the light of genius and creative inspiration. Don’t rein them in too much or you risk breaking their wonderful spirits. 

Household conflict

Emotional sponges, Pisces pick up everything in their environments. When there’s fighting, they freeze. When there’s dysfunction, they can’t function. Their bodies break down along with their emotions, and the Pisces may develop behavioral issues, food sensitivities, or mysterious symptoms. Keep petty conflict far away from your little Fish!


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